Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Smoothie Detox - Day 1

Well, it's the New Year and that means the gyms are packed and so is the produce section. About 3 weeks ago in the midst of the holiday treats, meats and sweets I got an email about a Green Smoothie Detox. I was feeling yucky, chubby, and bloated, so I said, "I am doing this!!!"

My mother-in-law got the same email and offered to buy the program for all of her kids (well, those willing and wanting). So thus begins my 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox - except come to find out it will actually be a 28-day detox. They don't count the "preparatory" week.

You can learn about the Detox here. I actually don't know too much about it yet, like I said it's the first day. So far I just have 1 week of menus. It an all raw, vegetarian diet. I imagine it will continue like this.

I'm not going to post recipes nor the specifics here, but what I am going to do is journal my experience from time to time during this cleanse. They encourage journaling; and I will probably need your support down the road. So, that will be appreciated.

So as for my journaling:

Today I enjoyed a apple/kale smoothie for breakfast. For lunch I had a pineapple/orange/kiwi smoothie for lunch that actually tasted like a Thai dish because the Garlic left on my cutting board rubbed off on the fruit! Mmm..interesting. And for dinner a big bowl of, well, parsley and a few other veggies.

Today I feel refreshed and healthy, but I have been really hungry since about 2PM and I am getting a headache. They say that is normal for the first day. I could just be tired, right? I am a little nervous about what the next 27 days hold, which is lessening my excitement, but I will focus on the moment!

Because of the diet I missed out on: some carmel apple, a bite of Tanner's pizza, and probably Spaghetti for dinner. Not so bad.

Overall, I feel great and I am excited for a "fresh" start to the New Year.

Have you ever done a cleanse or detox before? (I tried the Lemon/Maple Drink Cleanse once - during finals - worst decision E V E R.)

What are your favorite healthy foods?


  1. How'd you like the salad? Ty wasn't a fan but he made it through the first day. I think he's hungry too and to me he's not really himself so its not just you! Tomorrow will be better!!

    Wish I was brave enough to do this with you guys!!

  2. I thought it was pretty good for what it was. I added pepper and cucumber and I think that took it up a notch. I hope it gets better - it's only day 1... Thanks for the support!

  3. I'm so excited you're doing this. I got the email too but wimped out on spending the money or going through the challenge. I feel for you that's the one thing that I always feel when I start up on less regular food and more veggies,...starving and demotivated,... Keep going you'll feel better after!

  4. I did an all liquid/smoothie thing last year and it was all I could do to last 4 days. Longest 4 days of my life! Good luck!

  5. So I just realized why the salad was so bad last night. I just had parsley, lettuce and I squeezed fresh lemon juice on it. I was so light headed that I read the recipe wrong and cut up all the garlic and put it on and not the onion like I was supposed to. lol Yesterday was rough.

  6. I did Robyn Openshaw's (GSG) 12 step program when it came out a few years ago. I liked it because it was about teaching new lifetime habits instead of just a cleanse and then back to the S.A.D. I'm going to be doing a more thorough cleanse as soon I as wean my son. Right now I'm working on lessening the sugar craving and getting my candida under control.