Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegas and thoughts on being a Type 2 Sports Fan

On a whim Tanner and I decided to join his brother, Tyler, and his Dad on a trip to Las Vegas for the BYU/Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament!

I didn't really want to go and sit through a bunch of basketball games, but I wanted to support Tanner and he had first choice since it was his birthday weekend. So we went, and I am so glad we did!

It was a much needed vacation for us. Our house is still up in the air, we are living out of our suitcases and it was a good time to get away!

Headed to Vegas!
The games were fabulous! We won the first two, but unfortunately lost the championship game. But, oh well, BYU gave us quite the performance the night before and SDSU played a lot better in the championship game. Jimmer Fredette scored 52 points on Friday night. If you aren't a sports fan let me explain that most players score about 18-22 points on a good day. 52 points!!!! That's Jimmer-mania!

I am becoming quite the Sports Wife! I really do enjoy the games. Almost too much sometimes! We get the high-high in exchange for some low-lows. Tanner reminds me that is why we love sports! If you know the recent events of BYU Basketball (one of the top players expelled from playing), you will know they lost pretty bad one of their last games. I was literally crying during the game! I wanted them to win sooo badly.

Another thing I realized during one of the games is I do NOT enjoy sitting by the other team's fans. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard. In my Type 2 nature, I am constantly focused on the fans behind me - what are they saying, how are they feeling, are they rude, am I being rude, etc. It is hard for me to forget they are there and focus on the actual game so I can enjoy myself. I get so sensitive to the surrounding circumstances. It even got to the point where I had to put in my headphones and turn on some ABBA to forget fans and enjoy the game.

I have to remind myself in games too that there is nothing I can do to make them win or loose. I will try to imagine them winning, see them as making more points, the basket getting bigger, send them love and joy, do visualizations. But this just stresses me out because if they are loosing then I need to do more...but what?, I ask myself. Then I remember, I am a fan, they are the players, it's up to them. Haha, it's kind of silly. But I enjoy the game better when I just relax and watch!

I get so involved in the game that I have to remind myself, win or loose, does it really effect my life overall? No. I'm okay. Everything will be okay.

I am grateful for sports in our life. I didn't watch sports much growing up, just at high school. But the Mr. has instilled in me or rather, brought out my sports side. I think it is good to be passionate about something that is just fun. It's a good way to experience a lot of emotion about something that doesn't really matter. For example, Tanner is a very cool-headed Type 3 guy. He doesn't react in yelling or frustration at me or anyone else because he does that at sports games. I didn't know he could get mad until we went to a game together and the ref made a bad call. I always say, I would rather have him yell at the TV than at me and my kids. Not that it would be either or, but it's a healthy channel for those emotions.

Anyways, those are some thoughts about sports...back to our vacation in Vegas.

I did some great shopping! At H&M and Ann Taylor Loft - Factory Store - tons of Type 2 clothes! Love it!

And we made a stop (or 2) at Max Brenner Chocolate. There are only 2 locations: NY and Vegas. If you love chocolate it is a must! Get the Eighties Milkshake or the Banana Split Waffles. YUMMMO!

We went 2 nights in a row and ate ourselves sick the second night and vowed never to eat sugar again. I already had 2 Girl Scout cookies today. Obviously, the affects wore off.

We went to Cirque du Soleil Elvis. It was great. I have been to quite a few Cirque du Soleil and this was the most unique - singing, dancing, speaking, story line - not a lot of crazy acrobatics, but very entertaining and highly recommended. KA is one full of amazing acrobatics if that's your style.

The weather was fab-u-lous! 75-80 degrees and SUN! I am hoping to have brought some home with us!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tanner!

Tanner turned 29 on March 9th! Happy Birthday, Honey!

Last year when I asked Tanner what he wanted for his birthday he said, "Nothing, just you." So what did we do? Nothing. Just dinner and me....and it was lame!

Even though that is what he asked for it was a pretty crappy birthday. We both knew it and I knew I had to make up for it this year. So I started gathering notes. Which, true to my Type 2 nature, I am quite good at. My SIL actually has commented on how that is one of her favorite things about me - that I am a good gift-giver because I pay attention to the details along the way and pick up on what would be the perfect gift.

I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to top what I gave him for Christmas, but the ideas came and it was great - if I don't say so myself!

As I was gathering ideas about 2 months in advance (I was really determined to make it better and started planning early) for gifts I started to notice a theme of "Tanner's Favorites" and went with it.

So the Monday of his birthday week we went to Pei Wei for dinner - his favorite restaurant. We would have gone to Red Mango, but unfortunately hit that crazy storm and got stuck on the hill about 5 houses from our "place of residence" for about an hour! (We still don't have our own home right now.)

Tuesday in our work meeting we played Do You Really Know Tanner? and then everyone told Tanner what they love about him. Some that stood out to me were: friendly, driven, funny, easy-going. (He's such a great guy and it was fun to hear what everyone said!) I then served Dryer's Fruit Bars for everyone - another one of his favorites.

Since we left for Las Vegas on Wednesday (his official b-day) we did gifts on Tuesday night! Here's the good part! His gifts included:

Taco Bell Mild Sauce 
He likes Del Taco food better, but Taco Bell sauce better - problem solved.
favorite singer
Favorite funny guy (unfortunately, it is not as good as his other 2 CD/DVDs)
A new pair of shoes
He really needed some new ones! It was funny because we saw them together at the store a few months back and he said "No, I don't see any I like." But I really liked them and figured if I bought them he would have to give them a chance and he loves them! He just didn't want to buy them I guess.
The Ultimate Sports Package
Included: tickets for Blaze Football game, Real Salt Lake tickets, and golf passes (of course, favorites!)
and here's the biggie....
Homemade Lasagna Sauce
A year ago I made and canned a few bottles of a really yummy lasagna sauce! Tanner loves, loves, loves my lasagna with this sauce, so I knew it would be a hit. It was quite the production - a lot of love went into the sauce. He was thrilled!

For dessert we had Homemade Thin Mints (recipe to come soon) and his favorite Hagen-Daaz Swiss Almond Vanilla ice cream!

We went to Vegas for the weekend for the Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament. (More on that to come.)

It was a fabulous brithday! I am so happy I could throw such a great celebration because Tanner brings me soooo much happiness and he always deserve the BEST!

Love you sweetie!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun with Mickey and the Gang!

My family recently took a trip to Disney World. The whole gang was there - my 3 brothers, 1 sister, their spouses and the 2 little boys!

We had a great time! My all-time favorite ride is Midway Mania which is based off of Toy Story. It's like the Buzz Lightyear ride in that it's life-size video game! Be sure to get the fast passes early as it is out of them by 10AM!

Mark and Jaleah on the ferry to Magic Kingdom.

Sarah, Seth and Chris

My favorite sister, Jenny, Joseph and Dad.
(Doesn't Jenny look so beautiful?!)
Who doesn't love this cute boy?!
Nothing like skipping down Main Street with your sis.
I thought these pictures were funny, without knowing it
their faces were identical in both photos!

Experiencing the magic of It's a Small World
Me and my love!
The whole gang, but where's Mickey. No Fast Pass to see him.

Monday, March 14, 2011

You know what they say...SNL Spoof

I saw this funny video on another foodie blog. This is a spoof on the ad I posted in my rant about High Fructose Corn Syrup a few weeks ago.


When I was searching for the video I found this article and thought it was interesting! See full article here.

In the spoof, one mom is surprised to find another mom serving Juicy Drink at a kid's party. After pointing out that it contains HFCS, she says: "You know the things they say about HFCS." The other mom replies: "Like what? That's it's made with corn, it's natural enough, and, like sugar, it's fine in moderation." Trouble is, that's almost exactly what the real commercial says, and that's all one big corn-fed lie.

For starters, corn-no, not the corn on the cob we all love on warm summer nights around the barbie-is not your innocent friend but an excuse to bulk-up foods with cheap filler. Sugar in moderation? Yeah, that's fine, but there's nothing moderate about the levels found in HFCS. The good news is that the dangers of HFCS, especially from obesity, are becoming more obvious every day. Thanks to documentaries like Fast Food Nation and Food, Inc. and the writing of experts in the field, such as Michael Pollan, it's getting harder to deceive the American public. If nothing else, when SNL can pull off a gag so easily, you know the game is over.

In the real commercial, the association advises you to check out sweet for a "sweet surprise." One of the first things you'll learn is that "in 1983, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration formally listed HFCS as safe for use in food and reaffirmed that decision in 1996." That true-a valuable stamp of approval from the same government that once called margarine, which was filled with trans-fats, much healthier than butter and treats the big-agriculture growers of corn, sugar, soybeans, and cotton to billions of dollars a year in useless subsidies. Why? Has anyone ever heard the term "lobbyist?" Hey, it takes a lot of money to convince everyone that a lethal product is actually good for us-and to do it with a smile.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now We See the Light!

I love the new Disney movie Tangled. I thought the story line was cute, fun and creative and the songs were delightful. My favorite song from the movie is, "I See the Light."

Tanner and I have been singing this song together a lot lately and it dawned on me...we really have seen the light. We recently decided we wanted to move and it was like the fog had lifted!

We were at a family party on January 13th and Tanner went to out to his yard (we own a house by his family in Springville) and gave his trees a visit. On our drive home Tanner said something like, "We need to live in Brown Town someday." His trees are very dear to him and he would love there to reap the "fruits" of his labor. This comment led to a discussion of where we currently live - high on a mountain top and how we felt about it.

When we first were married we moved into the house right next door to my parents. My grandparents had bought it 3 years previous as an investment property but were never able to sell it. After 6 months of living in it we decided to buy it from my grandparents.

It is a beautiful house! Lovely features and lots of room! It has been nice living right next door to my parents too. But it dawned on us that January day that we weren't as happy as we once were living in this house.

It is, as mentioned, high on a mountain top, and far away from, as Tanner put it, life. We spend a lot of time in Provo and Springville (sports, family), and Draper (work). They are all generally close, but it makes a difference when you have to drive down and up a big mountain. So we end up staying home and being bored a lot or driving a lot. And because we live in an older neighborhood - most people have young families or are empty nesters, our only hang out friends are my parents. (Not bad, but I'm ready to have friends that don't share my family names.) The weather is also another factor - it's like another world up here in the winter. There will be 2 inches and the valley and 2 feet at home!

I don't want to sound like we hate it up here, because that's not the case. We just realized what we really want and are excited for a new change. 

The other reason was that we only use about 1/5th of our home. We use the bedroom, bathroom, family room and kitchen. We don't use the 3 rooms upstairs, the dining room, front room, office and the 2,500 sq. foot basement. I thought it was kinda cool that we lived in a big house, but I now realize what I really care about is not size, but the feeling in the home. We realized we were putting a lot into a house that wasn't giving much back.

We talked and talked all day bringing up different points of why we wanted to move and what we wanted instead. The main reasons we decided were social and financial. We could hardly sleep that night! It felt so right and we were so esxcited! Like I said, it really was like the fog had lifted, and we had seen the light! A feeling I love! It makes it so easy to move forward.

So the next day (Friday the 14th, just to show the timeline) we listed the house for sale, by Tuesday the 18th my uncle who owns rental properties in this area bought it from us! BooYa! That's less than a week and since it was still in the family there was no need for lengthy paper work. I don't buy into the belief that the "economy stinks and it's hard to sell houses." I choose to believe that when it's right and meant to happen things can move forward easily and effortlessly, and in this case it meant selling our house fast!

I was nervous to tell my parents, knowing they would be sad. They shed a few tears, but were excited for us and supportive.

That weekend Friday the 21st we went house hunting. We both knew exactly were we wanted to live - Rockwell Townhomes in Pleasant Grove, Utah. It's the perfect location - 15 minutes to Provo, 17 minutes to Brown Town, 17 minutes to work and 15 minutes to my parents! The units are new, nice, spacious and in a very young community. Tanner's best friend also lives there.

At first we were planning on renting and nothing was open in Rockwell, so we looked at places nearby, but were a little sad we weren't going to be where we really wanted to be. Well, after finding out what people were charing for rent we figured it'd be cheaper to buy! So we looked at Rockwell again and found a unit that was in foreclosure! We called the number and the guy came right out to show it to us! We took one look inside and knew it was ours! It was the biggest unit available in the development and had all the nicest features available. And even better, it's about 50 feet from Tanner's friend's place! There's a pool, club house and exercise room. Honestly, it couldn't get any better!

So within a matter of 1 week we sold our house and found our new place!!!! I am so grateful that the fog lifted and we followed our inspiration and that all the doors were open to lead us to the perfect place!

We are still waiting to hear from the bank, should happen in the next 4 days. I am grateful our loan is being accepted and we are moving in by March 15th. (That's my intention.) We are so ready to get into our new house! Now, close your eyes and envision the bank approving our loan this week and us happily moving into our new place! Thanks for your help! :)

Have you ever had a similar experience? Where you "saw the light?" I'd love to hear it!