Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get the Look for Less!

Woohoo! Who loves finding a great deal?! I do! I do! Whether it's an item on sale or you find the same look for less - it is so exciting! I just recently found a few looks for less!

Here they are:

I saw this lovely coat at anthropologie.com and immediately put it on my wish list hoping that the price tag of $238 would go down...down...down...


Then one day my mom surprised me with this beauty! When I first saw it I thought she had purchased the one from Anthropologie! But it was just a look-alike. She found it at Target and knew I would love it! And it was only $60. Love this look...for less.

Target - Merona

The next one may not seem as exciting - but there is a part of me that thinks so....my feet!

Last year I bought a pair of UGG Coquette Slippers and they have served me well. So much so, that I wore them right down to the sole. No more fluff. :( Well, I new I had to replace them, but with a price tag of $99 I was going to wait until Christmas...

UGG Coquette
But then one day while in Costco...I laid my eyes on an identical pair - but they only cost $27! I am wearing them now and they are just as divine! Hooray!

Kirkland Coquette

What looks are you loving for less?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am thankful. Part 2.

My first post was getting a little long so I am going to finish up here. Please feel free to add your thankfuls here or on the first post. Go here to see what this is all about.

368. The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
369. Bestie ten Boom's amazing example of giving thanks for all things (even fleas)
370. BYU Basketball games
371. My vocal teacher, Barbara
372. My new coat from Anthropologie
373. Homemade Pumpkin Pie with real pumpkins
374. Fruit leather
378. Larabars
379. Conversion in Christ
380. The power of Christ to do all things
381. Crunchy foods
382. Hot glue guns
383. wool tights
384. Score Mobile app
385. Brighton Ski Resort
386. Christmas lights
387. The Gospels
388. Faith
389. Charity
390. Credit Cards
391. Finding money in places you didn't know you left it
392. taking a hot bath after snowboarding all day
393. Jibbin' rails on the snowboard - and the courage to do it
394. Fresh powder
395. Tulips
396. Paper
397. Printers
398. Disneyland and DisneyWorld
399. Glass
400. Mirrors
401. Tweezers
402. Life Centre pool with bubble
403. Automatic doors when my hands are full
404. Shopping Carts
405. Nice Government workers
406. The new salt solution - so I don't have to swim in chlorine
407. Stuffing
408. Pecan Pie
409. True to the Faith booklet
410. The Strength of the Youth pamphlet
411. Service opportunities
412. Not having to shovel my driveway - thanks, Tanner
413. Mom's rolls
414. my wedding ring!
415. Tanner's wedding ring
416. bras
417. freckles
418. Harry Potter 7
419. J.K. Rowling
420. pianos
421. Violins
423. Roller coasters
424. Talking with Jenny on the phone
425. Rod Works
426. newspapers
427. the childlike feeling I get when I walk into Disneyland
428. Believing in Santa Claus
429. Crunchy chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies
430. Sucanat
431. Whole wheat
432. Kefir
435. Flax seed oil
436. Tampons
437. cleanses
438. remote controls
429. Nothing Bundt Cakes
430. Forever 21
431. Online shopping
432. ottomans
433. Our TV stand that has been in the family for 29 years
434. Good paint jobs
435. Pedicures
436. Manicures
437. Volleyball
438. Beaches
439. towels
440. Grabber hand warmers
441. Grabber screws
442. Impact Photographics
443. Type 1's
444. Type 2's
445. Type 3's
446. Type 4's
447. Hawaii
448. That Tanner and I never yell at each other or fight
449. That Tanner supports me in whatever I want to do
450. That I support Tanner in his sport's interests
452. Seth's voice
453. Baby Emma's sweet hair and cheeks
454. Finding out what someone is going to name their baby
455. Laren Lowder
456. Lacie Gregson
457. Cole Crowther and Tyler Wall in Lyulin
458. BILLA
459. Nail clippers
460. Finger nails
461. faceinhole.com
462. high lights in my hair
463. Tanner's gray hairs
464. Waking up to Tanner right next to me!
465. Trip to Thailand
466. Going to Japan at age 13
467. My trip to Brazil
468. That I got my Passport in 2 hours!
469. crying
470. Brian Regan
471. Sneezing
472. being sick and healing
473. being healthy
474. That I can move so quickly
475. my memory
476. My brain
477. muscles
478. quiet
479. quilts
480. Baby smell
481. funny stuff on failblog.org
482. English accents
483. The idea of being a mom someday!
484. our Pottery Barn dishes
485. Free shipping
486. O Holy Night
487. Mariah Carey Christmas CD
488. that candy and sugar doesn't taste very good to me anymore
489. Preach My Gospel
490. Duner Kebabs
491. Crispy, crunchy fries
492. My big claw clip for my hair
493. Hanging out with friends
494. When Tanner sings to/for/about me
495. Tanner's sense of humor
496. That Tanner served a mission
497. Bloopers
498. My heart
499. my body
500. My eternal family - me and Tanner!

Hooray! I made it! I am truly so blessed and have so much for which to be thankful! I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for all of my many blessings!

List your thankfuls here or here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Game Day Shirt (Creation #3)

It's that time of year (and has been for awhile, this post is long overdue). Football time! Before I married Tanner I had always enjoyed watching sports, but didn't do it much. Now that has all changed! I am a budding sports pro and have really gotten into College Football and Soccer (loved the World Cup!).

But there's just one little problem - how do you be a sport's fan and look cute at the same time?! Okay, that's a BIG problem. ;) I have done my share of dressing up for the games, but looking like a blue and white Oompa Loompa every week is just too much to ask.

Ready for the big game against FSU - uh, we lost.

If you go into any university's bookstore there will be plenty of team paraphernalia to choose from, but most the stuff just doesn't jive with me... It's pink when the team colors aren't (I don't know how pink snuck into the blue and white line-up), or it is a crew-neck tee (which I do not prefer), or it doesn't fit right, or it's too girly-girly, or it's too manly... You see the problem? So I did what any DIY-er would do and took looking cute into my own hands.

This is the jersey I wore last year - I know, bad. At least the team was doing well enough that I forgot about looking cute.

Boxy, manly and just plain ugly!

And this is how I look now! A stunning after shot! And I'm even Dressing My Truth!

Mission Cute: accomplished

Want to make your own Game Day Shirt?! Here is how I did it:

I got the basic idea here.

I cut up a gray cotton tee for the ruffles, then shaped them in a Y and sewed them on! Easy as that.

Here are some more fun things I have made for Game Days:

I had some tiny BYU earrings, but I like big earrings, so I stepped it up a notch.

I used floral tape to add some team colored feathers to a regular headband

Here's to the days of looking cute on the playing field! Go Cougars!

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pssst...I have a secret.

No, I'm not pregnant. 

The secret is... I started singing lessons! It's sort of a big deal to me, because my sister Jenny has always been the singer in the family (she majored in Vocal Performance and is really good!) and I felt like that left no room for me to be a singer too. I have memories of wanting to sing and be good at it only to be made fun by my brothers or told that I can't sing by other family members. 

Those memories may have become exaggerated over the years, but whether or not it really happened that way, I felt like no one wanted to hear me sing, and have felt that way for a very long time. Yet, I have always know that I can carry a tune and that I do have a pretty voice, I just need a little practice and training. It has been on my mind lately, so I took some action and found a voice teacher in classifieds. I have been taking lessons for about 5 weeks now and I am making great progress. 

Tanner, of course, was the first to know. Then I confided in my sister Jenny. She was so excited for me and encouraged me to keep at it. (She was always the one throughout the years that wanted to hear me sing! Thanks, Jenny.) Then after a few weeks more I told my parents - and they were excited too! That made me so happy. I then spilled the beans to the rest of the family and will be inviting them all to my Christmas Recital!

It's so funny that it is such a big deal to me, but as mentioned - there are a lot of sensitive feelings around this topic. During my first lesson I almost burst into tears when I started singing - it was like I was letting my voice be heard for the first time and I didn't care if anyone didn't want to hear. I wanted to sing and I was going to - like it or not! As I continue to practice my voice gets louder and stronger (which I believe goes hand in hand with me getting over the issue of not being heard - and my own voice/opinions/ideas becoming louder and stronger.) Even as I write this I feel my singing lessons are more than just singing lessons - I am facing a longtime challenge and also some fears that I am ready to overcome.

I have had a few musical opportunities in the past, but this is the first time I have felt like I can really do it - and really want to.

I was in plays as a young girl - Tinker-bell in Peter Pan, a hobo in Annie, and best of all -  a Horse - Lead Horse that is! in Ciderella. My sister was the Fairy Godmother and did a fantastic job - but can you image the little bit of shame I must have felt dressed up as a horse next to my amazingly talented lead-star sister?! 

Me and the fellow horses. I wish I could get my hands on
that crushed white velvet one-piece again - so sexy! 
Jenny in the pink! Beautiful.
Check out my hand placement and perfectly pointed toe - no wonder I was lead horse!

Fast forward 9 years and I am on my mission as a member of the Ambassadors Traveling Choir. Well, if I can't (couldn't) sing, how did I land that job? Well, one of the other girls (great singer) didn't get her Visa to come to Bulgaria on time; and my companion at the time got sick and had to go home. So I got put into the choir. It was definitely the highlight of my mission! We traveled all over Bulgaria and sang for hundreds of Bulgarians. It was an amazing opportunity to share our beliefs through music. The other 7 members of the choir were really musically talented - so, I was named the MC. And, once again, can you imagine how unmusical and insignificant I felt when matched up with these pros? But, God had a plan. I was designated as the one to close the program by sharing my personal testimony of Jesus Christ every time in every city for 2 months. It was awesome! But when it came to singing - I was the odd woman out.

Check out one of my songs - Build Me Up Buttercup. I did have a lot of fun singing this one - since it was a playful song and I was more backup. (You can hardly hear me - proof that I was embarrassed to sing.)

The Ambassadors (Посланиците)
Singing on the streets and passing out invites to the concert
Doing my MC thing!
The whole group.
(During the Summer there are miles and miles of sunflowers in Bulgaria!)
Our tour bus!

So, I am turning a new leaf and I am thrilled about it! Not to say it is coming easy and I am ready to be America's next Idol - but I am doing something that I have wanted to do for a long time and getting better at it. Singing is challenging, but so rewarding when I get it right and hear my improvements. I am so grateful for this opportunity and for the support and encouragement I am receiving! I look forward to learning and growing and letting my voice be heard! la la la...

Lettin' my voice be heard, baby!