Sunday, October 31, 2010

I am thankful.

Every year since I can remember, it has been a family tradition starting on November 1st to write 1,000 things we are thankful for by Thanksgiving day.

We had a lot of fun doing this as a family. Often times during the month of November we would pass each other sitting at the counter hunched over the family journal writing a few things here and there. As time was getting short and we were falling behind, lists of the States, countries, and past presidents would pop up. (So much to be grateful for!) We would always invite friends and family visiting to contribute as well.

I have always loved this tradition! 1,000 is a lot - even when you have 7 people, plus friends contributing. Writing my thankfuls down always gave me an opportunity to reflect on all my blessings! I took this tradition with me to college and even with me on my mission. (While in the Missionary Training Center me and the other 12 missionaries in my group wrote over 2,000 thankfuls in just 3 weeks. It was so much fun.)

I usually buy a cheap notebook to record my thankfuls, but I thought this year I would record them here, online, with you!

So, as tradition would have it, I invite you and yours to add anything you are thankful for. My goal is to reach 1,000 - I will write 500 and with you making up the other 500.  (Wow! On the first day you guys reached the goal! Way to go. Well, just keep posting. Let's see how many we can get!)

Rules and Guidelines:
1. You can post whatever you are thankful for.
2. You can't repeat yourself, but you can repeat what others have already written if that is something for which you are truly grateful.
3. You can add some now and add some later - come back whenever you are feeling thankful.
4. Be creative! (I love to write old memories I am thankful for - and then to reminisce on the good times.)
*5. Number your thankfuls - start off from where the last person left.
6. There will be a Grand Prize for the most thankful poster (person with the most items listed).
7. If we get 1,000 thankfuls posted I will do a happy dance and post it on my blog.

Okay, here it goes!!!
(in no particular order - just whatever pops into my head.)

1. Christian Tanner Brown
2. Heavenly Father
3. Jesus Christ
4. My mom
5. My dad
6. Jenny
7. Chris - he's just an awesome guy!
8. Mark
9. Mario
10. warm showers
11. toilets
12. my Subaru
13. TV
14. my laptop
15. fast internet connections
16. sleeping in
17. my intelligel bed
18. my blend-tec total blender
19. bed intruder song (that's from Tanner)
20. my mission
21. The beautiful mountains outside my window
22. Seth
23. Joseph
24. electricity
25. apples
26. Green Smoothies
27. lucky numbers (27 is mine)
28. Grandma Judy
29. Granmarne
30. Grandpa Tuttle
31. Grandpa Wagner
32. Hawaii
33. my iPhone
34. Ticket to Ride - Europe Version
35. UNO
36. Lake Powell
37. Boating
38. Basking in the sunlight
39. Fall
40. Summer
41. Spring
42. Christmas time
43. Dance parties
44. Weddings
45. Flowers
46. Lavender
47. Oranges
48. Essential Oils
49. T-Tapp
50. Down Comforters
51. Washing machines
52. Really good vacuums
53. Hot tubs
54. Tooth brushes
55. Airplanes
56. Vacations
57. Family time
58. Marcy Brown and her optimistic look on everything
59. Roy Brown and his determination
60. Jenner Brown and his vast treasure chest of knowledge
61. Anna K. Findley and her awesomeness
62. Kent Findley and how nice is always is to me
63. McKinley Brown and her genius mind at creating things
64. Ali Brown and her smile
65. Tyler Brown and his weird sense of humor
66. Max Findley
67. Luke
68. Ryder
69. Sofia
70. Eli
71. Cute little Jack
72. Sweet baby Emma
73. Sara Vane (who connected me with Tanner!!)
74. Jake Vane and his righteous example
75. Gordon B. Hinckley
76. Latter-day Prophets and apostles
77. Thomas S. Monson
78. Deiter F. Uchtdorf
79. Dressing Your Truth
80. Working in a family company
81. Being able to work from home
82. Understanding my true nature
83. all my wonderful clothes and shoes that are perfect for me
84. My wonderful curly hair
85. my EGO professional blow dryer
86. always having enough money
87. Understanding and using the law of attraction
88. old journals
89. Teaching in Primary with Tanner
90. Our old and new Primary classes
91. Being an example to kids
92. Good friends
93. Meeting nice strangers
94. Seeing someone help someone else
95. snow blowers
96. Snow blower trucks (we would be stuck in our house all winter w/o them)
97. Watching college football with Tanner
98. Jessie Shurtleff
99. Fond memories of old friends
100. Sarah Tuttle and how she lives so true to who she is and her great love for her family
101. Jaleah Tuttle and her enthusiasm and light
102. Tony Allen and his dedication
103. Gelato
104. Homemade cookies
105. Soups
106. Chocolate
107. Deal or No Deal at the arcade
108. The rare hole-in-one or strike
109. Facebook
110. my time in France
111. Marie and Kokoe and their friendship while in France
112. The 3 other American girls in France
113. Old Main at USU
114. The French language
115. Being trilingual
116. Art (thanks, Mrs. Hughes)
117. couches
118. Foam to roll my muscles out on
119. Personal trainers
120. Massages!
121. Chiropractors
122. Having friends over for dinner
123. President and Sister Bennett
124. My wreaths
125. Rod Works
126. Sales
127. My costume collection
128. Smells that remind me of times past
129. campfires and camping
130. Agave and cane sugar
131. organic produce
132. trying a new recipe and loving it!
133. Compliments - giving and receiving
134. Amazing Dressing Your Truth customers, who make my job so much fun!
135. Inspiration
136. Being able to tell someone's Type by looking at them or being with them and then being able to honor them for who they are
137. Christmas trees
138. 1st season of Arrested Development
139. All the Harry Potters - books and movies
140. The amazing group of friends I had in high school
141. my dehydrator
142. fruit leather
143. health bars
144. eating something when I am so hungry
145. Always having water at my disposal - especially Kangen Water
146. Coconut - oil, meat, juice
147. Grass fed beef
148. strawberries
149. bananas
150. Odwalla Orange Juice
151. Nuts and seeds
152. Planting something and watching it grow and then eating it!
153. My Gardenia and that I could nurture it back to life.
154. Amazing assistants at work - Ashley, Megan, Kalista
155. jeans that fit and are comfortable
156. find deals!
157. my ability to sew and create new things
158. kissing
159. more than kissing :)
160. that Tanner never ceases to tell me how much he loves me!
161. Tanner's easy-going nature - he never gets mad
162. Temple Marriage
163. Temples around the world
164. A closer Temple for the Bulgarians (Kiev)
165. My membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
166. Warm feet
167. My UGG slipper
168. My Asics
169. Red Mango
170. New York City
171. Bikes
172. Riding my bike in the early morning
173. Sore muscles after a good workout
174. Dave Ryland and my Master's Swim group
175. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
176. Digital Cameras
177. Music
178. Sarah McLachlan
179. yummy candles
180. perfume samples in magazines
181. Gossip magazines from time to time
182. Cruises
183. free food samples
184. Going somewhere warm in the winter
185. pens that write nicely
186. All my teachers over the years
187. Julie Anne Herger Beck and The Velvet Crew
188. Snowboarding
189. The courage that I once had to ride giant rails
190. laughing really hard with Tanner
191. Tanner's eyes when he smiles
192. Tanner's hugs
193. eating dinner at the table with Tanner
194. my wedding dress and veil
195. My wedding day!!!
196. The Bountiful Temple
197. Quinn Gardner
198. My Aunts and Uncles
199. That I am such great friends with all my siblings
200. naps
201. basecamp to do lists
202. farm fresh eggs
203. the Brown Town chicken coop
204. Animal Planet
205. Disco
206. Discovery Channel
207. Roller skates
208. warm Autumn weather
209. Laffy Taffy jokes
210. Corn Chowder
211. Organic Red Bell Pepper
212. Pesto
213. Peanut Butter
214. International Travel and the exciting feeling it brings
215. That I get to go on a cruise with Tanner next week
216. Finding out where people are going on their missions
217. day planners
218. delete button
219. copy and paste
220. libraries
221. online library holding systems
222. Reading a really good book
223. The Help
224. Ginger
225. Black licorice! YUM!
226. Chia Seed
227. Regular bowel movements
228. Camelbak water bottles
229. Saturday Sampler Quilting
230. the Garbage man
231. The Postman
232. Getting packages in the mail
233. Orange peelers
234. Remembering dreams
235. Sleep talkers
236. Babies right when they wake up and are so cute and cuddly
237. The Dressing Your Truth Share Program that I am helping to create
238. Reading old yearbooks
239. Waiting until I was 23 to get married
240. The United States of America
241. The right to vote
242. Talk radio (105.7FM/NPR)
243. Dr. Laura
244. Remembering Wholeness
245. That my parents were always ahead of the game and taught me to think positively to create the best life possible - it's working - thanks mom and dad!
246. That I have always had a good job
247. My blanky
248. Meeting people who think I am a "star" or "celebrity" - how cool is that?!
249. Seductress lipstick
250. Attraction, Sugar Rush and Confidential eyeshadows worn all together
251. Makeup in general
252. Eyebrow wax (if you need a great waxer, ask for Elizabeth here - tell her I sent you.)
253. Steam rooms
254. Sea Salt
255. Freeways
256. The masterminds who create the plans for construction
257. Jocco
258. My time at BYU-Hawaii
259. Caitlin Beck
300. The Center for Living Your Truth
301. Our inventory system
302. Getting my makeup and hair care at a discount
303. walking
304. butterflies
305. gum
306. Costco
307. Spinach
308. Nicole Kinateder and Emily Price and the Dressing Your Truth Salon
309. nieniedialogues and her inspirations
310. that I know how to drive
311. that I always have enough money for gas
312 Settebello Pizzeria
313. Jazz games
314. BYU games on sunny days!
315. hot chocolate - the real stuff
316. pictures
317. staplers
318. The Book of Mormon
319. The Bible
320. Joseph Smith
321. Prayer
322. Pepper
323. Salt
324. Butternut Sqaush
325. HD TV
326. Netflix
327. Natural Brew Rootbeer
328. Crockpots
329. the perfect size spoon
330. Watermelon
331. Grilling
332. Pizza Bob's
333. Razors
334. The feeling after shaving my legs
335. Gift cards
336. socks that fit right
337. shampoo and conditioner
338. body wash and loofas
339. microwaves
340. The Ensign magazine
341. iPhoto
342. iTunes
343. Pages
344. Microsoft Word
345. Throat Lozenges
346. The smell of coffee beans
347. knifes
348. Herbal Tea
349. Heater
350. AC
351. Irons
352. Down East warehouse jeans
353. Kleenex
354. paint
355. joints and that I can bend them
356. my mom's cooking
357. bean bags
358. playing in the ocean waves
359. a quiet house
360. Snowfall on Christmas Even
361. The New Testament
362. Thinking of Jesus when He was a child
363. Christmas songs
364. Christmas Carolers
365. Bright colors
366. Vacuum marks on the carpet
367. Clean surfaces

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!  I love dressing up for Halloween. What are you going to be?

Tanner and I dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible for a party last night. (Not very original, at least when compared to my other costumes over the years.)

Check out some of my best costumes to date!


1997 - The Wizard of Oz Crew (I'm the Scare Crow)

2005 - iPod 3G and ear buds. We won the costume contest!

2009 - The Tooth Fairy
(look close and you will see my Billy Bob teeth)
You can find anything on the internet - including giant tooth brushes!

And this is my very, very favorite costume of all time! The night before the big Halloween party, my friend Jessie and I weren't sure what we were going to be, but then...while I was playing around with the fur on the hoodie I was wearing, pretending it was beard it hit me! Like a flash of inspiration!

2004 - An Amish Couple
I think I look like a 12 year old boy! Haha! We went to the huge party on campus and no one recognized us. The guys kept calling me, "Babe-raham Lincoln!"  I don't think Amish have ever danced so hard! 

What are some of your most favorite costumes over the years?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 things you wouldn't expect from me...

As a Type 2 Subtle, Soft woman there are things that I do in my life that you probably wouldn't expect.

The Type 2 Woman is described as the following:

"Type 2 Energy is an introvert expression, moving in a subtle and connected flow to create in this world. As a Type 2, you express a medium to medium-low movement. You move through life in a naturally subdued, calming, flowing movement. Other keywords that describe the movement of this energy in a dominant Type 2 woman are: blended, soft, steady, easy-going, relaxed, connected, nurturing, comforting, warm and detail-oriented."

(Taken from Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile, by Carol Tuttle, pg. 89.)

That is me! I am definitely a soft, subtle woman. For proof go here. But in no way does that mean I am boring or weak! (Let that be a lesson to my fellow Type 2's.)

Then there are things that I do that wouldn't seem to fit under the description of the Type 2. But it's me! That's the beautiful thing about Energy Profiling - it's helps me understand my true nature, but also allows me to be me as the unique person that I am! I have permission to be me in all aspects of my life!

(Also, I think the my secondary Type 3 nature definitely gives me a feisty side! And is the influence on the list below.)

1. Honk at people who don't notice the green light.
2. Go dancing! I love to get my groove on.
3. Dress up for nearly every holiday (especially Halloween!!!)
4. Pick my fruit with out looking at the quality of it. (Bruises, scratches? Oops, didn't notice.)
5. Tell naughty jokes at bridal showers.
6. Yell at referees and athletes (in a deep "man" voice).
7. Shamelessly return things without the receipt or box. (Got over $300 in cash from Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards.)

So, this is for my Type 2 friends that sometimes start to think Type 2's are boring and uninteresting. Au contaire! Just look at me! I'm amazing. Haha, just kidding. But really we all are amazing in our own unique way.

What are some things that you do that don't fit the "classic" description of each Type?

Don't know your Type? Go here to find out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Take Me Home, Country Roads the place I belong. West Virginia. Mountain Momma. Take me home, country roads.

I just got back from an amazing 6 days with my wonderful sister and her family. Jenny is my only sister and is so special to me! We had such a good time being together.

Jenny and her boys (Tony, Seth and Joseph) live in Morgantown, West Virginia where Tony is doing his Opthmology residency at a local hospital. They will be there for 3 more years. Seth is 3 and Joseph is 15 months. I love these little boys with all my heart. There is something really special about your own sister's kids. They are very very dear to me.

Tanner didn't come with me on this trip, just me, just sisters.

This post will be a lot of pictures. You know how it is when you are with kids (especially not having any of my own), everything they do is soooo cute and must be documented.

I arrived on Thursday morning after taking the red-eye (not fun) and that night we headed out for some camping down in the country. I sat between the 2 car seats for the whole "1.5 hour" drive (that's what Tony said it would was really 3 hours). But, no hard feelings, I was just happy to be with the family.

Nice and cozy!

Camping was so much fun. The first night and day was rainy and a little cold, but Saturday was so nice and sunny. I was so amazed by all the trees, being a desert girl myself.

Our little tent with our cozy bunk beds.
Annie Bannie and Sethie Bethie. (Seth thinks that is hilarious.) 

Beautiful Fall Colors.

Again, amazed at how fast stuff grows here.

The Little Troopers. They were so good all weekend.

Seth and his sticks. We were pretend hunters looking for Tigers. 

It's so wet here mushrooms grow on trees!

That night we enjoyed a local band and some local eats (worst baked beans I've ever had...)

The main reason we went camping was to attend Bridge Day, an annual festival that features people jumping off a 900-foot bridge and parachuting into the river or to the shore. There were over 500 jumpers and each jumped at least twice. Needless to say, there was plenty of entertainment all day long! We watched the jumpers from the bottom by the river and then went to the top of the bridge and watched them do flips and twirls off the top. The whole idea is pretty bizarre, but it was really cool!

On our way to the bridge. Swinging Seth in the air. I wish I could still do that.
We were planning on walking a lot, but some friendly people picked us up in the bus!
West Virginians are such nice folk!
New River Gorge Bridge
This guy is from Kansas. People came from all over to watch and jump.

The top! They can jump off the diving board or the ledge.
(The red cage is for photographers.)

Bombs Away!!!

Jenny got hit in the face by a leaf. This is our re-enactment.

After Bridge Day was over we headed back to Morgantown. The rest of the trip was just family time. Seth and I went to the park with "BearCuddly." We went to the rec center for some swimming, Jenny took me on the grand tour of downtown Morgantown (which took about 3 minutes), I had lots of play time with the boys, and we finished it up with some shopping in Pittsburgh.

Seth got in this big bag and I would zip it up and take him around the house
and he would have to guess where we were. It was so much fun!

Seth was so excited to show me his costume collection.
This year for Halloween he is going to be the dinosaur.
Such a snuggly little guy! 

Joseph loves to move!
It was hard to get a still shot of him.
Joseph's Halloween costume.

Morgantown is really nice. It reminds me of Logan, Utah (where I attended Utah State University). It has a nice cozy feeling, lots of college kids, big trees and not a lot of nice buildings. The people are so friendly as well - a stark contrast to the city folk of Pittsburgh (rude lady, mean cop).

It was a such a wonderful trip! I love Jenny so much! She is so kind and encouraging to all. I appreciate her sense of humor and desire to live righteously. She is an amazing person and sister. She has always been there to lift me up and make me laugh. I love you, Jenny!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

As promised, Type 2 feelings.

As promised on this blog video featured on, here are some more thoughts about the Type 2 feelings and thoughts processes.

I wrote this back in January 2010 on the Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Facebook Group. There was a lot of discussion from the other Type 2's. I hope you find it helpful.

(To get a quick background on what I am talking about when I say "Type" - click here.)

"I have been wanting to write a message on here for awhile and of course, in my Type 2 nature I have been taking my time planning what to say. I'm still not sure exactly what I want to focus on, but the last week or so I have some experiences that have helped me learn even more about my Type 2 nature....

The first one I want to talk about is the Type 2s and assuming. Our gift is to be sensitive - sensitive to details, sensitive to feelings and situations. This can be a great gift as it can give us insight on how to approach someone or a situation before they have even expressed their feelings. I have also learned that it can become a weakness - it turns into assuming. Now I guess the assuming is only bad when your assumption is totally wrong. Often as Type 2s we feel picked on, the victim and innocent from any wrong doing, but taken advantage of, so the assumptions often support that belief, that someone is out to get us or pick on us. Now of course this can be from varying degrees. I have learned that when you act in a certain way based on the "accuracy" of the assumption damage can be done. It is important to ask and find out what is really going on. This me we need to speak up and let our voice be heard. Express your feelings openly and directly.

Another thing I realized about my Type 2 nature - I like to cry. Just as a Type 3 might get intense, loud and passionate when dealt with contentiously or a Type 4 more bold, my natural reaction as a Type 2 is to cry. I remember when I was little and my mom found me doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing and she would get mad/reactive and I would burst into tears. She would then feel sorry for me because now I was the one crying. I hated it. I would think - I need to be tough, if I cry she will think I am just too sensitive and trying to make her feel sorry for me. Now it happens with my husband. If I upset him - I'm the one who ends up in tears. I have often tried to hold back my tears as to not hurt anyone or make anyone feel bad for me. But I have learned that holding back the tears doesn't do any good - it just leaves a lump in my throat. I am now realizing that it is my natural reaction to shed a few tears and that is okay, no one has to feel bad about that, it is just the way things go in my world.

I think every Type can be hard on themselves from time to time. For Type 2s we often have a hard time forgiving ourselves for mistakes have made and then moving on. If I ever upset or hurt someone's feelings, or do something I perceive as inappropriate I will feel so bad and stew over it for hours or days - depending on the damage done. I just wish I could go back and do it over again - or not do it at all. Sometimes it is even embarrassing to think about it. When we do something inappropriate we get really embarrassed and want to fade away. We take a little more time to heal from situations like this. We don't just bounce right back. I have learned that it is okay to take my time, but at some point I need to move on and to forgive myself. I have realized that it takes courage to do that. My tendency is to want to continue thinking about it and cry some more and ask my husband over and over again - Are you okay, are you sure? I am sorry, I am sorry. I feel like I can't move on until I am 110% sure everything is okay. And it may be, but I can't let go (this can be very unhealthy and lead to always feeling not good enough). I have found a great deal of comfort through prayer and meditation. That is where I find courage to say okay, it is over, everyone is okay and time to forget it and move on. And I feel in my HEART that really, truly everything is okay. It is my HEAD that is saying - things are still bad... - but my HEART knows and we are HEART people.

As you can probably tell, I have definitely had some experiences that last little bit to learn about myself! Be not dismayed, Type 2s are very happy, peaceful people - not mean cry babies. But relationships are a part of life and there will be a few upsets and tears along the way. I am so grateful for every opportunity to grow and learn about the way I live and move through life.

I hope you find this helpful and can relate. I would love to hear your comments. Please share."

I love understanding my true nature! Just in the last 2 years (really since being married) I have settled into myself. I understand more clearly my gifts and talents. I am more confident about the woman I am and what I bring to the world. I am so grateful for the information I have been given to better understand my true nature. 

To learn more about your true nature and find out what Type you are click here!

Monday, October 11, 2010

4 years ago today...

Four years ago today I entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in preparation to go to Bulgaria for 18 months as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It is a practice of those that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) to serve a mission for the church for no pay. Boys are encouraged to leave at age 19 for 2 years. Girls can go when they are 21 and serve for 18 months. Older senior couples also serve missions (usually when all the kids are grown up) for 18 to 24 months.

Missionaries are called to serve all over the world. The objective of the missionaries is to teach others about Jesus Christ and of His Restored Church, to bring of peace and happiness, and to serve those around them in anyway possible.

I received my mission call to Bulgaria in June 2006. Prior to opening up my mission call, I had no idea where I would be going, though I had a feeling it would be somewhere totally random and unexpected.

Look at the shock and excitement on my face when I opened up my mission call!

Before I opened it! The moment I had been waiting for for 20 years and 275 days!
Gotta love that face!

Three months later I entered the MTC! I was in the MTC for 2 months, during which time I studied Bulgarian and the scriptures for 14 hours each day! I was in a group with 12 other missionaries and we had so much fun together learning and growing. Not everyone loves the MTC (Tanner....). For some it is boring and long, but I loved it. I loved my teachers, my companion Sister Thomas, and the Spirit that I felt there everyday. I was a little anxious and nervous to go to Bulgaria and start teaching real people. I was so comfortable just practicing! But the day finally came when I left for Bulgaria and once I was there it was awesome!

My mission was amazing! Everything about it was perfect. I learned and grew so much. I learned more about Christ and His love for me and all people. I became closer to Him. I learned more about myself - my gifts, talents and tendencies. I learned how to work and live with all kinds of people. I learned BULGARIAN and became more educated. In every way I grew.

I am eternally grateful for the experiences I had on my mission. It was definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. There were times I wanted to give up and go home. But the Lord strengthened me and I kept on.

I have so many stories I could share from my mission. I will have to share more on my blog soon. But today I am remembering my moments as fresh new missionary.

Here are a few pictures from my time in the MTC:

My MTC Group with our amazing teacher! 
Me and Sister Thomas practicing phone calls in Bulgarian. 
Trying to make pudding in my room in a box and plastic bag.
 It was not good - tasted like plastic chemicals.

Super Sister - on her way to save Bulgaria! 
My amazing companion Sister Thomas and our great teachers.
My little brother Mark and I were in the MTC together for 4 weeks.
It was a dream come true! 
On our way to Bulgaria! Good Luck!

Добер ден. Аз съм Ани. Много съм щастлива че можах да служа в Българиа!
(That's Bulgarian.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pet Peeve


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shoe Makeover (creation #2)

Like most women, I love shoes. I especially love fun, funky, colorful shoes. Some of my favorites pairs of shoes are green, purple, pink and my red boots!

I think shoes can kick-up any outfit! But beware, they can also kick-down any outfit. (Kick-down? is that a word?) Anyways, if you are a Dressing Your Truth Club Member (if you aren't you should be!) you have heard the "shoe lecture" from Carol. She says NO! on the white sneakers - even for travel. And come on, there are plenty of shoes out there that are cute and comfortable. So I agree with her. Although, one time in New York I did wear my white sneakers out and about! Oh the shame.

Really, I'm exaggerating a little bit about that. But not about my love for shoes, and definitely not about my love of all things DIY and ruffles.

So here goes - Creation #2: The Shoe Makeover

Shoe #1

I fell in love with these shoes on They go for $198. I was waiting for them to go on sale when I got my own idea...


I bought these shoes at Forever Young about a year ago for $17. I don't wear them very much. I like the color, but they were missing something. Well, I fixed that.

I bought 1/4 yard of fabric that does not fray at JoAnn's for $1.17 and cut 2, 2 inch strips and 6, 1 inch strips. I then made them into ruffly strips.

Then I just hot glued them on!

Pretty sweet, I think! Especially for $18.17!

Shoe #2

I saw these awesome boots at Antrhopologie (that store just knows how to do it).  My creation isn't too similar but I liked the idea of adding ruffles (of course). These babies are going for $258.

I bought these boots last winter for $22, but never wore them much. So I thought I'd try something out.

I cut 1 inch strips of 3 different fabrics, pulled the thread to create ruffles, and again just glued them on.

They still aren't my most fave, but I think they have potential and would look really cute with a skirt.

Success? I think so!

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