Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Grand Tour!

Tanner and I have been in our new home just over a month. 
We LOVE it here - everything about it - location, neighbors, layout, size, price....the soft carpet!

Let me take you on a grand tour of our new home!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Everyday Green Smoothie

Last time this year I started a habit that would change the way I eat forever...I started adding High Fructose Corn Syrup to my oatmeal!!! YUM!

Just kidding...I started drinking Green Smoothies. My mother-in-law told me about Green Smoothie Girl and I haven't looked back since! It's a novel idea - eat greens! Who knew? :)

I now have a Green Smoothie every morning! The only time I don't drink green smoothies regularly is when I am on vacation. But I usually try to pick up an Odwalla or Naked Juice at the local store to get some greens.

Like I mentioned, Green Smoothies have changed my diet for good. Once I started drinking Green Smoothies I craved less sugar, less meat and dairy and less processed foods. My body wanted fresh, whole, green food. I now eat a big salad everyday too, not something I did before.

It has been amazing to see how my body responds too. My digestion is awesome. Without getting too graphic, I use the bathroom a lot... I also notice stronger finger nails, healthier skin, and I have stayed the same healthy weight and have actually decreased my exercise.

I used to get really fancy with my green smoothies (the Green Smoothie Diet book has a lot of recipes). I'd throw in greens I didn't even know existed and when I first started I had a $30 blender that left my smoothies extra chunky, and I would chug up to 64 oz in one day!!!

Another big change was that I didn't have to worry anymore about getting veggies in my meal the rest of the day!

If you are anxious to start going green I want to share my basic

Everyday Green Smoothie Recipe here:

6 oz. cold water
2 handfuls Spinach (I like the Organic Baby Spinach found at Costco)
1 1/2 C frozen Blueberries (buy a big bag at Costco)
1/2 banana (fresh or frozen)

That's it!

Here are a few additions I like to throw in:

Flax Seed Oil (great Omega 6's that a lot of us need)
Chia Seed (helps with digestion)
Slice of lemon with peel (great for skin)
Organic Kale or other dark greens

Getting into the habit of Green Smoothies is so easy, you just have to commit yourself and do it. I don't drink 64 oz. everyday now, but the recipe above will make a good 16 oz., which is what's recommended.

You don't need  a fancy blender, although I would recommend a BlendTec. I would also recommend getting a cup with a straw, it makes it sooo much easier to drink the smoothie. I love mine! (Just don't wash it in the bottom rack of the dishwasher.)

Are you a Green Smoothie Girl? Tell me your favorite recipes! What's holding you back from getting more green goodness in your body? I'm here to help!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Doing Dishes, Counting Blessings.

I really don't like doing dishes. I don't like getting my hands wet and yucky, or my ring wet and sticky. I don't like standing there and scrubbing when I would rather sit on the couch and relax after dinner. I don't like that to make a good meal I have to clean up a thousand dishes... and the list goes on.

I find myself complaining - a lot - when I do dishes. I stand there with a sour attitude wishing Tanner would come to the rescue and promise to do the dishes for the rest of our lives. I usually get angry when I am the one doing dishes and not him and then get bugged and then become an ornery wife. So as you can see - dishes are not my friend.

When we moved into our new house I thought of one way to lessen the pain - don't hand wash. I hand wash a lot of items, because I know I will use it the next day or I worry about wasting water if I run the dishwasher so frequently - well, to heck with that! I now put most everything in the dishwasher and do a quick hand wash on the other items. That has helped.

I've changed something else too. They say your attitude is everything. Well, I finally decided that unless I plan on eating off the countertop with my hand, I will be doing dishes the rest of my life and I might as well enjoy it! So today when I did my dishes I started to count my blessings. I started with the lovely pot that boiled my  eggs. I said, "I am grateful that I have pots and hot water that comes whenever I want it. I am grateful for our chickens and yummy food." Next I picked up my Chop Wizard and declared, "I am grateful for awesome kitchen tools. (Don't have a Chop Wizard? Get one!) I am grateful for fresh strawberries." Then I did the - yuck - big pot, "I am grateful for a warm house and the beautiful view of green grass and friendly neighbors I have when I do dishes."

Counting my blessings definitely lightened the mood and filled me gratitude for all that I have. I am going to continue this exercise all week - as I plan on cooking a lot - I know it will bring peace and happiness to our home!

Is there housework you despise? Do you dare try this technique? What have you done to brighten your attitude?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Aunt Annie's Quilts

About 2 years ago I bought my very own sewing machine and quickly afterwards my mom taught me how to make a baby-size quilt! Since my first quilt, I have made a few more for some very special people.

This is the first quilt I made! It's called a Log Cabin design. I was thinking about giving it away as a gift, but I kept it for myself and I am excited to wrap my first little bundle of joy in it someday!

The second quilt I made was for my beautiful niece Sofia. I made it with the leftover fabric from my first quilt. It is also a log cabin design. I made it very quickly - 5 hours total! It went really quick because I just randomly put pieces together, where as the first one has a pattern to where the certain fabrics go. It was a great surprise for her on her 3rd birthday! And she snuggled right up to it after the party.

The third quilt I made was for my nephew Seth for Christmas. I found this Thomas the Train pattern online and my mom (who is soooo good at stuff like this) helped me pick out the other fabrics. The main piece of fabric is called "cheat fabric" - it appears as if it's made from lots of pieces, but it's just one piece of fabric. I was so excited to give it to him and he was thrilled to get it! The back is so fun too - he likes to drive his cars on the tracks.

The fourth and last quilt I have made (up to this point), was for my sweet niece Emma. After I made Sofia's quilt I decided I would make a quilt for each of my nieces. So far I only have 3 nieces (ooh...I just figured out who will get the quilt that I haven't finished yet...) but hope to have plenty more, because making quilts is fun to do and little girls are oh so cute!

I contemplated for a long time about Emma's Quilt. Emma is a Type 4 and I couldn't wrap my head around how to make a Type 4 Baby Quilt. I actually tried it about a year ago and the fabric is sitting unused in my drawer upstairs...But then, thanks to my "magic-eye" mom who came to the fabric store with me made magic happen. We found an amazing combination for a fabulous Type 4 quilt!