Monday, January 16, 2012

Pregnant Sisters

Want to know what makes me being pregnant even more exciting? My sister is pregnant too!

My older and only sister, Jenny, is pregnant with her 3rd and is just 5 weeks behind me. It is so much fun to share this experience with her. And I am just thrilled that our little ones will be so close in age.

Jenny lives in West Virginia and we miss her dearly! She is so much fun and such a bright light to our family. We hope she comes back to Utah after her husband finishes his residency.

After my ultrasound I had the strong desire and wish to be with Jenny when she found out what she was having. So I started making plans and...

My dad and I flew out to surprise her! Her husband knew we were coming and helped us plan the details.

We arrived Thursday night and she wasn't home, so we had some time to plan a big surprise. Seth, Jenny's oldest, had the idea to hide in the closet. So the 4 of us (me, my dad, Seth and Joseph) hid in the closet and waited for her to come up!

When she finally came up - she was on the phone in her car for 10 minutes - she came into the boys room and thought it was so cute that they were hiding in the closet and wanted to play along and then BAM - we popped out! Watch the video to see it all.

Surprising Jenny is so much fun! She is a Type 1 and LOVES the element of surprise. She was soooo happy we were there!

The next morning we all went to the doctor's to find out what she is having. And she's having a little BOY! Another little BOY! To be honest, we were all kind of hoping for a girl - especially since I'm having a girl, but that doesn't really matter. They will be buddies regardless; and obviously God wants little boy #3 to join the Allen Family so we are thrilled to meet the little guy.

During our time together we enjoyed late nights and lots of giggles. I love Jenny and her boys - all 3 of them! It was so much fun to travel with my dad too and enjoy a little daddy-daughter time. Family is the best - I'm glad it's growing!

Silly little boys!
Seth - 4, Joseph - 2

Best Grandpa Ever!
(Even though they both ended up crying after this one.)

Playing with Play-Dough.
It's the Tree of Life. Seth made sure we included the Mist of Darkness - smart boy!

LOVE them!
Excited to have my own to add to the bunch!
This video is just the little boys playing with Grandpa - nothing too exciting, but I love it!


  1. BEST VIDEO EVER!!! she looks like she started to cry cause she was so happy!

  2. That is the most adorable video! It made me smile! You two look so cute together! Love the playdough tree of life! LOL

  3. This is all just so so precious!!!