Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 things you wouldn't expect from me...

As a Type 2 Subtle, Soft woman there are things that I do in my life that you probably wouldn't expect.

The Type 2 Woman is described as the following:

"Type 2 Energy is an introvert expression, moving in a subtle and connected flow to create in this world. As a Type 2, you express a medium to medium-low movement. You move through life in a naturally subdued, calming, flowing movement. Other keywords that describe the movement of this energy in a dominant Type 2 woman are: blended, soft, steady, easy-going, relaxed, connected, nurturing, comforting, warm and detail-oriented."

(Taken from Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile, by Carol Tuttle, pg. 89.)

That is me! I am definitely a soft, subtle woman. For proof go here. But in no way does that mean I am boring or weak! (Let that be a lesson to my fellow Type 2's.)

Then there are things that I do that wouldn't seem to fit under the description of the Type 2. But it's me! That's the beautiful thing about Energy Profiling - it's helps me understand my true nature, but also allows me to be me as the unique person that I am! I have permission to be me in all aspects of my life!

(Also, I think the my secondary Type 3 nature definitely gives me a feisty side! And is the influence on the list below.)

1. Honk at people who don't notice the green light.
2. Go dancing! I love to get my groove on.
3. Dress up for nearly every holiday (especially Halloween!!!)
4. Pick my fruit with out looking at the quality of it. (Bruises, scratches? Oops, didn't notice.)
5. Tell naughty jokes at bridal showers.
6. Yell at referees and athletes (in a deep "man" voice).
7. Shamelessly return things without the receipt or box. (Got over $300 in cash from Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards.)

So, this is for my Type 2 friends that sometimes start to think Type 2's are boring and uninteresting. Au contaire! Just look at me! I'm amazing. Haha, just kidding. But really we all are amazing in our own unique way.

What are some things that you do that don't fit the "classic" description of each Type?

Don't know your Type? Go here to find out.


  1. Hi, Anne! I (type 2) also love to go dancing, to dress up for all the holidays, to decorate for them, as well, and to tell naughty jokes at times.

    I am deciding between 1 and 4 for my secondary type. Probably either one could account for the shared items from your list.

    And you're right ~ we ARE awesome!!


  2. - I also woop or holler at games.
    - Love to get my groove on too!
    - start lots of projects and try out new interests and ideas all the time (I had a type 1 mom who taught me to believe in and make possibilities happen)
    - fret over not having the receipt to return something or not knowing the return policy but don't let that stop me,..I at least try to return it.
    - love to spontaneously go out and do things!
    - bought dressing your truth beauty expert course the same day I finally convinced myself to buy the beauty profile course after only 3 weeks of scouring the web for more details and talking myself up to spending the "outrageously expensive" 40$ for the typing course. I had an extra time-sensitive unexpected discount and I didn't want to lose the good deal! I decided to just go for it because I knew deep down I was going to eventually convince myself to anyway and I didn't want to pay more for it by waiting until I was comfortable with spending that money. I haven't looked back since and so glad I went for it!

  3. On that last one. I had 2 weeks to use the extra discount but I decided the first day. That's the type 3 influence I think to get it done. I also think it's so type 2 of us to believe these subtle variations in our personality obviously do not belong to our type... :) I think it could be argued that even in our secondary influences and quirks we're still very type 2 about it. lol. That's probably exactly your point though right Anne? That our variations are part of us and what make us awesome! That's the same reason I love this.

  4. Anne, I love your blog! I read it everyday! I am a type 2, secondary 4 but I make lists and cross things off like a type 3 and I like a lot of variety in my life like a type 1. I do zumba at the gym for exercise and I definately don't feel soft and subtle when I'm bustin that kind of move! :) I am soooo a type 2 but it is fun for me to find subtle ways that all the energy types play in to my personality.

  5. Hi Anne, I'm a type 2, secondary 4, a very recent discovery that has made a lot of sense in my life and helped me realize that there's nothing wrong with me! Yay! It's only taken me 53 years to figure that out. So, it's okay to be quieter and introverted, but as you say, I'm definitely not boring. What I do find is that, quite often, people don't know what to do with me because I won't say much when we first meet. Once I get to know someone and think I can trust them, it's all good. But sometimes that takes awhile. Now I'd like to convince my family and friends that this is definitely the way to go! Right now, I'll be subtle about it--that's generally how I operate anyway as a T2. :) Thanks for everything you and your family do.

  6. I am so very opinionated, and I didn't really feel like this was T2. I also enjoy public speaking, singing, and am a comment-aholic in group settings. Although, at a party, I sit back and take it all in for a very long time, usually i don't go out of my way to mingle. I seem to have an opinion about everything... I think that is my secondary T4 coming out in me. I don't feel very soft and subtle, but discovering my T2ness has resonated with me so much! I think only my husband wasn't surprised by me being a T2. I feel I have over compensated for feeling like I wasn't heard by getting louder. When that didn't work out, I started to "set a quiet example" and over the years, I find that people actually seek me out for answers to questions. I don't think anyone would say I am boring! I am quite the unique person!


  7. Yay! I'm so happy to read this! You sound like such a fun type 2! I love dancing also and don't always find the defects in fruit as well. However, I will say that when I have gone dancing and do go still, it is about connecting with people for me. Even though I tell myself that I'm going to just have fun, if I don't connect with a few people then I feel really sad about how the night went!

  8. Oh, and the way you blog is just like my blog! All the details, whole story, questions throughout, etc!

  9. My Non-Type Two Tendencies
    1. I hoop and holler at sports games
    2. I love dancing (but unfortunately I am dating someone that does not enjoy it and thinks it is silly).
    3. I enjoy trying new foods and beverages. You never know what might be your favorite.
    4. When I am comfortable around people, I love to channel my inner-Type One and make them laugh. I have no problem embarrassing myself to make them laugh or feel better.

    My Secondary 1 makes me more playful and lightens up my more subdued and muted Type Two-ness.

  10. Oh... I love the holidays and I love decorating for them. Christmas is my favorite, and I go Christmas-Crazy.
    And I love decorating for people's birthdays. My mom always made our b-days so special that I carry on that tradition for friends and family. For my boyfriend's birthday, I decorated his whole duplex with Happy Birthday items, I used dry erase markers to write Birthday messages on his mirrors, and I made him a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (he Loves cream cheese frosting). We have ben together for almost 3 years. When he saw the decorations and the cake, he said "I have never told you this but I love that you do all of this for my birthday each year. I love the decorations, the presents, and the homemade cake." This touched my heart so much. Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry. My Type Two and Secondary One were really touched.

  11. Hello, Anne. I just found your blog and really enjoyed reading the old posts. It's like 4 years too late but I thought I would still comment. I think I am type 2, but I am sometimes very swift in my actions like type 3, like to skip pages and paragraphs just to get to the point. I am still trying to figure out for sure what secondary type I am, but the book and course made a big difference in my life and understanding my family and friends! I just made peace with their nature and I got so much easier to communicate with everyone. Love your blog!

  12. Love your blog! How did you figure out your secondary type? I'm not sure if I'm a secondary 3 or 1.

  13. Jenny, there are some great videos on TheCarolBlog.com that can help... 2/1 combo: http://thecarolblog.com/how-to-embrace-your-one-two-two-one-energy-profiling-combo/
    2/3 combo: http://thecarolblog.com/how-to-love-your-three-two-energy-combo/

  14. Anne, I just discovered your wonderful blog and this older but very relevant post. I'm a great fan of Dressing Your Truth - been DYTing for 3 years. I typed myself as a 2 from the original Energy Profiling course and never looked back. I'm amazed at how accurately EP predicts so much of my behavior. At the same time, I've got a high energy side and SO appreciate all the fun and rock on examples you gave to show that as humans we are complex and multi-faceted. I walk fast, drive fast, love to dance, sing, and clap at church, enjoy letting my crazy, silly side come out (with the right close friends) and I'll be starting martial arts lessons soon. When I'm in balance,I flow through life (my primary) but in a quick and efficient way (my secondary) with downtime to rest. Not with a push but with a rapid flow.