Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doing Time in the Kitchen

I spent about 5 hours in the kitchen yesterday after Katie got sick over the weekend. I was out of town for a week and then didn't get around to (or maybe just didn't want to) go shopping the next so we were eating a lot of snacks around the house. It wasn't junk food, just nothing super nutritious. We didn't have much to eat besides a gallon of raw milk, some bread slices, eggs, condiments and 17 jars of homemade pickles.  I was left eating ProBars and almonds for a lot of the time.

And then Katie got sick over the weekend. She was cutting a tooth, so she already had a high fever, then got a bronchial virus so she was feeling pretty crummy for a few days. I realized then that chips and turkey slices were not helping her health and something needed to change!

That was all the motivation I needed!

So I spent about 1 hour on Sunday making my week's plan and then 3 hours in the morning and another 2 in the afternoon on Monday.

I usually don't do all my cooking on one day, but I really don't like dishes, so I thought if I had everything out I might as well make a bunch of stuff!

After I was done I took it all back out to look at my results and took a picture!

Here's what I made:

(Front row left to right...)
Green Smoothie and Yogurt/Berry smoothies are in the Little Green Pouches and popsicle molds. I put them in the freezer and plan to thaw them before feeding them to Katie.

I made a batch of Apple Spice Muffins and froze most of them for future meals. Next time I would double the batch. They are really tasty!! It will be easy to thaw a few to go with a soup or have as a snack.

My go-to cookie snack - Banana cookies (on the pdf). I used raisins and almonds in place of chocolate chips.

2 batches of whole wheat pizza dough. I used a recipe from the Diet Rebel's Cookbook. I also have frozen mozzarella from Costco (they have the best value), so it will be easy to thaw those and make a yummy pizza!

Behind the pizza is a crust for this Chicken Pot Pie. I tripled the recipe for this because it is so good, but takes a long time to make the whole thing. I wanted to make the filling as well, but didn't get around to it. But having the crust done cuts out time and dishes!

The final item on the front row is popcorn - a favorite snack of Katie's! I made about 5 more cups and plan to make this caramel corn for Real Food Market's Halloween party.

(Back row left to right...)

In the first stack of tupperware, I have soaked oatmeal, tuna (ready for quick sandwiches), a spinach salad for tomorrow's lunch, and cooked and shredded chicken for the pot pie.

Moving on, I have sliced carrots and celery ready for fresh eating or adding to the pot pie filling, and a few hard boiled eggs for snacks.

Next stack I've got egg salad for sandwiches, and cooked quinoa with peppers and cilantro. In front of those Tupperware there is a little bag of cilantro that I bought fresh then dried in my dehydrator because organic cilantro gets really pricey and is hard to find in the coming Winter months. I know I'll be glad to have some on hand!

In the final stack, I have ravioli (I didn't homemake this. I bought it frozen at Sprouts, but I did prepare it that day!), chopped peppers for adding to salads and a seeded pomegranate for fresh eating or adding to salads.

Wow. I'm getting tired just reading this! But guess what?! Breakfast took 2 minutes to throw together today. I had oatmeal with Udi's granola and raw milk. Lunch was spinach salad, egg salad sandwiches, and banana cookies and it was packed and ready to go! I didn't make dinner tonight because I do a trade with my sister-in-law and tonight was her night. But preparing tomorrow's pot pie should be quick and easy and I don't have to pull out my mixer and flour! Yay!

And best of all, we will be eating a warm, nutritious meal!

If I am determined to stay healthy this season I gotta do what I can!!

I hope this inspires you to make some healthy changes too!