Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy 2-Year First-date-iversary!!!

Two years ago this very moment (August 7, 2008) I had butterflies in my stomach and anticipation swirling above me! I was getting ready for my first date with Tanner! - making sure every curl was in place, eyelashes weren't clumpy and lips looking good (that's an important one).

Tanner and I had met by this point. He called me on Saturday, August 2nd and said he couldn't wait to meet me and could we do lunch on Monday. Of course, I obliged. So August 4th was our first official meeting - but I don't count it as our first "date" since it was just lunch and only lasted less than 2 hours. 

For our first official date Tanner had planned for us to go horseback riding at his friend's place in Spanish Fork. To make it even more fun, he suggested we dress-up as cowboy and cowgirl. I love dressing up, so I knew this HAD to be a match made in heaven.

He picked me up in his cowboy gear (although he did leave his kid's cowboy vest in the car - he didn't want to look like too much of a dork, he says now). He was looking fine in his western get-up and I was so excited to get this date started! 

The date was a hit! I knew he liked me and the chemistry was there. He had a crazy horse named "Willow," he was a little angry and he kept foaming at the mouth. But Tanner made the best of it.

I will forever have a picture in my mind of that night: I was in front of Tanner, I looked behind me at him, the sun was setting, the mountains in the distance and he smiled at me with his cowboy hat slightly falling off. I think that was the moment that I felt true love for the first time. Complete happiness, excitement and peace!

I had a good feeling about Tanner, but any doubt that I had dissipated the moment I got home from my date. My mom was up waiting for me. She was so excited and said, "Anne, he is so cute!" Now, to understand the magnitude of a such a comment from my mom, let me explain. Any boy I EVER dated pre-Tanner was "he's a {nice} boy," "his car is funny," "his pants are too tight." So for my mom to WAIT UP and compliment Tanner to the degree of "cute" was huge. I always knew the first guy that made that impression on my mom was going to be the one!

Everyday after that got better! That very next week we said "I love you," talked about marriage and started making plans. 7-weeks later we were engaged!

Life with Tanner these last two years have been complete bliss. I am so happy with Tanner. He makes me laugh! He makes me smile! And he makes me happy to be me and to be a better me.

I love you sooooo much, Tanner!

Happy 2-Year First-date-iversary! 

Here are a few pictures from when we were dating:

Our 3rd time hanging out at my Olympic Party
August 8, 2008

Our 2nd date - Tanner made me a Mexican Feast

At the Living Planet Aquarium

Utah State Fair admission = $10
12 inch Corn Dog = $11.50
Entrance to freak show bus = $6
Puppy love = Priceless


  1. Just doing my job!! Love you both- MOM

  2. congrats on the 2 years. time sure does fly!

    ok, so the north shore is amazing!! we've already been there 3 times, and might go tomorrow before we leave. morgan said he would move here tomorrow. i think we found your house. is it the elvis one? or the one across the street from that?

    we pretty much did everything you said. kahuku grill was way good, and there were at least a dozen turtles at your beach. we can't find that ice cream place though, and i'm really wanting to taste that coconut cream you talked about. i guess we'll just have to come back with you guys next time so you can show me where it is..:)

    ps. sorry for the novel!

  3. Leslie,
    Glad you had fun! I love Hawaii.
    I love comments too - long and short!

  4. Anne, that is such a wonderful first date story. Thank you for sharing it and your personal photos. I love your themed Olympic party idea.