Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Okay, I didn't. But it felt like I was yesterday when I came home with over $550 worth of designer label jeans for only $10.

That's what I said - $10!!!!

How?! You ask. Well, should I share my secrets? Or keep the goodies to myself? I guess I should share since I wasn't the one who discovered it in the first place. My sister-in-law, McKinley, let me in on the secret.

It's called the DownEast Warehouse. They have a room full of clothes that didn't make it. They are either ripped, multiples or just plain clearance.

It was my first time there, I didn't know what I would find, but I got lucky and hit the jackpot. Most the shirts have small rips or stains, but I will just cover those up with pretty ruffles. The jeans had a few imperfections - but hey, for that price, I will spend a little time and fix them up!
Proof I bought them and only paid $2.50 an item

Here's what I stole - I mean bought :
  • 7 tee-shirts to refashion
(My inspiration right now: I will keep you updated on those projects.
  • 4 pair of designer jeans
1.  Paige Jeans- Laurel Canyon -Retail price - $189.00, My price - $2.50

2.  Joe's Jeans -The Provacateur -Retail price - $167.00, My price - $2.50

3. Adriano Goldschmted -The Legging - Retail price -$148.00, My price - $2.50

4. Big Star Jeans -Peppermint -Retail price - $49.99 (on eBay, retail for more)My price - $2.50

If you want to go on your own treasure hunt, head to the DownEast Warehouse located at:
375 West Hope Ave (1410 South)
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


  1. Anne, don’t you love that place? It’s amazing what you can find there. You’ll have to post pictures of the T-shirt refashions when you finish. And, I had no idea that there was a warehouse on 14th South! I’ve been going to the West Valley one, but this one is much closer. Thanks for the tip!

  2. holy crap, I'm so jealous! I need to go there the next time I'm in Utah. That's amazing!

  3. Oh my gosh, can I say I am so jealous! You found some amazing stuff! I haven't been there for a while, I might have to make a trip.

    Come back and link your t-shirts, when you are fininshed making them. :)

  4. Thanks for the dyeing inspiration Anne! I read it just in time before giving away all my non-Type 2 clothes that were the wrong color for me. Fortunately, most of them have the right qualities for Type 2, so I'll be trying my hand at the dyeing in Pearl Grey like you did. Great idea!

  5. Also, I'd love to see a DYT video made with suggestions for Type 2s who are freckle-faced redheads with WARM coloring. Or just one made for all the DYT Types who are also redheads. We've got some specific color challenges for sure ;-) Keep up all the great work you're doing!