Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bee-attitudes Poster

Katie got a some fun toys for Christmas and we made a playroom out of our empty loft. She is having so much fun playing in her kitchen, bounce house, and with her new horse. It's the perfect play area for her.

I am having fun adding the finishing details. I was really excited to make this cute poster that features 6 of Gordon B. Hinckley's Beatitudes and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I printed a 16x20 print at Costco and it fits perfectly by the window. (I'll have to add another picture when everything is finished.)

I've envisioned a print like this for a while. I would love to recreate something like this on wood with a more rustic feel and hang it above my fireplace! Any wood carvers out there?!

Anyways, I was really excited about it so I wanted to share. :)

Download 5x7, 8x10, 16x20
Download for canvas print (A little more yellow on the edges so it can wrap the canvas.)



  1. Oh I so love this, Anne. How wonderful. Katie must love it. Our attic was like a play space, but not finished off. Many, many wonderful hours of enjoyment ahead :-) And I love the Bee-attitudes :-)

  2. please blog again!! I "know" you from dyt and love to read about your sweet little family! How is life with two? I have nine children and dedicated moms have always fascinated me:) Baby Samuel is precious!

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