Thursday, February 10, 2011

Throwback: Valentine's Boxes

Happy Valentine's Day (almost). Here are some ideas to help you get ready for the special (or not-so-special for some) day.

Every week for work one of us has to come up with an activity to start our Tuesday Meeting. Our lovely, Type 1 Emily came up with the great idea to make Valentine's Boxes and pass out Valentines to each other! I was so excited! I love creating, crafting and project-ing. We had one week to get it ready, soI decided not to think about it too much but just do what popped into my head first, which was: remake my 6th Grade Valentine's Box. So I went with it, but this time instead of a blond girl, I went with Brunette and made it me!

The box was inspired by this cut out picture which was
on the bottom of every Valentine.

A sampling of my homemade Valentines I passed out!
All very "me!"

I thought I would win one of the categories (funniest, most creative, most true to Type) for sure! But when the other boxes started arriving I was less and less sure! I was amazed by the creativity and time spent on each box!!! I didn't end up winning a prize. My competitive side started to take over and Tanner reminded me it was just a silly box...yeah, right. Easy to say when you win...

Here are the amazing Valentine's Boxes!!! I hope you can get some fun ideas for your own (or your kid's) V-Day box.

Lauri (Type 1)
Customer Support

You know who this belongs to...

Jimmy (Type 2)
Chris' Assistant
It's the Half-Time Show at the SuperBowl

Megan (Type 4)
Store Manager
Her cute daughter "saved the day" by lending her mom this box.

Emily (Type 1)
Hair Stylist
Um...I thought you said box! She won "Most True to Type"

Kalista (Type 4)
Shipping Manager

Yours Truly

Nicole (Type 4)
Hair Stylist

Mandi (Type 4)
Customer Support

Chris (Type 2)

He won Funniest - you push the button and it says, "Why would anyone want to give me a Valentine? I'm just a plain old box. Poor me." Haha! Totally a Type 2 Box.

Sarah (Type 3)
Beauty Expert
Won Most Creative

Tanner (Type 3)
He put Hand Warmers behind the paper, so the box was really HOT!

Jon (Type 2)

Well, you can tell we all had a lot of fun making our Valentine's Boxes! Like I said, I was BLOWN AWAY by the caliber of these boxes! It's obvious we are very passionate and dedicated people (in whatever we do)! I'm so grateful for the work team we have! 

Do you have a creative idea for a Valentine's Box? Let's hear it!

Valentine's = Sugar - here are some healthier options...


  1. Love everyone's boxes!! go emily haha. Loved hers! Chris's hilarious! love it all! they are all sooooo you guys! :)

  2. So fun!!! I love all of the very creative boxes! I posted a picture of my friend Suzanne on the type 2 facebook group page. If you have a sec., would you give me feedback on her pic. She purchased the beauty profiling bundle but related equally with the type 3 and 4 info. Thank you in advance for your help!

  3. Happy Valentine's, Anne!! ---
    Just wanted to say THANKS for the great shopping trip I had with you on Feb. 9!!! Starting at the DYT center, going to the mall for 2 hours. I learned so much, e.g. exactly what colors & styles to look for -- and what to avoid. The differences can be so minor -- is something a little too shiny? Too rigid texture? Too strong color contrast? Is there some tiny almost-hidden warm color? Is the bag too large? Etc. etc.
    Back home in Texas, I immediately went to Eddie Bauer & purchased 3 great tops in the right colors (on sale); as well as that teal short jacket we had looked at. Plus I have been shopping every day for hours -- just to use my new skills.
    Which will save me lots of money, avoiding wrong purchases in the future, no doubt about it!!
    Also - thanks for helping me with styling my natural-curly hair (which was a surprise to me) -- I had a hard time doing the same back home, but am working on it, looking at your video-instruction.
    BTW - great-looking boxes -- but I will probably stick to roses for Valentine's, as usual!

  4. Hi Anne,
    My name is Liz Hess. At the last free intro night to DYT you picked me as an example of a type 2 (I was standing on your right). I just wanted to tell you what a small world this is! I am attending a 31-45 single adult ward in Logan and my bishop and his wife are Roger and Carol Johnson. Sister Johnson mentioned how you all served missions in Bulgaria and when your mom came to visit, she gave Sister Johnson a free makeover. My friend that I invited to the DYT intro has been so excited about DYT and is wanting us to start a sort of DYT group up here and meet once a month to discuss what we've learned, go shopping, and help each other with dressing our truths. She mentioned it to Sister Johnson and now she is excited about it. It's been fun to see how excited my friend has been about it (she is a Type 3, if you couldn't guess). I'm currently serving as the R.S. president and have wished there was a way I could introduce the sisters in my ward to DYT without it coming across as something that I'm trying to promote through the church organization. I just feel like DYT could help so many of the sisters. Not that they dress badly. But so many are struggling with self-esteem due to being older and still not married. But now it seems like my type 3 friend can help me share it without it compromising my calling. Anyway, that was a long story. But I just wanted to share that with you. It really is such a small world!

  5. H Liz,
    That's so cool you know Sister Johnson! She is awesome!
    If you want to introduce it just to talk about it, you could start a book club or do a Home Party. Have your Type 3 friend get it rolling.
    That's so fun you have others to get excited about it with you. My Type 2 sil lives in Logan. Do you know her? Sara Vane?
    Thanks for reading my blog!