Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Green Smoothie Detox: Day 2 & 3

Honestly these last 2 days have been really hard. I am asking myself, "Why am I doing this?" Most of Tanner's family is doing it too, so we have been supporting each other. Yesterday we were all light-headed and hungry!

Again, "Why are we doing this?"

Going to the forum provided by The Green Smoothie Queen has been helpful. Others say that the headaches are from detoxing and will pass. That may be true, but it's not like I am coming off a McDonald/Soda diet. I am a healthy eater! Okay, maybe it's all the holiday sweets I had. My face is sort of breaking-out too. Detox? It's also been supportive to see that others are struggling and to hear about those that have done it before and love the benefits.

So, as you can tell, it's been hard. I think mostly because the recipes aren't that tasty, so I'm not eating that much. I was texting my sister-in-law, Anna K, yesterday and she said, "My questions is: Why the hell does food that is good for you taste so bad?" Haha. I had to laugh - she's feisty.

Not that the recipes are bad, it's just getting used to eating raw 100% of the time. Yesterday morning I made a really yummy smoothie and this recipe I will share since I made it up:

Blueberry Crush Smoothie
2 frozen Bananas
3 stalks Celery
1 handful frozen Blueberries
4 frozen Strawberries

Okay, so enough sour attitude. Doing this just gets me thinking of the direction I really want to go with my eating lifestyle aka diet. Honestly, I don't see myself going full-on raw and probably not even 80% raw. I think more like 70/30 or 60/40. This detox has been really great at least to see what kind of raw concoctions are possible and has proved that vegetables and fruits can go further than just salad.

My ideal "food lifestyle" is more along the lines of what Jenny teaches on her website The Nourished Kitchen. It's all about WHOLE foods, REAL foods, unprocessed foods, a limited amount of high quality animal products and, of course, lots of produce. This I can do, this is me.

Well, if it sounds like I am about to fall off the "wagon" (Green Smoothie Queen said there was no wagon, but whatever.) that just may be true. But don't judge me if I do...I am still a clean eater. I am still a good person.

I have committed to keep going until Sunday - a 7 day cleanse is great. Well, wait, you know what really gets me?! This is just the "Preparatory Week!" What is the actual 21-day detox like?! Ahhh.

What do you think? Should I keep going? (See, that's the problem, I'm not even sure why I am doing it.)

Haha. I sound like I am training to climb Mt. Everest. I am just eating a lot of veggies - but don't take this lightly...crazy things happen when you are hungry...

Well, that's all for now. I think I'll go floss, I have broccoli stuck in my teeth.


  1. You are more brave than I am! You go girl!! :)

  2. Crazy things....well all I can say was that when you mentioned you were going to do the 21 day detox I was going to say, "what, are you going to detox all those green smoothies out of your system?" but hey, I respect and wanted to support...but really I know you can do it if you wanted to but like you said you already have a pretty sweet diet, focus on sustaining and moving in the direction you want to go with that. I think your energy--or lack thereof--will be more wisely spent.

  3. I say stick with it if you have a reason for it! You can make it! but I'm with yourself and Jenny too. Sometimes a sustaining goal is just as important as a push for something better. I would be super excited to see how your detox goes and what kinds of things you end up eating but I would also be just as excited to see a journal on recipes you're trying out from The Nourished Kitchen! I love cooking and see myself more along those lines too. I see a lot of the green smoothie initiatives and I agree with it in principle and I feel like detox is necessary sometimes but I also feel like a movement back to the simplicity of healthy basic whole foods that our forefather's existed on is the key to success with those movements. Good luck and I think it's awesome wherever you end up at the end of this week I'm sure it will be just where you want to be. :)

  4. I guess as a T2 you always like to think things through to the end. Heh, heh. I've already been having quite the experience with raw foods and superfoods. I really do feel my best when I eat as much raw as possible, and always organic produce as well.
    Conventional produce just does not taste as great or have as high a vibration. Also, using superfood blends makes it easier to be raw and a lot more satisfying!

  5. I just found this amazing article on spirulina and chlorella:
    Using these in your diet will help with the side effects you are getting from the cleanse. And I will tell you that when I went raw, I did not experience headaches or extreme hunger. You just have to figure out how to do it right. :))

  6. You are amazing in your commitment. I was so impressed that you didn't give into fresh bread and butter yesterday. Good job! If you think it is helping you keep it up. If not, maybe find something less extreme. (After all, our body has methods for 'detoxing' built in- its called our kidneys, liver, spleen, etc. We don't need much help in that department. That's my view at least.) The one time I had raw food was at your mom's house and I have never gotten so sick in my life. It kind of put a damper on the movement for me :) Good luck!

  7. Thanks for the support everyone!

    @Rachel, that bread and butter sure did look good. Had it been day two I might have caved. yesterday I wasn't as hungry. Is the time you got sick at my mom's my missionary homecoming? She was serving Raw Macaroons? Everyone got sick that day! Half my friends that came, me, you and most of the family. Jenny was super sick that day but didn't want to stay cooped up in her room when we were all having I am pretty sure it was her bug and not the food. I don't even think I had a macaroon. We laugh about it now - seriously over 40 people got sick...I was one of them. I couldn't even walk the next day. Sorry to hear you were on of them too! It was horrible.
    So I guess the bug is to blame and not the raw food - but then again, we'll never know...
    Today I am excited to enjoy a big yummy salad. I'll keep you updated how it goes!

  8. It was your homecoming so you may be right on it being a bug. It was an awful illness. I was so sick! I wondered if there was salmonella in those macaroons. Did anybody get sick who didn't eat them? Oh well, I should probably give the raw food another shot.
    Enjoy your salad. You're awesome!

  9. You are amazing to do it for even 7days! I would go out of my mind! I would so quit! It makes me grouchy to eat like that and I have a hubby and 4 lil kids counting on me to be happy! I am doing the "8 weeks to a better you" challenge. It is doable and very healthy as it is no white sugar and no white flour and no fast food, junk food, etc. I can still eat dinner w my family every nite though as long as it is healthy and nutritious!

  10. Last year I made my family do a cleanse. For the first couple days we could only eat raw, and we took this homemade, ummm, herbal... laxative I guess you could say. It was the nastiest drink ever! From the info I had I was expecting amazing things from my colon. When it really came down to it, I ended up pretty disappointed. Sorry for TMI, but I poop like that all the time! I couldn't believe I put my family through that nasty herbal drink.

    I think what actually did some good was getting off sugar. We all could feel a difference, and liked it. I'm sad to say that after a birthday week last summer, we ended up back on sugar, and I am working towards moving us off it again.

    Moderation. If we weren't meant to eat sweet things, then why is mother's milk so sweet? Christ ate milk and honey to know the good from the bad. Good pure God made food is healthy and made for our use. That is how I feel. God designed our bodies to work well. We can and do heal ourselves all the time, without assistance from other things. My first course of action: do nothing.

    If you are not eating/drinking enough, that could be causing the headaches. Good luck with the cleanse! I hope it does help jumpstart you to make changes and feel better.

    Erin, a T2 reader

  11. I'm so excited to have just found your blog! I love DYT and am a type 4. I also blog, though! I'm a healthy/clean eater, although I am also a vegan. I can't wait to read more. :)

    I know this post was written several months ago, but as far as the detox, I've never been a huge fan of them. Green smoothies are great, though!