Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get the Look for Less!

Woohoo! Who loves finding a great deal?! I do! I do! Whether it's an item on sale or you find the same look for less - it is so exciting! I just recently found a few looks for less!

Here they are:

I saw this lovely coat at anthropologie.com and immediately put it on my wish list hoping that the price tag of $238 would go down...down...down...


Then one day my mom surprised me with this beauty! When I first saw it I thought she had purchased the one from Anthropologie! But it was just a look-alike. She found it at Target and knew I would love it! And it was only $60. Love this look...for less.

Target - Merona

The next one may not seem as exciting - but there is a part of me that thinks so....my feet!

Last year I bought a pair of UGG Coquette Slippers and they have served me well. So much so, that I wore them right down to the sole. No more fluff. :( Well, I new I had to replace them, but with a price tag of $99 I was going to wait until Christmas...

UGG Coquette
But then one day while in Costco...I laid my eyes on an identical pair - but they only cost $27! I am wearing them now and they are just as divine! Hooray!

Kirkland Coquette

What looks are you loving for less?

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