Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Quit Sugar - Week 1, 2, & 3 Update

It's been 3 weeks (I'm in my 3rd week now) since I Quit Sugar. I am doing an 8-week detox program designed to get that junk out of my body and stop my addictions!

Read here for the full scoop.

And so far, so good! Well... okay, it's been a little rough. Let me explain.

Week 1: I had a lot of sugar cravings which I stifled by eating a lot of cheese and crackers. I felt so hungry the first week but rather than real hunger it was just a sweet tooth and cravings, which they said would be normal. So I would just eat something non-sweet to curb the munchies.

Week 2: The cravings were gone, and I was able to create a few new " treats" of my own - fructose free!

The first treat I enjoyed was Hot Choolate:

1 can Coconut Milk
2/3 cup water
2 1/2 TBS cocoa
1/2 TBS stevia
1 TBS raw cocao nibs

I love dark chocolate so this hit the spot for me. But I don't know of I'd make it for company since it's more on the bitter chocolate side. It was weird drinking hot chocolate, because I kept thinking I was breaking the rules!

A few other tricks I've used to avoid added sugar:

  • Pesto instead of marinara sauce (which has added sugar)
  • Sliced apples instead of honey on a PB sandwich
  • Plain yogurt and nuts
  • Red wine vinegar and olive oil instead of salad dressing

Avoiding sugar is so much easier when I'm at home and in charge of planning meals and buying food. It gets a little more complicated when I'm on vacation. when visiting my sister we went to a frozen yogurt shop but I didn't get any. It was hard to resist, but I stayed committed and after we left I was so glad I did!

Last weekend we took a quick trip with the Brown Family to Las Vegas and while there we hit up a buffet. I decided before going in that I was not going to eat any meat, white flour, nor sugar. Well, I didn't eat any meat! But I did have some white flour pasta - but no bread. And I did have some sugar....

Have you ever heard of Bananas Foster?! Oh my goodness, I love it! (I especially love the rum taste!!) Tanner got a Bananas Foster crepe and I looked at it longingly, resisted, looked again, waited, resisted and then had one little carmeled covered banana and decided I was going to get one myself! I ate about half of one and decided that was enough.

And enjoyed a sugar headache promptly afterwards.

Yes, I had sugar on my sugar detox, but you know what as different about it this time? I was in control and I said stop and didn't have anymore! It was a buffet - I could have gone crazy, but I stayed in control! And chose to treat myself to something I really love. It was also a good reminder as to why I'm doing this. I felt yucky afterwards.

Week 3: This week I have cut out fruit and will keep it out for 3 weeks. It sounds crazy, but the objective is to get fructose out of your system completely so my body can re-calibrate. It's amazing how taking out a whole food group can start to limit your variety. I find myself eating a lot of nuts and beans!

It has been harder this week to resist sugar, but I just keep going. Some other good alternatives have been:

Every sugary sweet I see I want - because when you tell yourself "no" you just want it more, right?! Well, I have been thinking to myself - what if I wasn't doing this, would I be eating every sugary sweet that came in front of me? I hope not. So it's a good time to reflect on how I want to come out of this "detox" and what I want my experience with sweets to be.

Anyways, there's a little update. I'm kind of crazy, I know. But this is who I am - a little bit of a health nut!

What crazy diets, detoxes, fasts have you done? Last year I tried to go raw for 28 days and lasted 5! That was horrible. Read about it here...


  1. I tried this thing called the whole 30 last year. the idea is that you cut everything but meat and vegetables out for 30 days and then slowly introduce things back into your system and watch how your body reacts. then you know what groups to limit or eliminate from your diet. I lasted 14. :P but did learn that i am extremely sensitive to certain carbohydrates and most sugar. which is why i chose jorge cruise's "diet" for my lifestyle eating choices. You have 6 servings of carbs a day and 15g of sugar. I find that this brings balance to my life. One of the biggest differences it's made in my life is energy. I used to have a hard time falling asleep and waking up. Like 2 - 3 hours for each! and that problem is gone!!! I fall asleep with in 15 minutes and when I wake up I could probably jump out of the bed if I wanted :D Best wishes on your sugar free endeavor!!

  2. Way to go Anne - I have been sugar free for 7 years and can totally understand the sugar headache you mentioned! INSTANT!
    It must be hot Cacao night, cause that is what I drank last night also!

    I will send some good karma for you and that baby!!!
    Thanks for sharing
    Shacone in Idaho

  3. I guess you are just fasting from white sugar, right? Because apples and coconut juice have sugar in them too. (Unless you are eating granny smith apples and ferment the coconut juice.) This is good though, I did this before and it was a great feeling. I've found that I crave less sweets when I eat really nourishing foods with some saturated fats in them. My husband and I are doing our best to follow the Weston A Price style of eating and wow, it has made a huge difference! Anyway "Nourishing Traditions" has some great recipes that we've found. Wishing you the best on your sugar-free journeys!

    1. @Trish, I went of fructose, not just white sugar. From what I've read Coconut doesn't have fructose - probably gluclose. So it was fine for what I was doing. And I went off apples and all fruit the 3rd week.
      I'll have to write another update now that I'm on week 8. It's definitely been a challenge, but a good one! Thanks for reading.