Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time Served at Utah State Prison

Last Friday night my mom, Sarah and I volunteered at the Utah State Prison to teach the women inmates about Beauty Profiling! It was an amazing experience. I was a little nervous when we first got there about how the ladies would act and how receptive they would be to our information.

I was surprised when they entered the room at just how normal they were. I was expecting a lot more tattoos and angry faces. But they were just like normal people but all in maroon prison suits. I couldn't help but wonder what they did to get in there. Most of them are probably in prison due to a drug related offense, probably about 60%. But there was one lady, about 70 years old, that mentioned she had been in there for 25 years!!! That is my whole life! It's just too crazy to comprehend. So, I imagine her offense was a little more serious, because she didn't make it sound like she was getting out anytime soon.

We volunteered to speak at their Relief Society Meeting. It is a special privilege to attend church and other church activities so there were about 30 inmates. We introduced them to the whole idea of Energy and Beauty Profiling explaining the 4 Types in nature, people and how to see it in yourself.
Like I mentioned, I didn't know how it would be accepted, but they LOVED it! They couldn't get enough of it.

We profiled all the ladies, so they all left knowing what Type they are.

Guess what Type there was the most of?!

You're probably wrong...I expected to see a lot of Type 3's and Type 4's - hardcore, intense, do-it-my-own-way kind of people, but there were mostly Type 1's!!! Followed by Type 4's and a few 3's and no Type 2's at all (at least in that group). (Phew, I am safe!)

It was a surprise to all 3 of us. But I can definitely see how the Type 1 movement could land you in a bit of trouble. No offense to my Type 1's, but I've seen it first hand how a Type 1 can get into the wrong crowd and the spiral down into all sorts of trouble and it's hard to get out. With their high belief and randomness it is hard to get back on track and stop the damage being done.

As for Type 4's, if they don't agree with the rules they will break them. And Type 3's, can get intense and aggressive. Luckily for the Type 2's we are too scared to do anything wrong. Just kidding, I am sure there is potential for a Type 2 to get in trouble, just not as much. :)

The women were generally good-spirited and happy. (Obviously, with a lot of Type 1's it will be that way!) It was shocking to me, I thought they would be angry and depressed, but they were laughing and having a good time.

I was also touched by their prayers. The lady that opened the meeting with a prayer was the one that had been there 25 years, she said, "Dear Heavenly Father, thanks so much for all of our blessing this day. And thanks dear Heavenly Father for these sweet ladies....etc." First of all, I loved the language she used...not Thee or Thou as we are instructed to do, but "thanks!" So casual and very endearing to me. And thanks for our BLESSINGS?! You are an inmate in prison for 25 years!!! Blessings?! Wow! No matter where you are there is truly something for which to be grateful!

The closing prayer was similar, expressing gratitude for blessings and asking Heavenly Father to take us home safely. That was tender, they aren't going home tonight, but she prayed for us to do so safely.

I am so grateful for this experience. I pray that the information we shared with them will be an inspiration and encouragement to them that will help them get in a good spot in life. We hope to go back sometime in the Fall to do it again!

And thanks, dear Heavenly Father, for the sweet women I met, was able to teach and also was taught by. Everyone really is a child of God and He loves and cares for each of us!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Homemade Yogurt

I love to make the things I usually buy at the grocery store at home!

One of my favorites is Homemade Yogurt.

Yogurt is really good for you! It provides probiotics which help build a healthy immune system and has lots of enzymes that aid with digestion.

It is very easy to make. Basically, you pour milk in a jar add some pre-made yogurt and let it sit in the oven for a few hours and tada!

For all the details go here.

Homemade yogurt is a great healthy alternative to sour cream and is great to add to smoothies. Here at the Brown's our most favorite use of the yogurt is a Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie!

And it's easy.... just blend 2-3 Cups Homemade Yogurt, 1-2 Cups Frozen Blueberries and 1 packet of Truvia and voila!


Tanner sure did!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LOTD (lunch of the day)

Recently I have been posting my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) on the Dressing Your Truth today I thought I would post my lunch of the day!

I have really been making an effort to bring lunch from home to work so I don't have to go out... or go hungry. I did a big salad everyday for about 1 month straight then got sick of it. I found today's recipe in Everyday Food Magazine by Martha Stewart and it is so good, I have to share!

White Bean Tuna Salad! Get the recipe here.

All the greens are from my garden!!! Spinach, a few lettuce greens, and cilantro! Picked fresh this morning!

I made a few modifications to the recipe:

I halfed it...enough for 2 people.
I used Grape Seed Oil rather than Olive Oil and Garlic Salt rather than Garlic Cloves.
I didn't add Olives.
I put in Cilantro rather than Parsley and I like the zip it adds.
And instead of eating it with bread I am dipping my tortilla chips in it!

Yum! It was super quick to make. I made it last night and left it in the fridge overnight to let the juices combine (or so I could get more sleep...). I like that it is fresh and a good combo of proteins and greens! 

Well, I am going to finish it now...try it and let me know what you think!

P.S. I thought I might as well throw in my OOTD picture too!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Healthy Tips

Tonight we had a church activity with the Relief Society (the women's group) about Meal Planning. I presented about Healthy Eating Ideas. I thought I would share the handout I made with you!

Check it out! And let me know what you think.
(click on it to make it bigger.)


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great New Healthy Eating Blog!

Hey Friends, look what I stumbled upon...a great Healthy Eating Blog - and it's for mom with kids too!

I love that she even shares her own Meal Plans!

I am excited to try it! Enjoy!