Friday, May 6, 2011

Aunt Annie's Quilts

About 2 years ago I bought my very own sewing machine and quickly afterwards my mom taught me how to make a baby-size quilt! Since my first quilt, I have made a few more for some very special people.

This is the first quilt I made! It's called a Log Cabin design. I was thinking about giving it away as a gift, but I kept it for myself and I am excited to wrap my first little bundle of joy in it someday!

The second quilt I made was for my beautiful niece Sofia. I made it with the leftover fabric from my first quilt. It is also a log cabin design. I made it very quickly - 5 hours total! It went really quick because I just randomly put pieces together, where as the first one has a pattern to where the certain fabrics go. It was a great surprise for her on her 3rd birthday! And she snuggled right up to it after the party.

The third quilt I made was for my nephew Seth for Christmas. I found this Thomas the Train pattern online and my mom (who is soooo good at stuff like this) helped me pick out the other fabrics. The main piece of fabric is called "cheat fabric" - it appears as if it's made from lots of pieces, but it's just one piece of fabric. I was so excited to give it to him and he was thrilled to get it! The back is so fun too - he likes to drive his cars on the tracks.

The fourth and last quilt I have made (up to this point), was for my sweet niece Emma. After I made Sofia's quilt I decided I would make a quilt for each of my nieces. So far I only have 3 nieces (ooh...I just figured out who will get the quilt that I haven't finished yet...) but hope to have plenty more, because making quilts is fun to do and little girls are oh so cute!

I contemplated for a long time about Emma's Quilt. Emma is a Type 4 and I couldn't wrap my head around how to make a Type 4 Baby Quilt. I actually tried it about a year ago and the fabric is sitting unused in my drawer upstairs...But then, thanks to my "magic-eye" mom who came to the fabric store with me made magic happen. We found an amazing combination for a fabulous Type 4 quilt!


  1. How Fun! I love making quilts too. I think you've done a fabulous job with color schemes and design lines.... what lucky kids!

  2. Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL! I love them!