Monday, October 3, 2011

Forks Over Knives

I just watched the new movie Forks Over Knives and found it very interesting and educational. I would highly recommend it to anyone that's ready to make some food changes - or to anyone that wants to know why they are sick.

It features Colin Campbell who wrote The China Study, which I am currently reading. And is basically an expansion on that book.

The overall premise is that you should eat vegetables (with your fork) and no animal protein (a knife). It claims that animal protein (meat, dairy and eggs) cause heart disease and other diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, etc., etc.

It is amazing the studies they have done to prove it's validity. There is one man in the movie that was on 8 medications to keep his cholesterol and blood sugars from getting any higher. He switched to a whole-foods, plant-based diet and within 3 weeks he lost 30 pounds, his cholesterol dropped like 120 points, he was completely off the medications that were costing him $200 a month. He was noticeably happier and healthier.

I totally agree with this movie. It makes soooo much sense and it's amazing that all the proof is staring us in the face. Americans are getting sicker and sicker every year - and it's all because of what we eat!!!

As most of you already know, I am a pretty healthy eater, but since being pregnant I have been desiring more processed foods, sugars, ice creams, etc. and have allowed more of those into my diet. And in my need to EAT I have let some commercial (restaurant) meats and menu items slip into my diet as well.

This movie came at a good time, as Tanner and I have been more focused on what we want our diets to look like.

I struggle in the kitchen sometimes - what to eat?, how to make it?, will Tanner like it?, want it to be healthy, but how?, etc. So last night after spending way too much time in the kitchen on dinner, Tanner and I sat down and came up with 17 dinner meals, 6 lunch meals and a few breakfast and snack ideas that we are going to pull from this month. And once a week I will make a new vegetarian dish and if it's good we'll add it to the mix. We chose items we know we love, are easy, have few dishes, and are inexpensive.

Not all of them are vegetarian meals, which I would like to get to eventually. I tend to freak out after seeing movies like this and want to change everything dramatically. But I am going to take it one week at a time. And when I do cook with meat I will use it as a flavoring and not the main dish.

I think it's important too after learning this kind of stuff to ask yourself, "That's what they say, but what do I say?" In other words, what is going to work for my life, right now? (Although the evidence is pretty astounding and makes me want to do what they say, all in good time.)

Here is a copy of our menu for the week:
(I didn't include breakfast which will most likely be a Green Smoothie or oatmeal and fruit.)

If you have any yummy plant-based menu items, please share!!! Go watch the movie and let me know what you think!


  1. I am a big proponent of lots of good quality fats. You will crave a lot less of the processed junk if you eat more good fat. Coconut oil is great for pregnant and nursing moms! Butter is also much better for you than its alternative. EVOO, fats from grass fed or pastured animals, are all super important. I believe that a diet without animal products can be a great cleansing diet, but it is not a life sustaining nourishing diet. Studies can be manipulated very easily to fit just about any viewpoint. While you are pregnant, I would seriously reconsider taking away animal products. It is important to source out good quality animals foods (I believe even more so than plant foods), so trying to find a local provider of grass fed/finished beef, grassfed raw dairy, and pastured chicken is important. You already have a good local source of eggs, right? :-) Learning how to prepared foods so their nutrients are readily available is also super important. It is all a process. I am in no way trying to criticize you. I just want you to have the healthiest pregnancy possible! You may want to look into the Blue Ribbon Baby "diet" by Dr. Brewer. Nourishing Traditions is also a wonderful resource. I know you will find the best way to health for you.

  2. Thanks for your feedback! I'll have to look into those books.
    The only meat I feel comfortable eating is grass-fed, pastured raised. I have 2 great resources for Chicken and Beef. for chicken and Canyon Meadows Farm for beef!

  3. Just trust yourself and your body. With my last pregnancy I couldn't handle meat. It made me really, really sick. But I had not had that experience before. It forced me to eat vegetarian and I found that I enjoyed it. But I haven't cut out butter or eggs and even enjoy cheese. As a comfort foods loving type 2 I feel that those work for me and my family. But it is essentially up to us. Perhaps an all plant foods diet would prolong our lives, but I feel that if my life is a little shorter and I get to enjoy cheese then I am fine with that! Trust yourself.

  4. Moderation in all things is my mantra. I recently read some books talking about good fats too, called "Good Calories, Bad Calories" & "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration." They both talk about how important protein and fat are in our diets. After reading the extensive research in the 'Calories book' and his negative review of "The China Study" I looked up other scientific reviews and they put the book's conclusions into question: I have been learning more at The Healthy Home Economist. She recently had some interesting posts about the problems with a vegan diet you may want to check out.

  5. We made this today and loved it. It does have cheese but I am sure you could find something else to sub out for it. One pot kale and quinoa pilaf

  6. This is interesting, thanks for sharing! I'm definately trying to cut out sugar and eat healtheir, so I'm glad to have more material to read up on. I'm am also a Type 2, your age, and love all the advice you have given about dressing your truth (I found your blog from the link on Carol's blog) and you've given me more motivation to eat healthier too! I can't wait to try out some of these recipes! One day I'll come to a live DYT event and meet you in person (just a jump away from Idaho)! Thanks again!