Thursday, August 26, 2010

Live from KSL Radio

I was recently on the radio!!! On the program A Woman's View with Amanda Dixon on KSL Radio. It was a special edition featuring young voices and opinions.

She interviewed me and two other girls (both 15) about current affairs and what our thoughts and opinions are about them.

How did I get on? My mom is a regular on Amanda's show and Amanda was looking for a 3rd girl to help. So my mom volunteered me. She usually goes for the teenage crowd, but was really pleased to have views from 3 generations - her's, mine and the 15 year olds.

I really enjoyed my time on the show. Growing up, I was never very politically active or informed, but being married to Tanner keeps me on top. He has a great interest in current affairs and politics and likes to watch Glen Beck, Hannity, CSNBC, and other political shows. So, naturally I watch too (or do dishes while listening to it in the background).

I also have a new love for talk radio. Some songs on the radio are so over played, that I can't stand it. So I listen to talk radio stations instead, like: 105.7FM - Family Talk Radio, 90.1FM - NPR, and sometimes 102.7 - KSL. And I keep informed there. I like to be informed, but I also like to be naive about the woes of the world. I try to keep a healthy balance and try to stay positive about what I hear.

You can listen to the show here:

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Very awesome! Hooray for Rachel and her blog :)