Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Update - 12 Weeks

I'm thrilled to report that Baby Brown is doing great. We had our 12 week check-up yesterday and the heartbeat was nice and strong! And the doctor said my pulse was as healthy as can be!

I have been so excited to go to the doctor just to get an update. The riskiest time of pregnancy is the 6-12 week mark so I was so happy to know we were doing great and everything is looking good. I knew in my heart that all was well, but I would still get little worries sneaking in every now and then. But not anymore!

My sweet grandma made Baby Brown a little beanie and it's sooooo tiny. When I opened the gift my heart dropped a couple inches - "Holy cow! I'm going to really have a tiny little baby in my arms soon - that's MINE." Wow!

The other night I had a quick glimpse of how different our lives are going to be once child #1 comes into our lives! I'm sure I still don't even comprehend the changes. But I'm excited. It's time. I've always been super excited to be a mom and I know it will be amazing.

I am feeling much better this last week (although I did throw up this morning...that was unexpected). I have more energy and I am able to exercise more. I get less nausea with food. So all in all things are looking great!!!

The next fun thing will be finding the gender!!! I have an inkling I am having a boy, but my mom thought I'd be a boy to the day I was born and I'm not... So... who knows?

What do YOU think it's going to be?! Let's have some fun! Answer the poll on the side and we'll see what everyone thinks!


  1. I'm so excited for you! I started feeling better around 14 weeks with both of my pregnancies so hopefully you will be feeling full speed soon!

  2. The hat is adorable! I vote boy...can't wait for you guys to find out!