Sunday, October 3, 2010

my BIRTHDAY extravaganza!!!

Wowwy! Boy, oh boy, I am a lucky lady! I had the best birthday ever. Thanks to all my great family and friends for making me feel so special.

I love birthdays and ever since my 14th birthday I have always made a big deal about mine! Story goes: On my 14th birthday none of my friends wished me happy birthday, or even knew it was my special day. I wasn't too excited about the presents I got and I felt overlooked.  I expressed this to my mom and she said, "Well you have to tell people it's your birthday. They won't just know it if you don't say anything." And we also decided it was a good idea to create a list of the gifts you would like to receive, prior to your birthday so people have an idea of what to get you. (This is a tradition that still holds in our family. My little brother Mark creates his list on an Excel sheet!).

So from that day on, I always was sure to tell people my birthday was just around the corner. I think it's more fun that way, when everyone can join in on the celebration. It's the one day out of the year that is all about you - well, in my case, this year it was 3 days! Even better!

Day 1 - Friday, September 24th:

I worked until 4PM that day and when I came home Tanner had cleaned the garage! This was something we were going to do before winter set in, so you can imagine my joy and excitement when it was all done!!!

Then we headed out for a night full of surprises. First, Tanner surprised me with a couple's massage at Massage Envy! I love massages, so it was great. Then we went to dinner at a new restaurant in Provo called La Jolla Groves. It was sooooo tasty! If you go there get the Potato Leek Soup and the Salmon - sooo good!!! I love yummy and nutritious food, so the date was going great so far!

After dinner Tanner surprised me again with a moonlit ski lift ride at Sundance Resort up Provo Canyon. I love the outdoors, so yet, again it was perfect!

It was a magical evening!

Me and my sweetie.

The inside is decorated like a Lemon Grove.
The Salmon - so good!
Chicken Stuffed Crepes. Yum! 
Getting ready to load the lift.

Day 2 - Saturday, September 25th:

I slept in and woke up to breakfast in bed (aka Green Smoothie). Then we headed to "Brown Town" for my party with the Browns. My sweet sister-in-law, McKinley, decorated all in purple and made a delicious meal just how I like it - simple and healthy. We dined on Potato Soup, a delicious salad and HOMEMADE Red Mango! was all so good. I felt like a queen! And of course, a queen needs her crown. Well, McKinley knew that. She made the most wonderful and beautiful crown! I wore it all day and the next!!! (Thank you, McKinley!) See pictures below.

The surprises just kept coming!!! All morning a strange telephone number from South Carolina kept calling me. I didn't answer the first 4 times thinking it might be one of our vendors and I didn't feel like taking any business calls on my birthday. Well, my phone rang a 5th time and I finally decided to answer.

"Hello?" I said.
"Bonjour!" said a friendly voice on the other side, and then without missing a beat the voice bust into Happy Birthday to You in French!

I was a little taken back! Could this be one of my dear french friends? My french teacher from the summer classes I took?! No. Who is this?

After a lot of guesses rolled through my mind the lady introduce herself as Catherine.  She then explained that my brother Chris and his wife, Sarah, hired her to call me to sing a birthday greeting en fran├žais. Speaking only in French she and I had a nice conversation and she ended with a traditional French birthday song. It was lovely! I love France and all things French - it was a perfect gift! (Side note: They found her on Very interesting website - check it out.)

After lunch and cooling down a bit from the unexpected French call, Tanner got everyone together to play a game all about me. He had gathered from everyone reasons why they love me. He read each one aloud and I had to guess who's it was. It was so fun and very special to hear why I am loved.

One of my favorites was from my 3-yo niece Sofia: "I like the games she plays with me and the stories she tells and one time she gave me cheese."

So, feeling like a million bucks we headed out to the BYU game - hoping for a victory. Well, we lost. That's all I'll say about that. But luckily we came home to see Real Salt Lake score a great goal in the 92nd minute to tie the game! That lifted our spirits.

We finished off the great day by watching Les Miserables. Wonderful!

Blowing out the candles with all the kiddos
Yes, I wore my crown to the game! 

Isn't it amazing?!

Day 3 - Sunday, September 26th (my official day of birth):

Again, I slept in. Then we went to church where the sweet children sang me Happy Birthday.

That evening all of my family gathered for dinner, games and gifts. My mom made a delicious dinner that we all enjoyed and then we played our favorite game of Charades.

I opened my gifts and afterwards my brother laughed and said, "You're easy to please." I was holding some of my gifts - a white foam roller and trays for a dehydrator. Not very exciting to the eye of the beholder, but just what I wanted and exciting to me!

It was a fabulous weekend of celebration! Thank you again to everyone who made it so special. Especially to my sweet and dear husband, Tanner. You are the best!

All ready for a party! 

The birthday hat my mom and I brought all the way back from Disney Paris.
Mickey sings to you. The traditional birthday plate and cup.
Pretty easy to please, I guess.
The foam is for rolling out tight muscles, incase you're wondering. 
Not sure if I am going to blow out the candle or bite it.

This is going to be the best year of my life! (Oh, btw, I turned 25.)

for all of the birthday wishes!


  1. Wow Anne, good thing I told you to speak up when you were 14, that was so Type 3 of me when I didn't even know it back then! You are one of my greatest gifts and it's an honor having you as my daughter. Love you mom

  2. I'm glad you had such a fun 3-day birthday celebration!! Your crown is amazing!

  3. ~ We have a tradition of making lists for birthdays and Christmas as well. My Mom started it when we were small children, and we have kept it going every since. I am 29, and my Mom will still send me an e-mail about two months before my birthday to ask for my list. I love our tradition. It is always fun to think about what I want, and I am always guaranteed to get what I want. I am not too keen on taking things back to a store, so the list is perfect for me.

    ~ I love the restaurant that looks like a lemon grove inside. We have a restaurant, that is about 1.5 hours away from us, that has the inside decorated as well. Their's is decorated to look like an Italian village at night. They ceiling is painted a dark color to look like it's night time, the trees all have twinkle lights on them, there is a mock-Italian wall fountain that children love to throw pennies in, they even have all of the walls painted to look like the outside of old, Italian homes. It is absolutely beautiful (and the food it amazing). I eat there for my birthday every year.