Monday, July 19, 2010

My Blanky

A special tribute to my dear Blanky. (That's me with my Grandma, and my Blanky at age 1.)

Shortly after I was born the Relief Society in my family's ward (women's group at church) made me a blanket to stay cozy and warm.

I have cherished my Blanky ever since. Up until a few years ago, I slept with it every night. When I was younger I used it as a cape when playing with my brothers and wrapped it around my baby dolls. Every night before I fell asleep I would scrunch it up in a ball and inhale it's fresh baby smell and then kiss it goodnight. As you can tell from the pictures, it used to be in tip-top shape, but over the years all the batting and top cover fell out. Only a few stitches remain.

I wasn't the kid that took my blanky to the store (honestly I was worried it would get lost at the store), but I did take it on all my trips. My Blanky has been to Japan, China, Brazil, France, and all over the States. But it never made it to Bulgaria with me. While I was in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) preparing to move to Bulgaria for 18 months I got a little worried that my Blanky might get lost or ruined so I sent it home. It was a hard decision to part with it, but I new it would be best, it wasn't in the best of shape to start with. So, I mailed it to my mom with a note, "I know you'll take care of her for me." I mom actually cried when she got the package. Often times while in Bulgaria, I would grab my bed sheets thinking it was my Blanky - they weren't nearly as soft. 

When I returned from Bulgaria I was happy to see my Blanky, but then I married Tanner and found something else to kiss goodnight! I have officially retired my Blanky. After giving her a good wash I tucked her away. My Blanky will always be special to me!


  1. Ask Ali about Teresa…..a member of the Skalla family for sure. Too funny!

  2. Ahh Annie, reading this made me tear up again. You are special to me just like your blanket is to you. I love that you have kept this all these years and are now preserving it forever! I remembering the day you were given it, you were less than a month old. Love you, Mom.

  3. PS- you look a lot like your grandma! You are both such beautiful Type 2 women!

  4. This reminds me of my daughter who passed last year at age 21. She always had her blankey with her too and I had to pack it away the other day along with all her other treasures! Its a hard thing to put something you love to rest!

  5. So sweet and so good to get a good cry out while reading it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us.