Wednesday, December 28, 2011

baby {...GIRL...} brown

That's right! A GIRL! We're having a baby GIRL! And we're thrilled. The first 14 weeks I was sure it was a boy, but as the weeks went by and the baby grew I started to think girl. So that was my final vote. (I'm glad I was right!) And so were most of you...

For the ultrasound we invited my parents and Tanner's parents to join us in the room and my sister joined us through video chat on the phone! It was so much fun to have everyone there. I can't wait until they're all in the labor room with me too! Maybe we'll do a live stream here on my blog....  haha. Yeah, right. Everyone, but Tanner of course, will have to wait until she's out and we're both cleaned up a little!

Here's the video of us in the room finding out! (Listen for when Tanner's dad asks, "How do the white lines tell it's a girl?" Haha. :) And hello, belly... just ignore that....

Most of the time I couldn't tell what we were looking at and the nurse didn't say much. Probably didn't help that we were all talking. But at the end I asked, "So everything looks good?" And she said, "Yep, your baby is exceptionally healthy." I wanted more detail, but I guess that's all that matters! And I love that she said exceptionally! Makes me a proud mama!

Here are the pictures of our little papoose!

Her little leg
Profile - I think she smiling!
Bum and "girl parts"
(Will she be embarrassed by this one when she's 16?)
This one is my very favorite! She is covering her face with her arms bent.
You can see her lips and nose. She wouldn't move them for us to see her face!

I'm sure all you moms (and dads) know the amazing feeling that comes with seeing a little baby inside of you- especially for the first time. Before my own experience, I would look at ultrasounds and think, "That's cool." But when I was experiencing it for my self I kept thinking, "Holy Crap! That's amazing!!!" (You can tell in the video how excited we are!) It's amazing that she has a little brain, and liver, and heart, and fingernails. All inside of me!

After the appointment we went to lunch with our parents and who did we see? BYU Basketball Coach Dave Rose! Tanner was so excited. We got a picture with him and told him we just found out our baby is a girl and we are thinking of naming her "Rose." We all got a good laugh. Tanner's mom gave us a Cougar Pillow Pet as a gift just before, so we got it in the picture too! We have affectionately named the pillow pet Rose. But I really don't mind the name Rose, how does Rose Jimmer Brown sound?

I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity and the special blessing that has come into our lives!

(I've seen this on other blogs - expecting moms write to their unborn child - so I thought I'd try it...)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear Baby Girl Brown,

I'm 22 weeks along now! Before I was pregnant I never could speak in "weeks" like all the pregnant woman did, but once you're pregnant, everyday, and every week is important so you start counting that way. But in other words - we're 5 1/2 months, or 22 weeks or 154 along already!

It has gone by fast and it's hard to believe I'm more than halfway there! Sometimes it's even hard to believe I'm really pregnant and you're in there... and then I feel you move and remember... Wow! You're in there! (and it's not indigestion.)

You are quite the little mover! I don't have brothers or sisters to compare you to, but during your waking hours I feel your little feet and legs kicking my lower tummy. It tickles and I love it.

Now when I see little girls I wonder what you'll be like! I sat next to a little 18-month old girl at church and almost started crying because I was filled with a little glimmer of love that I have for you that's continually growing.

When we found out you are a girl your dad asked, "Will she like building tree houses? I don't know what little girls like to do." It was so cute. But I told him that as long as our little girl is doing something with her dad she will love it! He is so sweet to you. He tells you he loves you a lot and sometimes kisses my belly to send you love!

I have been feeling really good lately. Thanks for being such an amazing pregnancy! I have felt really great the majority of it. Mostly I just need to keep food in our bellies and get enough rest.

I've been eating a lot of sweets lately because of the holidays, but I have greatly reduced my sugar intake as we head into the new year, so you won't get too much of a taste for it and will be so healthy!

I wonder a lot what Type you will be! Thus far I am thinking 1 or a 3 (or a 2 with a high secondary). I've sort of ruled out 4 - because you seem to move so much. But I just don't know. I hope to have a better idea as my mother instincts develop. But whatever you are, you are perfect and amazing and YOU!

You have a lot of people who are excited to meet you and who love you already. Your Aunt Jenny is pregnant with your cousin! Is it a boy or a girl? Do you know?! Either way, you'll be great pals.

We haven't thought of any names for you yet; although we like to tease people we'll name you "Barbara." They get a funny look on their face and say, "Really?" "Yeah!" we say, "We'll call her Babs!" Haha. No offense to any Barbaras, just when is the last time you met a  baby Barbara?!

If there is a name you want, I'm always available in my dreams and while you're at it tell me if you have curly hair. :)

Well, Baby Girl, I love you so much. I'm so excited to meet you, but in the meantime stay cozy and warm.


Your Mom
(Mom? Me? That's weird and exciting!)


  1. How exciting!! She will be a beautiful girl :)

  2. Yay!! I'm so excited for you. She's going to be so beautiful!

  3. Aww...what a fun post. It reminded me of my first pregnancy. No one went with me to the u/s appt (not even my hubby!)but when they were doing the u/s I looked at the screen and said "Oh, that's a penis! It's a boy!" It was so clear to me for some strange reason. This time around we are opting out of u/s and doppler use and holding out for a surprise. But...that being said we both have a strong feeling towards girl. Only 3 months left and we'll know for sure! Anyway, we wrote letters to our first one too and put them in a book for him. The first one is so special! Enjoy it!

  4. awe how fun!!! i love how everyone kept saying "his leg" and calling her a he! lol but yay now we know for sure! I'm so excited to have another neice!!

  5. I remember my ultrasounds for both of my children - like yesterday - even though they are adults now :-) Beautiful! Beautiful! God Bless you Anne and Tucker and little Baby Brown.
    And how very wonderful to have the knowledge of Energy Profiling to help guide your parenting. What a blessing that must be!
    All the best.
    Mary Ellen from CT
    Type 2

  6. Congrats to both of you....we love girls..I have 2 sweet daughters! Anne, you don't know me...just another Carol follower:)...but I keep meaning to tell you about hypnobirthing. As soon as I heard you were pregnant, the thought popped into my head that I should share that with you. If it's something you are interested in finding out about, there is a great book at Barnes and Noble called hypnobirthing that can walk you through the steps. Maybe it's something you've already thought about...anyway...I did it with my 2nd daughter and it was such a peaceful birth experience. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to talk...Congrats again!

  7. anne,

    you are going to be the perfect mother. how exciting, a baby girl!! i'm dieing to know what type she is too ;)

    best birthing book you could read is called "birthing from within". no matter what type of birthing experience you want, it really helps get your head in the right place.

    thank you for all you share on your blog. you are such an inspiration. i especially loved your 12 days of christmas. you really are a thoughtful sweet sister.

    you are wonderful.

    sarah baldwin. type 3. kaysville utah.