Monday, November 14, 2011

A Hunger Halloween

This morning I watched a short segment on Good Morning America that premiered the upcoming movie The Hunger Games! I am soooo excited. I listened to the books last January and then Tanner got hooked on them on our trip to Europe. He would listen while I would chat with friends in Bulgarian, it was great for both of us.

The books are so good, you can't wait to get through them but then you're sad it's over. We been searching for a replacement ever since. We recently finished Matched and just started the sequel Crossed. We love to listen to books in bed!

Although, that series is fun to listen to it's nothing compared to Katniss. Seriously, if you haven't ready the books you NEED to. Man or woman. You will love them. I have to warn you though - don't read while eating. It's a little graphic. I would actually get woozy in the tummy while listening to it!!

Well, we tried to bring back the magic for Halloween. When we were trying to decide what to be Tanner had the brilliant idea to be Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark! And although most people didn't know what we were without asking, we thought it was the best costume ever. And we won Most Creative at our Halloween Party.

I found these pictures online and made our costumes after them.

Peeta Mellark

Katniss Everdeen

And here we are!!

I love Halloween (for proof see here)! I love dressing up! I think we did a pretty good job this year!

Here are the guests from our Halloween Party, they all look great too!

What were your for Halloween?


  1. Awesome! Good job on your costumes you guys look great! :)

  2. All are beatiful !!!
    Всички сте хубави !!!
    Много ви обичаме !!! Бъдете Щастливи !!!
    We love You !!! Bi Happy !!!

  3. you guys looked AMAZING. who are those really cute elves? *wink *wink seriously you guys pick the best friends! :)

  4. AWESOMEE!!!!! I'm so excited to see this movie!!