Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shoe Makeover (creation #2)

Like most women, I love shoes. I especially love fun, funky, colorful shoes. Some of my favorites pairs of shoes are green, purple, pink and my red boots!

I think shoes can kick-up any outfit! But beware, they can also kick-down any outfit. (Kick-down? is that a word?) Anyways, if you are a Dressing Your Truth Club Member (if you aren't you should be!) you have heard the "shoe lecture" from Carol. She says NO! on the white sneakers - even for travel. And come on, there are plenty of shoes out there that are cute and comfortable. So I agree with her. Although, one time in New York I did wear my white sneakers out and about! Oh the shame.

Really, I'm exaggerating a little bit about that. But not about my love for shoes, and definitely not about my love of all things DIY and ruffles.

So here goes - Creation #2: The Shoe Makeover

Shoe #1

I fell in love with these shoes on They go for $198. I was waiting for them to go on sale when I got my own idea...


I bought these shoes at Forever Young about a year ago for $17. I don't wear them very much. I like the color, but they were missing something. Well, I fixed that.

I bought 1/4 yard of fabric that does not fray at JoAnn's for $1.17 and cut 2, 2 inch strips and 6, 1 inch strips. I then made them into ruffly strips.

Then I just hot glued them on!

Pretty sweet, I think! Especially for $18.17!

Shoe #2

I saw these awesome boots at Antrhopologie (that store just knows how to do it).  My creation isn't too similar but I liked the idea of adding ruffles (of course). These babies are going for $258.

I bought these boots last winter for $22, but never wore them much. So I thought I'd try something out.

I cut 1 inch strips of 3 different fabrics, pulled the thread to create ruffles, and again just glued them on.

They still aren't my most fave, but I think they have potential and would look really cute with a skirt.

Success? I think so!

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  1. Way to go Anne! That's amazing. I need to come spend an afternoon w you and just learn! I love anthro too... My wishlist there keeps growing (litteraly) but my bank account is not! AH!

  2. OMGOsh!! Those are really freakin' fabulous! You did a great job!

  3. Hey! I need suchlike makeover for my booties. Thank you!

  4. I think DH and I are still getting attuned to the idea of ruffles. Understanding how movement and energy fits in with it is helping out a ton!

  5. I think I really like your boots! You could do that and sell type 2 clothes in your store! Maybe you already do...heh heh