Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brown Family Reunion - West Yellowstone

The Brown Family Cabin has been around since 1947. Grandpa Brown built it with his own two hands. 
It is in Island Park, Idaho right on Henry's Lake. It is beautiful and great place to bond with family.

My favorite things about the cabin include: 

Howard Springs (which I like to call Howard Stern's)
Fresh, ice cold water straight from Mother Earth to your water bottle!

The Carpet.
They don't sell this stuff anymore - totally vintage.

I don't have a picture of us jet skiing -probably because I was going too fast to catch me!
I LOVE SPEED! I got up to 50 MPH - the fastest that baby could pull. Tanner and I were out there doing donuts, catching waves and speeding across the lake. LOVE IT!!!

The Firehole
This attraction is in the park. It is a natural water slide created by the currents in the river. You jump in - feet up - and then get pulled down the river. This is Tanner and I at the end of the ride.

The Park - Yellowstone
I love the drive through the park, it is so beautiful. I love the anticipation of waiting to see animals. This time we were so lucky and saw bison, elk, beavers and even a Black Bear!

Haha! He was looking at us like, "Don't mess with me!"
(Notice our police radar - proof, as mentioned, that we like speed.)

A Bull Elk getting some dinner

My LEAST favorite thing about the cabin:
Last year, 3 bats got in the house. Thanks to Tanner's daring feats and crazy badmitton skills they weren't with us very long. This year, the cousins that came right before us had 40 bats creep into the house!!! AHHH! The "batman" came and fixed the problem, but missed just one little thing: the dead guys. Tanner and I were moving the beds around, so we could have the most comfortable mattress, when we found 2 dead bats under the bed we were going to sleep in!!! GROSS! It smelled SO bad. I am so glad we found them and didn't end up sleeping on bat guts for a week. Yuck!
Tanner says, he likes the bats. Well, they do add some excitement, that is for sure!


  1. Looks like a great place to have a vaca!

  2. Great looking cabin! I think I stayed there for a family reunion also, a long time ago. Is it available for rental?

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you could please describe the waterways nearest to the cabin?

  4. Uhoh, Unknown is searching for treasure...

  5. Awesome pictures. My youngest sister did a college volunteering program at Yellowstone this past summer/fall. She absolutely loved it. She brought back some great pictures. ~ I love the view of the lake and the mountains in the first photo. That is my kind of place. I could live in a cabin by the lake forever, but my boyfriend (who will become my husband very soon) is more of a city person. So unless I can find a secluded cabin, by a lake, with access to the city in under 45 minutes, I think I will just have to resort to vacationing at a cabin. :-)

  6. Does your family know Forrest?

  7. FYI: Forest Fenn helped build the cabin as a young boy. He would peel logs for your grandfather.

  8. Like that isn't trying to be a hint from "Amonymous"