Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hawaii, No Place Quite Like It!

Aloha! In July, Tanner and I went to Hawaii with my family. I love Hawaii. I have been 25 times now. Yes, that is 2-5. My grandparents have a beach house on the North Shore of Oahu, so we always have a place to stay. My first time over there was at age 10. After that my mom thought it would be fun to go over every year either for Christmas or Thanksgiving and once in the summer. Great idea, Mom! I also lived in Laie, Hawaii for two months while attending BYU-Hawaii. My school schedule was: History, Hula and LOTS of beach time!

We usually just stay on the North Shore and hit up our favorite beaches: Lanikea, Waimea, or Chun's Reef. And the same restaurants: Pizza Bob's, Scoops of Paradise (aka Flavormania), Waialua Bakery.  Although we do try to mix it up and do new things every time. Like this time we went to a few new beaches, toured a chocolate factory and went on a new hike.

Some of my favorite memories are: swimming with Dolphins, swimming with Sharks, volleyball at Waimea Bay, my time at BYU-Hawaii, Pizza Bob's Haleiwa Veggie Salad, snorkeling with Tanner for the first time, watching the surf competitions, and playing in the huge winter waves at Waimea Bay.

I love the beach and the sun; I could lay in it for hours! I love the perfect temperature and the beautiful waves. Ah, Hawaii, it is dear to my heart.

Here are some pictures from our most recent trip and a few others:

Perfect lighting from a Sunset

The giant Avocado Bacon Burger from Kua'Aina Burgers

I swam 1.2 miles in Waimea Bay. It was fun, but hard. All the other swimmers were Hawaiian pros. The first girl came in at 24 mins. - me: 53 mins.

There are lots of turtles around our house. They love to bask in the sun. On this particular day there were 18 in our "backyard."

Tanner went spear-fishing and caught two Parrot Fish. He was ready to grill them up, but then we had to catch our plane. Tanner loves spear-fishing, I have tried it once, caught a fish and then felt so bad, because I wasn't going to eat it and I just threw it back in the ocean - dead! Last time I did that sport.

Tanner and I at The Ron Artis Family Band studios. The whole production is quite bizarre - check it out:

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  1. I would love to go to Hawaii. It has always seemed so beautiful with a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. ~ Great job on the Swim competition. I love the "401" tattoo. ;-) ~ I can't believe all of those turtles in your Hawaiian backyard. That is crazy, and they are so beautiful. ~ I can totally relate to what you are saying about spear fishing. I went fishing (with a standard fishing pole), and I felt so bad catching the fish (it was just catch and release). I felt awful for pulling on the fish and hurting the fish with a hook, and for depriving them of oxygen. I thought of what it must feel like to be yanked out of your natural habitat by a piercing hook and then shoved into the sunlight and see beings that are 5-10 times bigger than you. The worst part was that I felt like I was putting the fish through all that stress just to not eat it. Needless to say, I have not been catch-and-release fishing since. :-D