Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Girl's Nursery - The Grand Tour

I am so excited to show you my Nursery.
It came together so well and I just love it!

I first thought I was going to have a boy and loving the picture below I was going to do a map-themed room with vintage, earth tones. Once I found out we were having a girl I racked my brain for ideas.

I knew I didn't want the traditional pink, cutsie, girly colors so I looked for inspiration and found this picture (below) on Pinterest which was my starting point for ideas.

I then just started collected ideas, fabrics, pieces, etc. anything that I loved and hoped it would work. I was a little nervous as it started coming together. I wasn't sure everything would match, but voila! It looks great!

Some have asked, "Why the map?" Well, I just love maps, that's why.

Letter B (for Brown, still no first name.)
Books collected from my travels around the world 
(France, Bulgaria, Japan - she'll be a trilingual like her mama!)

Bumper made by my SIL

Changing Pad Cover made by my SIL

Ottoman refurbished

Pillow made by me! (idea from here)
Doll made by my friend

Lamp from Target - covered by me
Frames have pictures of me and Tanner at 3 years old

I hope you love it like I do! 
The chair is so comfortable. I know Baby Girl and I are going to have some special times in her room together. I hope she grows to love it too!


  1. It's truly beautiful, Anne! I love your corner chair with those amazing ruffled curtains. I can just picture you there holding that precious little girl in your arms. You did a fabulous job!

  2. So calming and pretty! Many precious moments will be spent in this lovely room. Enjoy every one of them with your sweet little one ....a Gift from God.

  3. Anne, I love the room! I don't say that very much about girl nurseries. You did awesome, and yes you and your little girl will spend some special times in that comfortable chair.

  4. Love it! Esp. love the sitting area (and that pillow you made!) I like how it's girly and feminine without being girly-cutesy-babyish :)

  5. Very nice! A peaceful place to rest. I especially like the "A if for Anna Belle" book... Maybe sweeet baby girl's name is Bella?

    1. *is --- not if! "A is for Anna Belle"...

  6. Wow, your nursery is absolutely breathtaking! I just LOVE how unique it is!!! And everything just flows too! -Love those pictures of you too. I am a fellow Type 2, so it has been so fun seeing you dress true to your nature throughout your whole pregnancy! You are so beautiful and glowing! Hope all goes very well for the delivery of your beautiful baby girl that will soon be here!

    I just recently posted a name idea for you on The Carol Blog that happens to have 2 really cool bonuses that relate to both Tanner's name AND your name without sounding like either of your names, if that makes sense. And I thought of the coincidences of how it relates to both of your names afterwards. It honestly is a pretty name just for its name. Since it's such a late comment, I just wanted to make sure you knew to check for it on the "Help Anne Name Her Baby" post just in case you two might like it. Or it could even be her middle name perhaps. (See the comment by "Cheryl" on April 29 and today, May 3.)

    Congratulations again! I'm so excited for you two! You will be amazing parents!!! :o)

  7. I made a late name entry, too, over at The Carol Blog!
    See the comment by Sharon on May 6th.

    Or, here it is!... Arabella, meaning "prayerful", "beautiful".

    Blessings to you and baby, Anne. Love to all.

  8.'s looks really awesome. Preparing a nursery for the arrival of a little one can be a fun and exciting time.