Thursday, January 13, 2011

bubblegum boy

I surprised Seth with his very own Bubblegum Machine for Christmas.
Seth loves gum. Seth loves gadgets. Perfect Gift.
Now I am the perfect aunt! Hooray.

(I just didn't know he'd love it this much.)

I gave him a big refill jar too, Jenny says they're almost half way through it!

Behold, the gum wad.
That's a lot of pennies!


  1. You know what's funny- Anna and Madeline gave Isabelle and Lucy a bubble gum machine for Christmas! I guess they were going for the favorite aunt angle too!

  2. He is chewing gum this very instant, smiling and laughing at himself in the pictures. There is no doubt this is the gift that keeps on giving! it's fun he loves it and I think it's pretty fun too!