Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegas and thoughts on being a Type 2 Sports Fan

On a whim Tanner and I decided to join his brother, Tyler, and his Dad on a trip to Las Vegas for the BYU/Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament!

I didn't really want to go and sit through a bunch of basketball games, but I wanted to support Tanner and he had first choice since it was his birthday weekend. So we went, and I am so glad we did!

It was a much needed vacation for us. Our house is still up in the air, we are living out of our suitcases and it was a good time to get away!

Headed to Vegas!
The games were fabulous! We won the first two, but unfortunately lost the championship game. But, oh well, BYU gave us quite the performance the night before and SDSU played a lot better in the championship game. Jimmer Fredette scored 52 points on Friday night. If you aren't a sports fan let me explain that most players score about 18-22 points on a good day. 52 points!!!! That's Jimmer-mania!

I am becoming quite the Sports Wife! I really do enjoy the games. Almost too much sometimes! We get the high-high in exchange for some low-lows. Tanner reminds me that is why we love sports! If you know the recent events of BYU Basketball (one of the top players expelled from playing), you will know they lost pretty bad one of their last games. I was literally crying during the game! I wanted them to win sooo badly.

Another thing I realized during one of the games is I do NOT enjoy sitting by the other team's fans. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard. In my Type 2 nature, I am constantly focused on the fans behind me - what are they saying, how are they feeling, are they rude, am I being rude, etc. It is hard for me to forget they are there and focus on the actual game so I can enjoy myself. I get so sensitive to the surrounding circumstances. It even got to the point where I had to put in my headphones and turn on some ABBA to forget fans and enjoy the game.

I have to remind myself in games too that there is nothing I can do to make them win or loose. I will try to imagine them winning, see them as making more points, the basket getting bigger, send them love and joy, do visualizations. But this just stresses me out because if they are loosing then I need to do more...but what?, I ask myself. Then I remember, I am a fan, they are the players, it's up to them. Haha, it's kind of silly. But I enjoy the game better when I just relax and watch!

I get so involved in the game that I have to remind myself, win or loose, does it really effect my life overall? No. I'm okay. Everything will be okay.

I am grateful for sports in our life. I didn't watch sports much growing up, just at high school. But the Mr. has instilled in me or rather, brought out my sports side. I think it is good to be passionate about something that is just fun. It's a good way to experience a lot of emotion about something that doesn't really matter. For example, Tanner is a very cool-headed Type 3 guy. He doesn't react in yelling or frustration at me or anyone else because he does that at sports games. I didn't know he could get mad until we went to a game together and the ref made a bad call. I always say, I would rather have him yell at the TV than at me and my kids. Not that it would be either or, but it's a healthy channel for those emotions.

Anyways, those are some thoughts about sports...back to our vacation in Vegas.

I did some great shopping! At H&M and Ann Taylor Loft - Factory Store - tons of Type 2 clothes! Love it!

And we made a stop (or 2) at Max Brenner Chocolate. There are only 2 locations: NY and Vegas. If you love chocolate it is a must! Get the Eighties Milkshake or the Banana Split Waffles. YUMMMO!

We went 2 nights in a row and ate ourselves sick the second night and vowed never to eat sugar again. I already had 2 Girl Scout cookies today. Obviously, the affects wore off.

We went to Cirque du Soleil Elvis. It was great. I have been to quite a few Cirque du Soleil and this was the most unique - singing, dancing, speaking, story line - not a lot of crazy acrobatics, but very entertaining and highly recommended. KA is one full of amazing acrobatics if that's your style.

The weather was fab-u-lous! 75-80 degrees and SUN! I am hoping to have brought some home with us!


  1. That's the same way I am at sports. I've learned the best way to enjoy it is just to chear for your team, Sit by family and bring enough friends with you that if the other fans want to get annoying at least you can just ignore them and enjoy your friends. (Especially in Vegas where half my friends are the annoying jabbers for the other team. lol) Real mormons are rebels...bah! gets my blood rising every time especially since some of them go to BYU,.. duh,... anyway,.. off my soap box.

  2. ~ Anne, it has to be a Type Two thing. I get so involved in sports when my team is playing. And when I see a live game, I am very aware of my surroundings.
    We went to a local, minor-league hockey game a few weeks ago when my boyfriend's son came to visit. We had a blast. If there is a hockey game near y'all, you and Tanner should go. I think you'd enjoy it. Anyway, when we were at the hockey game, I was getting so into the game. I would get anxiety in my stomach whenever the other team would go to score. The opposing team scored the first goal, and my heart sunk. I got so upset. I almost wanted to cry. But my boyfriend was totally cool and being goofy. He likes to get reactions out of people. I tell him he likes to "instigate" people to get a reaction and "encourage" others to get an emotional reaction out of them. We were sitting right on the Home Team side, and he would cheer loudly for the away team and heckle the home team. I kept shush-ing him because I did not want anyone to get mad at us. And I did not want him to ruin anyone's experience.

    ~ It looks like you had fun shopping. I love H&M and the Loft. The peach and blue shirts that are on the left of your picture of clothing are so pretty. I love those Type Two colors.

    ~ I am not much of a "sweets" person, but I know my boyfriend would love it. He has a huge sweet tooth. :-)