Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What do you give the man that has everything?

That is the question that kept rolling through my head all last month - and every other time I try to find a gift for Tanner. Tanner, is a Type 3, and therefore is VERY practical - if he wants it he will buy it or he will not buy it and save the money for something more practical. The first few gift-giving experiences of our marriage he would ask how much something was then weigh the value and usually take it back. I am not offended by this, not anymore at least,  I know that is how he works.

So about a week before Christmas Tanner was wrapping my gifts and I noticed his gifts would probably be a lot cooler than mine. So, naturally, I thought I better go out and find something more. I actually made him open 2 gifts that I knew he would end up taking back (pajama bottoms and slippers). I was right, we took them back. After those gifts were gone I was down to more clothes and some gift cards. Not my idea of a "Wow!" Christmas.

So I started googling "What to buy the man that has everything?" That search provided a very weak list.

Look at what some of the suggestions are:
  • Shoe shine kit - what shoes need shining?
  • Wallet - he has had his current wallet for 10 years and it still works great.
  • Chinese Art - really, really?
  • Scarf -  not his style.
  • Watch - again, he is practical and doesn't wear watches, "I can just look at my phone."
Not that these wouldn't make great gifts, but they just weren't right for Tanner.

He could tell I was stressing and told me he didn't want just stuff, but something with more meaning, thought and love connected to it. That's when the wheels starting turning....and this is what I came up with!

I'm good, huh?! (See below for my tricks!)

I made it into a DVD and wrapped it in a box with my original "The Man I Marry Will..." list written in 2004. (He meets all those requirements!) On Christmas morning he opened it, read the list and then pulled out the DVD titled "And the List Goes On..." and popped it in the DVD player.

He LOVED it and I was so pleased that I really did find the perfect gift for my perfect guy!

A few P.S.'s
A couple of the pictures in the slide show could be explained.

After "Be so romantic" there is a picture of trees with Christmas lights - Tanner surprised me by putting all our Christmas lights up last year. Nearly risking his life for my happiness!

After "Be so thoughtful" Tanner is standing with a bald cap on. For my birthday last year he surprised me with a game of Deal or No Deal - he was the host Howie Mandel! That was my favorite game for a
while. He had the whole game set up and I could win up to $500. I won $235! Not bad.

And one of my favorites, after "Be so open-minded" there is a picture of the both of us dressed up as Type 4's. We did it for April Fool's Day and went to a company meeting like that! We thought it was pretty great. The other picture is of my mom and I at an event we did at Saver's in Arizona last year. It was kind of a crazy and unsuccessful event, but Tanner was there and supportive the whole time!

And as for my tricks, I'm just really talented....Alright, I used a program called Animoto.com. It is awesome. There, secret's out.

I hope you enjoyed it!

What are some gifts that you have bought/made for someone that were totally perfect?


  1. Oh my goodness!! That is truly awesome!! I love how you timed it so the crescendo of the music is when you started the pictures. So creative and so so special! What a neat thing for you both to watch years from now. The only down side is- how can you top that next year? ;)

    Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. Love the video you did! One totally perfect gift I've done (that I can think of off the top of my head) is write a poem specifically for someone I'm thinking of. I don't even associate it with a holiday - just whenever I have the desire to write it.

  3. @Xantogal - Yes, your poems are amazing! And I am lucky enough to have one just for me! Thank you, I will treasure it forever!
    @Shannon - I know! That was my thought...his birthday is in March I better get thinking again! Any ideas?
    I'm glad you noticed the music - I worked really hard on that getting it just right. Garageband on Mac is great.

  4. If this type of video was made about me by my husband, I would think it was awesome! Way to go! I'm happy for your success in finding the perfect present for your hubby!

  5. Wow! That was so awesome! I would love to one togethe for my hubs bday in March!

  6. my husband (another type 3) wears a lot of cologne not all of it really my favorite. One year i got him some colognes that I really liked and he was thrilled to have some cologne to wear that he knew I loved and that he for the most part was fine with and he was going to use daily. If Tanner doesn't really do cologne it won't do you much good but if he does,... I bet he might like it if you picked out some for him that you love.

  7. This is awesome! I love to see how much fun you two have together you make the perfect pair. Good job Anne this is so thoughtful and sweet.