Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pregnant and Tired

I thought I was lazy, then I remembered I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Phew. Last week I made one meal and it wasn't even on my weekly meal list I shared with all of you. Just a simple spaghetti. No shame though. I'm just realizing that there really is a baby inside of me and I'm kind of feeling it.

I slept in until 11AM the other day too! Boy oh boy, I guess I needed some extra z's. My friend said, "Enjoy it while you can!" I am waking up in the middle of the night to relieve my bladder now. I guess that's a sign the baby is growing! The only fun part about waking up at 4AM is realizing you get to sleep for another 3-4 hours! It's neat how your body naturally starts training you for what's ahead - a lot of sleep interruptions.

(This next part, it was written a few days ago on Saturday morning...)
I'm still not showing. I thought I was for a second there, but unless you catch me at 11PM you wouldn't be able to tell. But I think it's normal for a first-timer to not show for a while. Plus my uterus is tipped, so maybe that's hiding it. And I still can wear all my clothes, so no complaining here!

(Now back to today...)
So, now I am showing. Saturday night we were at the BYU game and I was all bundled up in my sweater and coat and my tummy started really hurting. I thought it was something I ate, but once I unzipped my coat (...and my pants) I felt so much better, baby just needed room. I thought it was just because it was late at night, but when I woke up on Sunday morning the bump was still there - and it's here to stay. It really just popped up over night!

We went to the doctor today for our 16 week check-up and all is well! Tanner got to play doctor and check for the heartbeat. I really love the Women's Clinic I go to. All the midwives are so kind and helpful.

Just 4 more weeks and we find out what the little babe is!!! Crazy. I can't believe I'm almost half-way done. I could do 5 more of these...(<--- that was also written on Saturday morning.) Yeah, we want 6 kids, but we'll just take it one by one. Tanner is already planning when to have the next! I tell him we'll just wait and see...

Most of you think it's a girl, I still think boy, but we'll see. Cast your vote if you haven't yet (see right side up top).

The strangest thing right now is my belly growing. I can feel my skin gently stretching (like when you eat waaaay too much). And I'm slowly growing out of my jeans. These feelings are so new for me and I have to remind myself, "I'm pregnant. I haven't overeaten, this is normal." It's a fun journey!

the bump
I posted the above picture on my Facebook page and I was surprised by a common response I received..."So CUTE!" If you are familiar with Energy Profiling, you will know that "Cute!" is a Type 1 word and I'm a Type 2 and Type 2 words are, "Beautiful" or "Elegant." So being called "Cute" and "Adorable" is very new to me. But it makes sense because it's a baby (which is obviously a very youthful and fresh movement) and my bump is round (a Type 1 shape) - it all represent the Type 1 movement, which apparently is very CUTE on me! Anyways, just a funny observation!

Overall, me and baby are doing GREAT!


  1. Well, if it's any consolation I think you are a very elegant looking mom-to-be! The bump is cute - you are seriously radiant! (radiant - probably not a type 2 word, but you have that healthy, pregnant glow)

  2. That's the same clinic Jenny and I have both gone to. Jenny went with midwives,.. I went with the dr's.

    Your baby bump is so cute. :)

    Yeah you don't pop as soon with your first as you do #2 - #n. Enjoy the naps because with #2 you don't get the luxury to nap you're too busy. :) One thing I'm getting used to this time around is that all of a sudden here at the end I'm getting hit with fatigue,.. I've been able to burn through all of my first and 2nd pregnancies here, but all of a sudden this week I am just exhausted and I attribute it to not being able to slow down and take it easy with a demanding toddler that needs constant love, attention, and assistance. :) Man the time is really flying by huh,....

  3. My friend is due around the same time as you with number 2, still waiting for her to pop. We think she's having a boy since she showed so much with her girl and hasn't yet with this one.

    I'm so excited for you, I can't even say it enough. I've been waiting since you got married to learn you are having one. I am a fond supporter of parenthood!

  4. You look so beautiful! Your belly is so cute! I am so happy and excited for you and I can't wait to find out if its a boy or girl! (Jolene)