Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Just in the past 2 weeks I have seen/heard/learned of some pretty disturbing things in the food world. If you read my blog, you know that I have a great interest in food and have made it a hobby of eating healthy and learning how to eat even healthier. I find it fascinating all the wonderful things GOOD, WHOLE foods can do for our bodies and, on the other hand, what can happen when we eat a lot of crappy food.

So let me start with the first unbeLIEvable item....

I was watching TV one day when it went to commercials and on came a very bright, fresh, and lively ad - a women happily walking through corn fields as the narrator explained confidently that Corn Sugar is a wonderful thing and should be consumed just like regular sugar. I was baffled, was this a SNL commercial spoof? Did this really just happen? I then went to YouTube to find out if there were more like it, and yes indeed there are a whole bunch of commercials promoting that High Fructose Corn Syrup is good for you. And the FDA has now given the go-ahead to label this artificial, genetically modified syrup as "natural." Why do this anger me so?

Because they are lying to you and me!

Here is one of the commercials:

Okay, so why is this commercial out of line in my mind? Because HFCS really is bad for you. Well, first of all I think it is funny that they are comparing it to cane sugar (white sugar). Because, guess what - the refined cane sugar (that most people use) is also not good for you either. But HFCS is worse - read this article.

Both HFCS and the typical white cane sugar have been modified and processed from their natural state making them un-whole and un-natural foods. And I believe anything that has been modified from it's original state is not good for a NATURAL body - our bodies aren't built to process that kind of stuff. That is why they are trying to change the name to "corn sugar" - so it sounds more natural - and natural is so in right now.

I found this mock-ad on YouTube that exposes "What they say about it..."

And they mention "in moderation." Well, let's see...HFCS is in EVERYTHING that most Americans eat...

Candy Bars
Ice Cream
Fast food
Lunch meats
Ketchup and condiments (the worst thing you can feed your kids!!!)
Soda (and if it's diet soda, then you are drinking Aspartame, which is probably even worse...)
Breakfast bars

...Basically anything that is processed foods (almost any food that comes in a wrapper or container)

I have read some articles about HFCS and I will share what they say. But even without those facts, it seems pretty simple to me - you put the 2 and 2 together - people who eat a lot of food with HFCS (and table sugar) in it are overweight and unhealthy. So it would be best to avoid those. Rats know it's bad.

HFCS is also very addictive - our bodies will want more and more of it and turn off it's desire for natural sweets and other healthy foods.

So, what are good replacements for HFCS and table sugar? Well, I have never seen HFCS for sale at the store, so obviously I'm not putting it in my food - so the best replacement is to avoid foods that have HFCS in it (i.e. processed/packaged foods). In my own cooking and baking I use whole sugars (and usually minimal amounts - I don't like things too sweet). Good whole sugars include: Sucanat, raw honey, agave nectar, ripe bananas, stevia, and palm sugar. These sweetners are natural and whole and your body will process them easily. Find out more about natural sweetners here.

So there you have it...this is where I stand with HFCS. I can't say I don't EVER eat things with HFCS in it - I did have some Red Vines over the Holidays...but I can say that I do more often than not choose not to eat it. I would encourage you to educate yourself on this topic and choose what is right for you. After all, omitting HFCS from your diet will only result in added health to your body!


  1. I saw those commercials on TV a few months ago and was disgusted. Thanks for posting about this. It takes guts to go and say that the "media" doesn't know everything about health. Hopefully people will see the light and try something "new"; WHOLE FOODS!!!

  2. Hi Anne,
    I totally agree with you. My guess is that the HFCS industry paid for the commercials, as well as the studies (if there are any).

    I have tried to eat really healthy, but I moved a couple of years ago, and have started a new job. These have added enough stress that I got off track and I have struggled getting back.

    Do you have any suggestions for us type 2s? I"m really busy right now and don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, plus all those not so good for me foods can be so comforting. Thanks,
    Cindy Blackham

  3. @Cindy, your guess is right. Those commercials are directly from the big guys. That's great that you want to eat healthier, but you have to realize that it will require some effort and time. Some great resources I like are,, And as a Type 2 you need to plan ahead. I make my week's meal plan every Sunday and then I am ready! (Even down to the snacks I plan on eating!)

  4. I love the way you are about food and health. Thank you for your zeal. I need you out here to help me with my daily health coaching. Teaching people to treat their bodies right and to learn to love the REAL good foods - like vegetables. They can be so delicious! Just trying to awaken people's understanding of what is, and what is not, healthy. Have you read my blog? Maybe you'd enjoy it? I need to start writing more about healthy food choices.

    I'd love to have your comments.

  5. Because of a lot of emotional issues I let many, many years go by without taking proper care of my health.

    Last year I had a wake up call. I was dying and I was not ready to die. That is when I did some research and found green smoothies,raw foods etc and was introduced to what Evil men are doing to alter our food supply for profit.

    The federal government is even working on laws that will make it illegal to take a vitamin without a prescription and or grow food in your own backyard...these proposed items are all invasive and evil.

    It is a constant struggle for me to ban refined sugars from my diet but I keep working on it. I am involved with energy healing as well so I have many tools to aid me in regaining my health.

    Have you seen the movie 'Food inc'? I will end with one of my favorite quotes, "We live in the best of times and in the worst of times" -The Tale of Two Cities.

  6. You have inspired me. I need to do better for sure.

  7. Great post!

    FYI: high fructose corn syrup has been available for years in the supermarket aisle of pancake syrups. It's called Karo Syrup, and it comes in clear and brown. Very thick and sticky.

    I guess they feel they need to do something with all that surplus corn. Yuck!

    And totally different topic - congrats on the new living space!

  8. @Anonymous - You're right there is a corn syrup option for sale in the grocery store. I forgot about that until after I published this post. But Karo Corn Syrup isn't HFCS. Corn syrup is less sweet than HFCS. You can read about the other differences here:

  9. Hi Anne,
    I have discovered a pretty good and affordable sub for white sugar in the ethnic aisle at my local grocery's called Zulka. It's just dehydrated cane juice crystals (made in Mexico). I've subbed it for white sugar in cooking/baking for the past couple of years. And I also use it to make my own pancake syrup if I'm out of maple syrup (or I will use it half and half with maple to extend it).

    I need to do a blog post on this! :) I love healthy foods, and natural remedies as well.

    Love your blog!

  10. About 12 years ago, while living in Iowa, my husband and i were the first car to get stopped at a RR intersection as a train sped by. We sat there for 10 minutes, while the train quickly passed tanker car after tanker car labled fructose corn syrup. It grossed me out so much. I could not believe the quantity of it! It was an experience I think everyone should have. 10 minutes of a fast moving train full of tanker cars labled fructose corn syrup. Ever since then, I am much more careful about putting that stuff in my body. King Corn is another good movie to watch.

  11. Anne! I'm your sister in law, Ali's friend. I read your blog every once in a while and really enjoy it! I'm also a certified personal trainer but I focus on whole foods...and can I just say THANK YOU for posting about this! It is horrible the messages they are sending people. I posted a bit about this stuff on my blog too:

    Keep up the posting! :)

  12. Thank you for this post! I was so mad the first time I saw that commercial! I stopped buying anything with HFCS a year ago. My husband, 3 kids and I don't miss it one bit and are healthier because of it. We are all also gluten-free. If you have any questions about great g-free foods, you can contact me on facebook (Annette Anderson Hansen) or email