Sunday, April 13, 2014

Face Cream Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congrats to knmkendall who is the winner of the 
2oz jar of Jamie Sager's Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Face Cream! 

Please email me at plumeberry(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize. 

For those who did not win, remember... you can use the coupon code ANNEBROWN and receive a 30% discount on the cream at her 
Etsy Store.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Bathroom Makeover, 5 Bathroom Must-Haves, and a GIVEAWAY

Whew! That's a lot packed into one post! Let's get started... (Scroll to the bottom for the giveaway.)

After moving to our new house almost one year ago, the to-do list has been never ending. A bathroom remodel was on the list and after a few months we got to it. Well, we got to hiring someone to do the bulk of it! We did paint, change light fixtures, and decorate.

While spending more time in my newly renovated bathroom, I got thinking about which bathroom items I absolutely love and wanted to share.

1. Clarisonic MIA Cleansing Device

The first time I used my MIA it felt like I had unveiled a new layer of skin. I compared the old way I was washing my face (just using some soap and my fingers) to brushing my teeth with just my finger. I don't know why it took me so long to find out about this tool! Hopefully, you'll take my tip and get one too, so your skin can feel fresh, clean, and healthier than ever!

2. Coconut Oil

I have a little bowl full of coconut oil on my countertop that is my go-to body lotion every morning after the shower. You can also use it to oil pull if you start feeling a little under the weather. Just take 1-2 fingerfuls and swish around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. I had a sore throat coming on and noticed a big improvement after doing this. You can Google the term "oil pulling" if you want to learn more. 

3.  Squatty Potty

After hearing about this product a few times and chalking it up as gross, I finally decided to take the plunge (pun intended). And I'm glad I did! I won't go into details, because that would be TMI. I'll leave it at - I love it! You can learn more about it here.

4.  Redmond Clay Toothpaste & Face Mask


I am a huge fan of Redmond Heritage Farms. They own my favorite grocery store, Real Foods, where they sell their raw milk and cheese. They are the manufacturers of many fabulous products, including Real Salt and Redmond Clay.

I love the Redmond Clay toothpaste in Peppermint. Katie loves it too - in any flavor. And I don't have to worry if she swallows it because it is completely natural and beneficial. I let her have a couple toothbrushes full and she gets her daily dose of clay.

I also love their clay used as a face mask. I just mix it 1 part clay to 2 parts water, apply it to my face liberally, wait 10 minutes and wash it off. My face feels tingly, clean, detoxed and fresher than ever. I notice a huge improvement on any blemishes after using the mask.

5. Jamie Sager's All Natural Wrinkle Cream Moisturizing Face Cream

I met Jamie when I was teaching an intro to Dressing Your Truth at a retreat my friend was hosting and she so kindly gave me a free bottle of her hand-crafted face cream. I was excited to try it, as it is made of all natural ingredients featuring oils, herbs, and essential oils specifically chosen to improve the elasticity of the skin. After applying my skin gets tingly and I can feel the natural ingredients working their magic on my face!

Well, those are my top 5 bathroom faves! I am still on the hunt for a favorite face wash. Please share any face wash suggestions! And share your bathroom favorites!

Now, onto the GIVEAWAY!!!

Jamie (the creator of the magic face cream) has been so kind to donate a 2 oz. bottle worth $24 to one lucky reader. Thank you, Jamie! She has also extended a 30% off coupon code for all readers that can be used at her Etsy Store. Use the code: ANNEBROWN to get the discount.

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(If you do #2 and/or #3 comment to say you did it and that will enter you in the giveaway up to 3 times.)

A winner will be chosen next Sunday, April 13th.

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