Saturday, February 5, 2011

Green Smoothie Detox - Follow-Up

It's been a few weeks since my last update about my Green Smoothie Detox. I'm sure you can guess what happened. Well, if not - I stopped.

I did full on Raw for 5 1/2 days and then had cooked veggies and slowly introduced my regular diet.

As you can tell from my previous detox posts (here and here), it wasn't easy. I lost 7 pounds in 5 days!!! (I was only a little bit excited about that - I was literally withering away!) But all in all, I did learn some good things.... I still have a Green Smoothie every morning (I have been doing this since last June), but on top of that I usually eat a nice, big, raw salad for lunch! My favorite is when it has some Quinoa and raw, sprouted almonds thrown in.

I am also trying to eat less gluten. (My mom is gluten intolerant, so I have been getting into that more.) Anyone have some excellent Gluten-Free recipes?!

Well, there it is, the detox is over. Hallelujah!


  1. hey Anne, is light corn syrup or corn syrup just as bad for you as HFCS? Is it the same thing? Some packaging will just say corn syrup and not HFCS I know table sugar isn't good for you but is it as bad for you as HFCS? After I read your post, I went through my cupboards and found that RITZ crackers and other things i didn't expect have HFCS. I give those to my kiddos all the time, oops! Is there a brand of ketchup that doesn't contain HFCS? You really have made me think more carefully about the health of my family, thank you!

  2. @Cook, I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! I did a little research on HFCS vs. light corn syrup (I posted a link in the comments on the "unbeLIEvable" post that has more in depth info), but from my research I understand they are both highly processed, HFCS is 3 times as sweeter and more highly processed.
    Yeah, it's too bad that HFCS is in so much stuff. A lot of the most popular snacks (like Ritz crackers) have a lot of junk in them. They also have enriched white flour and hydrogenated oils (also very highly processed ingredients).
    Annie's Organic is a good all natural ketchup -
    Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you so much Anne!WOW! That helps me a ton! If you ever want to, I would love to see one of your weekly menus posted on your blog! I am excited to read the books on your recommended list and I want to recommend the book and movie "Count of Monte Cristo"if you haven't already seen/read it! Also I liked watching the movie first so I wasn't totally lost in the book :)!

  4. @Cook Family: Heinz now makes organic ketchup that is made with real sugar, and they also have a non-organic kind called "simply Heinz" that is made with regular white processed sugar. :) I have kids who like ketchup too. :)

    Anne, there is a great book called "Healthy Breads in 5 minutes a Day" that my GF friends love! If you've not tried the artisan bread technique, it is really fun and fast and oh, so delicious! The technique allows the bread to rest in the fridge, and the gluten breaks down, so it is much easier to digest. I have a photo tutorial on my blog for the regular is absolutely amazing, and makes the most delicious pizza crust! :)

    Have you read Nourishing Traditions or seen the Weston A. Price foundation website? :) Lots to process on there!

    ♥ Gwen
    P.S. Can you tell what my type is from my blog? :)

  5. Oh, and the granola bars on my blog are also really, really yummy. They may be a bit too sweet if you don't like sweet stuff, but they're gf and have good protein content. You can cut back the raw honey if it's too sweet. :) They taste like healthy rice crispy treats!

    ♥ Gwen

  6. I would check out these sites for gluten free items...