Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Living Room - Brown Style

When I was younger I could never keep them straight - Family Room or Living Room? My mom helped me differentiate the two.

Family Room = more casual, where the TV is. 
Living Room = nicer, no TV, don't spend a lot of time there. (so why is it the living room?)

If you had to define the two rooms according to how it is in our house:

Family Room = TV, comfy couches, Tanner's office, nicest room in the house
Living Room = grandma's old piano and Tanner's sport court

My kids might have a harder time differentiating the two...

Our house is pretty big for the two of us (we don't use the up or downstairs). So when we moved in I wasn't interested in spending the money and time to furnish all the rooms. We were so blessed to have most of our furniture gifted to us or lent to us. So I left our living room untouched, until we got some furniture for it...

My grandma moved and we got her old piano, which I love to play from time to time. 

But the main attraction is the Arcade Hoops! And besides the couch and bed it is probably the most used piece of {furniture} in the house. Tanner's all time high is 106 in 1-minute. Mine is 44.

And plus, I think it keeps us young. :)


  1. You are so funny! "I think it keeps us young!" You are YOUNG. Maybe you should give dad and I the hoops, we need to be kept "young" not you! Love you mom!

  2. That's why it's funny! Because I am young! :)