Saturday, October 23, 2010

Take Me Home, Country Roads the place I belong. West Virginia. Mountain Momma. Take me home, country roads.

I just got back from an amazing 6 days with my wonderful sister and her family. Jenny is my only sister and is so special to me! We had such a good time being together.

Jenny and her boys (Tony, Seth and Joseph) live in Morgantown, West Virginia where Tony is doing his Opthmology residency at a local hospital. They will be there for 3 more years. Seth is 3 and Joseph is 15 months. I love these little boys with all my heart. There is something really special about your own sister's kids. They are very very dear to me.

Tanner didn't come with me on this trip, just me, just sisters.

This post will be a lot of pictures. You know how it is when you are with kids (especially not having any of my own), everything they do is soooo cute and must be documented.

I arrived on Thursday morning after taking the red-eye (not fun) and that night we headed out for some camping down in the country. I sat between the 2 car seats for the whole "1.5 hour" drive (that's what Tony said it would was really 3 hours). But, no hard feelings, I was just happy to be with the family.

Nice and cozy!

Camping was so much fun. The first night and day was rainy and a little cold, but Saturday was so nice and sunny. I was so amazed by all the trees, being a desert girl myself.

Our little tent with our cozy bunk beds.
Annie Bannie and Sethie Bethie. (Seth thinks that is hilarious.) 

Beautiful Fall Colors.

Again, amazed at how fast stuff grows here.

The Little Troopers. They were so good all weekend.

Seth and his sticks. We were pretend hunters looking for Tigers. 

It's so wet here mushrooms grow on trees!

That night we enjoyed a local band and some local eats (worst baked beans I've ever had...)

The main reason we went camping was to attend Bridge Day, an annual festival that features people jumping off a 900-foot bridge and parachuting into the river or to the shore. There were over 500 jumpers and each jumped at least twice. Needless to say, there was plenty of entertainment all day long! We watched the jumpers from the bottom by the river and then went to the top of the bridge and watched them do flips and twirls off the top. The whole idea is pretty bizarre, but it was really cool!

On our way to the bridge. Swinging Seth in the air. I wish I could still do that.
We were planning on walking a lot, but some friendly people picked us up in the bus!
West Virginians are such nice folk!
New River Gorge Bridge
This guy is from Kansas. People came from all over to watch and jump.

The top! They can jump off the diving board or the ledge.
(The red cage is for photographers.)

Bombs Away!!!

Jenny got hit in the face by a leaf. This is our re-enactment.

After Bridge Day was over we headed back to Morgantown. The rest of the trip was just family time. Seth and I went to the park with "BearCuddly." We went to the rec center for some swimming, Jenny took me on the grand tour of downtown Morgantown (which took about 3 minutes), I had lots of play time with the boys, and we finished it up with some shopping in Pittsburgh.

Seth got in this big bag and I would zip it up and take him around the house
and he would have to guess where we were. It was so much fun!

Seth was so excited to show me his costume collection.
This year for Halloween he is going to be the dinosaur.
Such a snuggly little guy! 

Joseph loves to move!
It was hard to get a still shot of him.
Joseph's Halloween costume.

Morgantown is really nice. It reminds me of Logan, Utah (where I attended Utah State University). It has a nice cozy feeling, lots of college kids, big trees and not a lot of nice buildings. The people are so friendly as well - a stark contrast to the city folk of Pittsburgh (rude lady, mean cop).

It was a such a wonderful trip! I love Jenny so much! She is so kind and encouraging to all. I appreciate her sense of humor and desire to live righteously. She is an amazing person and sister. She has always been there to lift me up and make me laugh. I love you, Jenny!


  1. Fun trip!!! Loved the pics! Love the Allens!!

  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful family and beautiful love between sisters!

  3. What a great trip you had!! Awesome photos you took too!

  4. I recognize the travel bag in that last picture. What cute nephews. glad you had a fun trip!

  5. so weird. i just got back from west virginia on friday. i was in lewisburg visiting my bestie too! her husband is in med school there. crazy. we always travel to the same places...

  6. Anne this is an amazing post! Man, what good times we had so many fun memories. Thanks for doing such an amazing job with this post. We love you and miss you and Tanner so much!