Monday, December 26, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas

I love it when I get an amazing idea and then it works perfectly!!! Let me share one of my most recent successes.

I was chatting with my sister one day at the beginning of December and she seemed a bit homesick and sad she wasn't going to be able to join us for Christmas. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and 2 adorable boys! Tony is doing his residency for Ophthalmology. Another year and a half and hopefully they will back in Utah!!

Jenny loves her family and we love her, so when she's not around it's a little blue. So shortly after chatting with her I was doing dishes and I had a flash of inspiration, "Do the 12 days of Christmas for Jenny!" {The flash of inspiration was the Spirit whispering and I am so glad that I decided to keep the TV and noise off while I did dishes so I was ready to hear!}

So I quickly started rummaging up my ideas. And it turned out amazing!!

I sent her 3 packages with 4 gifts each. Most of them were for Jenny or her family as a whole and just 1 or 2 for just the kids. The point was to make it special just for Jenny from her siblings.

I wrote a poem to start it off:

Here's a list of what I sent her each day:

Day 1:  A book about the Christmas tales of old! - A collection of Christmas stories and coloring books for the boys.

Day 2:  Two Cuddly Teddies - When I was little I collected teddy bears and I have quite the collection sitting in a bag in my closet, so I sent each boy a little teddy from my collection to take care of!

Day 3:  Anne’s Favorite Christmas CD’s - I love good Christmas music, much of the music played on the radio is so redundant. My favorites include: Sarah McClachlan, Kristen Chenoweth, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Hillary Weeks, and Amy Grant.

Day 4:  4 Kinds of Chocolates -  Every year we get See's Chocolates from my Grandma Wagner for Christmas, so I selected some of my favorites for her.

Day 5:  Homemade Peppermint Bark - My mom made Peppermint Bark every year growing up so it was only right to send her some!

Day 6:  A fun Christmas movie! - Gotta love a great Christmas movie. I sent her Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas - it's actually REALLY good!

Day 7:  Memories of when we were little  - Click here to see the video I made her.

Day 8:  An 8-piece Nativity Set - A kid's set they can play with while she reads the Christmas Story.

Day 9:  Brightness and Animation - A selection of goodies from our Type 1 shelves at the Dressing Your Truth Store.

Day 10:  A Christmas Eve Tradition - Every year we have "Flaming Sundaes" on Christmas Eve. You dip a sugar cube in Peppermint Extract and light it and voila - magic! Place it on a brownie with ice cream. So I sent her a Flaming Sundae Kit.

Day 11: A Christmas Morning Goodie - A Coffee Cake mix. We grew up with Coffee Cake on Christmas Morning.

Day 12:  The True Meaning of Christmas - A heart felt slide show featuring images and scriptures of Christ. 

*Day 13: All Our Love -  I couldn't stop the amazing ideas! So I added one more day. Check it out. 

In addition to each day's goodies I added a memory from one of us to go along with the gift.

It was so much fun to share these gifts and memories with her! Each day she would call or send a text and share how excited she was! On the first day she called crying, "Thank you so much!" And on the 9th day she said, "This is the BEST Christmas EVER!" 

I am so grateful for such a wonderful sister! She is so sweet and kind! I am so grateful we could share our love with her this year!



  1. This was truly amazing! I was so grateful to be the recipient of such a beautiful lasting gift from all my wonderful siblings! Thank you Anne for leading out and putting it together for me it was truly amazing and I cherish it with all my heart! I love you and I love that picture of us it is so cute! You are the best, really.

  2. This is so special what you did for your sister. Thank you for sharing this. (Jolene)

  3. This is soooo touching, so special... i love what you did. So heartwarming and really nice. That poem is also wonderful, one of the best short Christmas poems I've read. Thanks for sharing this. You're simply awesome!