Friday, April 8, 2011

Secret Millionaire

I am loving the new show Secret Millionaire. I think it is amazing the power that money has in people's lives. For good and for bad.

I am so blessed to have been raised by awesome parents who instilled in me a positive attitude about money. I have been so temporally blessed in my life and I believe that will continue to be the case. Like I mentioned money is very powerful. Bill Gates is choosing to spend some of his billions to cure the world of! On the flip side I think we can all relate to the stress that we can create in our life when there is a lack of money.

I would encourage everyone to choose a positive connection and attitude with money. Choose to speak positively and focus on what you want with money and that will create more of it in your life. One of my most favorite affirmations regarding money is something my mom recently posted on her blog. I have been repeating this for the past couple weeks and now I want to get it tattooed on my forearm...okay maybe just write it down on a paper - so I can really soak in the words and feelings!

"I love and appreciate money and how it supports me in doing what I love.”
“I appreciate all the money that flows to me and I share it with others to show my appreciation for the gifts they offer.”

“I am free to do what I love and be supported.”
“I am making this shift gradually and gracefully.”
“I am receiving appreciation in the form of money and sharing appreciation in the form of money.”

So, back to Secret Millionaire, basically on the show they pick a really wealthy person to go to a really poor part of the country and find people that are doing good to better that community and then they donate up to $100,000 how they please.

It is so touching. I was bawling during an episode where one wealthy business man gave $75,000 to a man and his wife who have created a free girl's basketball camp to keep them off the streets and hopefully get them into college. I was inspired by both men. The one giving the money and the other giving his life to serve these girls.

While watching I told Tanner that I want to be a Secret Millionaire and share our money to others that are in need. That would be awesome!

So the other night at work I was talking with a customer after an event. I won't mention her name, but she is someone that I have come to admire. She is only 18 and on her own purchased the Dressing Your Truth online course after saving up her money for a while. While talking she expressed that her family doesn't have much money and was worried how she was going to get the things she wanted to really step into dressing her truth.

Well earlier that week I was awarded a $50 gift card to our Dressing Your Truth store for doing great work. Even though I work for the company, I buy all my makeup, jewelry, and hair care here - so the $50 was a great reward and I was excited to use it. But while I was talking with this sweet girl I had the feeling to offer the gift card to her.

I was a little nervous of how to deliver this news to her and in my Type 2 nature I questioned if I should really do it. But I did. I simply told her I wanted to give her my gift card and she started crying and so did I. 

It was an amazing feeling! (Like they say on the show, it's addicting!) It was such a precious moment that I will treasure forever. She was so grateful for the gesture and so excited to get a some things to support her in bringing out her true beauty. I was so grateful for the opportunity to share. The experience was priceless. 

I was the Secret Millionaire! I am excited for more experiences like this! Giving is so much fun!


  1. That is a wonderful and inspiring story Anne!

  2. Giving is awesome. We budget 10% to tithes, and then another 10% to charity. At first it was a little hard, but we have been so abundantly blessed because of it! It is fun to find people or organizations to give to.

    1. That is so wonderful. I pray that others will be as generous to those in need and you and your family are. God Bless You.

  3. Anne, your post just brought tears to my eyes. That was such a wonderful gesture. You said above that you strive to show kindness. Well, you did. That is one of the kindest things I have heard of. To give a gift that you won to someone else is truly one of the kindest gestures that anyone could do. Anne, thank you for writing this blog and sharing your inspiration and kindness.