Saturday, October 6, 2012

got {raw} milk?

That's right, RAW milk - straight from the udder! Yum. What's the difference between Raw Milk and "regular" (pasteurized) milk? Raw milk is neither pasteurized (heated up) nor homogenized (shaken up really fast to mix the cream in with the less fat milk) and therefore is a live, whole, real food and healthier option.

They don't sell it in the grocery stores because there are health concerns. That is why they started pasteurizing milk in the first place - to kill germs. But the same process kills the live enzymes, which in my opinion is a bigger health concern.

You can't get Raw Milk in all states. Check here to see where they sell it near you:

(I get mine at REAL FOODS in Orem, Utah every Monday or Thursday from the cows in Richmond.)

And you have to sign a waiver when you buy it signing that you won't sue if you experience ill effects and you understand the "risk" you are taking.

It's unfortunate that they (USDA) scares you out of making a better health choice (but they're cluing in - see article below). The raw milk I get is tested over and over again before they sell it to check for any trace of bacteria that may cause harm. And they won't sell it if they find anything harmful.

I have gone on and off raw milk over the years and recently started drinking it daily after Katie was born. I found this article that talks about the benefits of raw milk for nursing mothers. Just like the lady writes in the article, my milk supply increased and became thicker and creamier!

I haven't always liked cow's milk. In fact, I really DON'T like the pasteurized cow's milk, but my body CRAVES raw milk. I can drink a 1/2 gallon in one day and I have never been the kind of person to just drink milk for the fun of it. I only used it for cereal growing up. I don't know if my body will need this much on a regular basis, but while nursing it sure does! I have to pace myself. I think I could drink a whole gallon in one day. (I especially love to eat it with these banana cookies.)

My Sister-in-law switched her girls (2 yr and 1 yr) from formula and pasteurized milk to raw milk and immediately noticed that their eczema disappeared and they were no longer constipated! She was scared to try it at first because of what they say, but she is so glad she made the switch. And she was a bit nervous about the price tag of $7 a gallon. But after she saw the benefits it was worth the price!

They don't sell skim raw milk - it's full fat! But remember, fat doesn't turn make you fat. Sugar turns creates fat. If you are still believing that low-fat products will make you skinnier you should read Why We Get Fat. Every body is different though - and some bodies don't respond well to full-fat products. Mine does. I love avocados, grapeseed and coconut oils, and full-fat raw milk. I even found myself chewing the fat off my (grass-fed) steak the other night. I guess Katie and I need a little more right now!

I like to scrape (use a turkey baster) the cream off the top and make raw milk ice cream for a yummy and healthy treat. I sweeten it with a little maple syrup or banana. Yummy.

Even children and adults with dairy allergies have responded well to raw milk. I am writing this post to inform you of this option. Many people don't know about it. If this is something that interests you I encourage you to give it a try it!  Let me know if you have questions. If you are already a raw milk-ite, what is your favorite way to drink it? What benefits have you experienced from using it?

Here are some more articles on raw milk benefits:

Just search Raw Milk at this website - she has a lot of info:


  1. Hi Anne! We enjoy raw milk here too. We have been for several months. Recently our milk came with a strange flavor they said was from the rain making the grass grow faster. I discovered chocolate stevia drops made the milk taste more palatable that time. Only prob. is now my son always wants "chocolate milk" but hey its much better than the hershey syrup kind! I also enjoy making yogurt, kefir, and cream cheese and whey. Then we use the whey in soaking grains to remove the phytic acid content. Down here in Texas is a lot of support for eating this way. I am glad its an option in Utah valley too b/c dh & I are hoping to move back there next year. Fingers crossed! :))

  2. Thanks for this information and for sharing your personal experience, Anne. I'm fairly new to the more natural way of doing things and this makes me think that I'm missing some information. Can you speak to the "cows milk is for baby cows" argument? Thanks!

    1. Great question. I asked myself the same question because I had been taught that as well. Sarah from The Healthy Home Economist answers that question here:

      This is my favorite part: "Now, new evidence is emerging that humans consumed dairy even before the advent of agriculture and civilization itself.

      That’s right. Before humans ever cultivated fruits, vegetables, and grains in prehistoric Africa, they were actively utilizing dairy producing cattle to sustain themselves."

      There are SO many different schools of thought in the food world. I have tried a lot of them. You just have to trust your body and your intuition to tell you what is right for you. Right now, Raw Milk is just what my body needs.

      Hope this helps!

  3. I loved seeing your vacation pictures. You look like you had a great time! It is VERY hard to get raw milk here in NC, so right now I am not drinking it, but I grew up on the stuff, and LOVE it.