Friday, October 1, 2010

To DYE For.

I love dyeing clothes! Not many know that it is an option. Whenever I buy dye at the craft store the check-out lady asks me if I am going to tie-dye something. Ha. I don't think so. Not really my thing.

So, this may be new to you!

Dyeing gives you so many options. For example, if an item fits great, is a great price, but the color isn't my Type 2 Tones - I buy it knowing I will dye it. and it will be perfect! Then it's one-of-a-kind!

I was first introduced to the world of dyeing when I learned Dressing Your Truth. In this system I am a Type 2 and wear Tones (grayed colors). So if something wasn't right - I just dyed it!

Here is what I dyed recently:

You may remember these little beauties from my jean post. Now they are perfect!!!

I bought this shirt at TJ Maxx for $10, I love the ruffles, but it was too bright for me, so I just added a little Pearl Grey and Voila!
Bought these at Plato's Closet for $13 (well they were free after I traded some stuff!).
Love the fit, but again, too bright. I used the recipe Plum from the Dressing Your Truth recipes, but it was too rich (more of a Type 3 purple) so...
I soaked them in more Pearl Grey for 30 minutes.
Just right! I wore them last night and got all sorts of compliments.
*Note: Thread does not dye, it is synthetic.
But I kind of like that it doesn't dye, so I can show people what color it used to be
and they are always shocked!

Dyed this swimsuit this summer! Love it!
You can dye in your sink, a pot, a tub, or your washer. The sink is easiest for me.
(Notice our farm fresh eggs!)

I am so pleased with my results! I have great success dyeing things for me - but for some reason I can never successfully dye Tanner's clothes! The same day I dyed 5 white shirts that I was sure would be great additions to his wardrobe, but alas, they looked like poorly done Easter eggs - speckled and blotchy. Yikes. Well, I guess now he has some good Type 3 work shirts! 

I wish I had a picture of my hands after a day of dyeing. They are alien-like - green, blue, purple! Every time I start dyeing I regret not having gloves (and a gas mask - I have rainbow colored snot for a good day after too).

I primarily use RIT Dye. They have loads of colors and recipes on their site. If you haven't tried dyeing - go for it! Let me know of your successes!


  1. Anne, I appreciate your post. You have inspired me to dye some of my clothes red, which is my favorite color to wear. You are right colors matter a lot, way to take control of the colors in your life:)

  2. Thank you! Be sure to share your successes!

  3. You should check out! i think you would enjoy it. It teaches you which kinds of red and other colors are your very best to express your true nature on your outward appearance. And it goes beyond color - it teaches design line, texture, pattern, hair do's, makeup, etc. It's great!

  4. Anne, we on the DYT Forum would love for you to participate. We had a couple of great discussion threads on dyeing there. Kristine, Michelle, and I posted photos of our successes.

    I love iDye so much better than Rit! Since I am T3, you might want to check that out for Tanner.


  5. Hi,

    I've had mixed results. I bleached grey color out of a pair of corduroy pants and soaked them and a couple of shirts in tan RIT dye. GREAT success. Perfect.

    Then, I tried dying a cotton nice type of T-shirt and a button front, with collar dress shirt in the "Rich Purple" for Type 3. One shirt was a HUGE mess. Think it's b/c of too many chemicals in the fabric to make the 100% cotton dress shirt more 'stiff'...

    The nice type of T-shirt, came out great in the front. On the back, there is a circular spot that looks like a water spot and some "reddish streaking". Aack. That was disappointing.

    I'm going to try this same dye color with iDYE when it comes in and compare.

    Do you prewash or wash afterward with anything to "set" your colors?? Just curious as to what commonalities there might be between people's success or "sob" stories. ;-)

    I'm thinking I may not have had the mixture mixed as well as I thought. Not quitting. It's fun. Like all things..takes some practice.

  6. Dharma trading company has some great fiber acid dyes in a huge array of colors and some neat circular scarves that you would pay 12 dollars for in the clothing department.

    I like to dye an entire batch so my pants and shirts and scarves match.

    Lori Gombart

  7. Anne, I've just become involved in Dressing Your Truth, and so this post struck me as brilliant. There are tons of things that I love but the colors aren't quite right. So, I'm now considering doctoring a too-bright shirt like you did in your post, but I'm very nervous and I was wondering, how long did you soak it for? You are awesome and a total inspiration, by the way. :)

    Erica Moore

  8. @ Erica, I soaked my items anywhere from 5-30 min. I would just keep an eye on it and take it out when it looked done.

    You could also ask on the forum for more dyeing tips - they will have lots!

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. Do you only soak or do you stir once in a while also?

  10. I am a type 1 and I have a moby wrap that I believe is type 4 orange. Is there a way to turn it into a type one orange?