Thursday, August 26, 2010

Live from KSL Radio

I was recently on the radio!!! On the program A Woman's View with Amanda Dixon on KSL Radio. It was a special edition featuring young voices and opinions.

She interviewed me and two other girls (both 15) about current affairs and what our thoughts and opinions are about them.

How did I get on? My mom is a regular on Amanda's show and Amanda was looking for a 3rd girl to help. So my mom volunteered me. She usually goes for the teenage crowd, but was really pleased to have views from 3 generations - her's, mine and the 15 year olds.

I really enjoyed my time on the show. Growing up, I was never very politically active or informed, but being married to Tanner keeps me on top. He has a great interest in current affairs and politics and likes to watch Glen Beck, Hannity, CSNBC, and other political shows. So, naturally I watch too (or do dishes while listening to it in the background).

I also have a new love for talk radio. Some songs on the radio are so over played, that I can't stand it. So I listen to talk radio stations instead, like: 105.7FM - Family Talk Radio, 90.1FM - NPR, and sometimes 102.7 - KSL. And I keep informed there. I like to be informed, but I also like to be naive about the woes of the world. I try to keep a healthy balance and try to stay positive about what I hear.

You can listen to the show here:

Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Word from Dr. Laura

I just finished reading - well listening -  to the audio book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. I recently started listening to Dr. Laura's radio show and find it very interesting to hear the caller's stories and her feedback to them. So I thought I would try one of her books. And I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone, even the best wife in the world (which Tanner would say I am.)

I loved the stories she shares - it's kinda like reading PEOPLE Magazine - you get the juicy details on other people's relationships, but unlike gossip magazines, she teaches you from the stories and can apply her feedback. Dr. Laura is a full-on Type 3 woman. She is intense, to the point, reactive and edgy. I love to listen to her responses and hear her get all fired up. She is living her Type 3 truth!

The overall idea in this book is that wives have a tendency to become selfish and uncaring for their husbands, disregarding what they want and waiting for their husbands to make them happy - of course to varying degrees. She says that men are simple people and their needs are easily met. You give them what they want (attention, love and respect) and they will make you happy.

I agree with most of her points, I believe it is MY job to make ME happy. Tanner adds to my happiness (adds A LOT), but if I relied on him to make me happy I would be watching everything he did with a scrutinizing eye and probably wouldn't give him a chance. I also believe that man are simple - well, at least my man.

Overall Dr. Laura encourages wives to support, encourage, love, woo and cheer for their husbands. As we show our husbands how proud we are to be their wives (in and out of the bedroom) they just automatically do the same for us! It is a cycle - I give -> you give -> I give -> you give

Now, I have only been married for about 18 months - so I am no longtime pro - but in this short time I have seen the difference. When I serve and show my love to Tanner he does the same for me and vice versa. Really, it's a simple equation.

One story that blew me away was of a woman that had a new baby, felt frumpy, tired and unattractive - so as a result didn't want to be intimate with her husband. Well this went on for four years!!! No nothing! It got to the point where she said she would pay for a prostitute so her husband could get what he wanted. He thought about the deal, and almost did it, but he said the thought of his daughter made him not go through with it. The lady called Dr. Laura told her the story and asked Dr. Laura if she should divorce her husband. Dr. Laura sure made her open her eyes. She said YOU want to end a relationship with a man who wants YOU and not a prostitute?! He should be divorcing you - not the other way around. The lady saw what she was doing and turned it around.

There are all sorts of interesting stories like this. This one is a bit extreme, but stood out in my mind - obviously.

My favorite quote from the book is:

"The bedroom {if you know what I mean...} is the foundation of the marriage and family. Don't underestimate its importance and its power to generate the energy by which every member of the family flourishes."
That's from Chapter 6 "What's Sex."

I hope you check the book out. It is a quick read and very applicable. Let me know if you enjoy it!

I love being a wife! Tanner makes it easy. I love you, sweetie!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brown Family Reunion - West Yellowstone

The Brown Family Cabin has been around since 1947. Grandpa Brown built it with his own two hands. 
It is in Island Park, Idaho right on Henry's Lake. It is beautiful and great place to bond with family.

My favorite things about the cabin include: 

Howard Springs (which I like to call Howard Stern's)
Fresh, ice cold water straight from Mother Earth to your water bottle!

The Carpet.
They don't sell this stuff anymore - totally vintage.

I don't have a picture of us jet skiing -probably because I was going too fast to catch me!
I LOVE SPEED! I got up to 50 MPH - the fastest that baby could pull. Tanner and I were out there doing donuts, catching waves and speeding across the lake. LOVE IT!!!

The Firehole
This attraction is in the park. It is a natural water slide created by the currents in the river. You jump in - feet up - and then get pulled down the river. This is Tanner and I at the end of the ride.

The Park - Yellowstone
I love the drive through the park, it is so beautiful. I love the anticipation of waiting to see animals. This time we were so lucky and saw bison, elk, beavers and even a Black Bear!

Haha! He was looking at us like, "Don't mess with me!"
(Notice our police radar - proof, as mentioned, that we like speed.)

A Bull Elk getting some dinner

My LEAST favorite thing about the cabin:
Last year, 3 bats got in the house. Thanks to Tanner's daring feats and crazy badmitton skills they weren't with us very long. This year, the cousins that came right before us had 40 bats creep into the house!!! AHHH! The "batman" came and fixed the problem, but missed just one little thing: the dead guys. Tanner and I were moving the beds around, so we could have the most comfortable mattress, when we found 2 dead bats under the bed we were going to sleep in!!! GROSS! It smelled SO bad. I am so glad we found them and didn't end up sleeping on bat guts for a week. Yuck!
Tanner says, he likes the bats. Well, they do add some excitement, that is for sure!

Hawaii, No Place Quite Like It!

Aloha! In July, Tanner and I went to Hawaii with my family. I love Hawaii. I have been 25 times now. Yes, that is 2-5. My grandparents have a beach house on the North Shore of Oahu, so we always have a place to stay. My first time over there was at age 10. After that my mom thought it would be fun to go over every year either for Christmas or Thanksgiving and once in the summer. Great idea, Mom! I also lived in Laie, Hawaii for two months while attending BYU-Hawaii. My school schedule was: History, Hula and LOTS of beach time!

We usually just stay on the North Shore and hit up our favorite beaches: Lanikea, Waimea, or Chun's Reef. And the same restaurants: Pizza Bob's, Scoops of Paradise (aka Flavormania), Waialua Bakery.  Although we do try to mix it up and do new things every time. Like this time we went to a few new beaches, toured a chocolate factory and went on a new hike.

Some of my favorite memories are: swimming with Dolphins, swimming with Sharks, volleyball at Waimea Bay, my time at BYU-Hawaii, Pizza Bob's Haleiwa Veggie Salad, snorkeling with Tanner for the first time, watching the surf competitions, and playing in the huge winter waves at Waimea Bay.

I love the beach and the sun; I could lay in it for hours! I love the perfect temperature and the beautiful waves. Ah, Hawaii, it is dear to my heart.

Here are some pictures from our most recent trip and a few others:

Perfect lighting from a Sunset

The giant Avocado Bacon Burger from Kua'Aina Burgers

I swam 1.2 miles in Waimea Bay. It was fun, but hard. All the other swimmers were Hawaiian pros. The first girl came in at 24 mins. - me: 53 mins.

There are lots of turtles around our house. They love to bask in the sun. On this particular day there were 18 in our "backyard."

Tanner went spear-fishing and caught two Parrot Fish. He was ready to grill them up, but then we had to catch our plane. Tanner loves spear-fishing, I have tried it once, caught a fish and then felt so bad, because I wasn't going to eat it and I just threw it back in the ocean - dead! Last time I did that sport.

Tanner and I at The Ron Artis Family Band studios. The whole production is quite bizarre - check it out:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy 2-Year First-date-iversary!!!

Two years ago this very moment (August 7, 2008) I had butterflies in my stomach and anticipation swirling above me! I was getting ready for my first date with Tanner! - making sure every curl was in place, eyelashes weren't clumpy and lips looking good (that's an important one).

Tanner and I had met by this point. He called me on Saturday, August 2nd and said he couldn't wait to meet me and could we do lunch on Monday. Of course, I obliged. So August 4th was our first official meeting - but I don't count it as our first "date" since it was just lunch and only lasted less than 2 hours. 

For our first official date Tanner had planned for us to go horseback riding at his friend's place in Spanish Fork. To make it even more fun, he suggested we dress-up as cowboy and cowgirl. I love dressing up, so I knew this HAD to be a match made in heaven.

He picked me up in his cowboy gear (although he did leave his kid's cowboy vest in the car - he didn't want to look like too much of a dork, he says now). He was looking fine in his western get-up and I was so excited to get this date started! 

The date was a hit! I knew he liked me and the chemistry was there. He had a crazy horse named "Willow," he was a little angry and he kept foaming at the mouth. But Tanner made the best of it.

I will forever have a picture in my mind of that night: I was in front of Tanner, I looked behind me at him, the sun was setting, the mountains in the distance and he smiled at me with his cowboy hat slightly falling off. I think that was the moment that I felt true love for the first time. Complete happiness, excitement and peace!

I had a good feeling about Tanner, but any doubt that I had dissipated the moment I got home from my date. My mom was up waiting for me. She was so excited and said, "Anne, he is so cute!" Now, to understand the magnitude of a such a comment from my mom, let me explain. Any boy I EVER dated pre-Tanner was "he's a {nice} boy," "his car is funny," "his pants are too tight." So for my mom to WAIT UP and compliment Tanner to the degree of "cute" was huge. I always knew the first guy that made that impression on my mom was going to be the one!

Everyday after that got better! That very next week we said "I love you," talked about marriage and started making plans. 7-weeks later we were engaged!

Life with Tanner these last two years have been complete bliss. I am so happy with Tanner. He makes me laugh! He makes me smile! And he makes me happy to be me and to be a better me.

I love you sooooo much, Tanner!

Happy 2-Year First-date-iversary! 

Here are a few pictures from when we were dating:

Our 3rd time hanging out at my Olympic Party
August 8, 2008

Our 2nd date - Tanner made me a Mexican Feast

At the Living Planet Aquarium

Utah State Fair admission = $10
12 inch Corn Dog = $11.50
Entrance to freak show bus = $6
Puppy love = Priceless