Friday, September 24, 2010

Ooey Gooey Gelato Goodness! YUM.

I will always remember the day it happened. The first time I experienced that kind of love.

It was April 2003, on the romantic streets of Paris, when I sank my teeth into my first real gelato treat at Amorino. Mmmmmm. It was love at first taste. It was one of those times when I just kept saying "Yum!" the whole time I was eating. (Think - What About Bob.) I helped myself to the largest size possible and had the gelato-ier serve me up a good portion of chocolate and berry, and some hazelnut and pistachio crammed on the sides. As my mom and I walked down the little alleyway, we just couldn't believe our taste buds. We went back at least twice more that trip. (And I have returned a few more times on my own since.)

I have always loved ice cream (who doesn't?), but after that tasteful day, gelato became a favorite. But it has to be really good gelato, which can sometimes be hard to find. One of my favorite gelato spots in Utah is Capo Gelateria. I don't want to make myself sound like a gelato connoisseur, but I know when something tastes really good.

For our wedding we got an ice cream maker, which has been one of our favorite gifts! We use it a lot - my most popular flavor has been Cookies and Cream. But since I have improved my eating habits, I have tried to take processed dairy (regular store-bought milk) out of my diet and hence less and less homemade ice cream. That is until I thought of making it with RAW milk - which is a lot better for you! (Well, that's debatable, but for me it is WAY better - see the facts here.) So I got some raw milk at Real Foods (one of the few places you can get it) and tried my hand at some homemade gelato - au naturel!

And to my great pleasure it was and is and always will be...DELICIOUS!!!

The raw milk and whole unpasteurized cream give it such a soft creamy texture. (The great thing about raw milk is you don't need to add cream - the cream is already in it!) The Valrhona cocoa is so rich and deep. And the best part is, the usual upset tummy that I get after eating "pasteurized" ice cream doesn't come anymore! (One of the health benefits.) That means I can eat as much as I want - right?! I think so! I am so happy with this recipe. I dare say it is as good (or better) than my first gelato love in the streets of Paris.

As I sank my teeth into the chocolate creamy goodness (straight from the ice cream maker - I couldn't wait) I exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, this is so good!" and continued to "Mmmmm!" and "Yummm!" while treasuring every bite!
The recipe is below.

Mmmm! I love to stick my spoon in and scrape some off the side!

Some fell on the counter! Oh no!
I may or may not have tried to lick it off...
I made Vanilla too!
Same recipe - just omit chocolate and add 1 Vanilla Bean
Some fun containers from the gelato I bought at Whole Foods.
But I didn't  buy this batch... so ... 
That's more like it!
Here's the recipe! Enjoy!

It's that good!


  1. i had to read this post when i saw my favorite milk on facebook! :) Great post!! can't wait to make this today....

  2. I love gellato! One of these days I will have to get an ice cream maker and try your recipes. That sounds so delicious.