Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caribbean Cruise!

Tanner and I just recently returned from a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Before I was married I went on 2 cruises, they were fun, but I think going on a cruise as a married person is much more fun! 

Last year we cruised the Mexican Riviera on Royal Caribbean. That cruise was a blast!! We loved every port and the boat had a lot of fun on-board activities as well.

This time we went on Holland America. Tanner had been on Holland America before and thought the food was the best, so we chose Holland America.

We enjoyed Holland America, but next time we will choose Royal Caribbean again. Holland America doesn't offer as many on-board activities. Holland America Line attracts - how do I say it--- well, old people.

In fact, there were so many old people (65 +) I came up with a clever list of how you know you are on the Holland America cruise line:

1. There are more scooters and walkers than children.
2. There are more children taking care of their parents than parents taking care of their children.
3. The comedians best jokes are about broken hips, empty nesters, and funerals.
4. There is no wedding chapel, but rather a 50-year anniversary room.
5. Tums and Alca seltzer are offered at the end of every buffet line.
6. Instead of a Midnight Snack at 12AM it's at 5:30PM (and breakfast is at 4AM).
7. Bingo is packed every night - Wii adventure rooms is - well, me and Tanner.
8. Instead of a vacation cruise it is a service opportunity for all the younger travelers. (I don't know how many times I helped a little old lady cross the gangway.)
9. The salon offers weekly perms.
10. The pools are empty - because the old ladies don't want to ruin the above mentioned perm. (Major plus!)

Haha, well not all those are exactly true, but I had fun making them up. I'm not ragging on Holland America - the service was wonderful, staff was friendly, and the ship was very nice, and actually I prefer a quieter boat. We just had a little too much time on it. .

For example, because of the Carnival cruise ship that lost power recently, regulations require that all ships have all generators in working condition. Well, our 3rd generator was broken - which I guess was no big deal, but better safe than sorry. So we sat in port until they fixed it. It was supposed to be ready 12 hours after we boarded, but ended up taking 36 hours! So we were in port for 2 days! They compensated us with 10% of what we paid in on board credit, but we missed our first port in the Grand Turks. :(

So, needless to say the first few days, were well - relaxing. I had a head cold and was grateful for all the rest I could get and a spa service!

Our first port then was Puerto Rico. We did a carriage ride around the city and toured a giant old fort. It was pretty cool. But nothing too special there.

It was funny, because the sides of the top of the carriage came down
so far it was hard to see anything!
At the fort.

Our next port was in the Caribbean at St. Martin, which is half French and half Dutch. I was able to speak a little French and get a crepe! That was a lot of fun. We went on a catamaran out to a natural reserve island which was apparently, also a nude beach - thanks French ladies for the cultural experience! We snorkeled and enjoyed the amazingly warm water! The catamaran ride was so much fun. I love love love the water and sailing on catamarans!

On the can tell it's winter at home! Whities!

I thought the front would be a good spot! I was right!
After. So glad the water was warm,
we were dunked about 12 more times!
Raising the mast

The final port was Holland America's private island in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful island where we enjoyed time with Stingrays, beach time, and beach volleyball with some other couples. I love volleyball and am actually quite good at it. I am now looking into joining a city league!

It was a great trip. Low-key, relaxing and a small dose of adventure. The food was fantastic - Tanner was right! If you haven't been on a cruise, the eating alone is worth it. You can order anything you want, as many times as you want! I thought more people would take advantage of that, but surprisingly they didn't. Tanner and I ordered multiple entrees every night, as well as all the desserts and appetizers!

People would laugh at us, but really I was was laughing at them. They were missing out! I didn't eat them all, but I wanted to sample everything. (I wish I had a picture of Lobster night! Tanner had 4 plates!) True, I did feel a little wasteful and glutenous, but hey, that's what cruises are made for, right?! ;)

Have you been on a cruise? What is your favorite cruise line and destination?


  1. Royal Caribbean is the best as far as quality. I've only been on the alaskan celebrity cruiseline. It was very very fun/nice. we... ok ok . I missed you at club night. Glad you had such a good trip! oh and love the new blog look!

  2. Anne you are such a good writer! It is so fun to read about all these amazing adventures we have together. Let's go on another trip soon!

  3. I agree that cruises are better for couples. If I went on one again I'd do the Disney cruise.