Wednesday, May 26, 2010


At the beginning of the year I was praying to find something to add a little variety to my life. Sometimes I feel like my life gets so routine - work, family, TV, work, exercise, work and on and on day after day. So a few weeks later while going through the mail I found an advertisement for a series of classes offered by the local school district. I browsed through it and came across Beginner Watercolor. I knew that was the answer.

So for the past 2 months I have enjoyed Beginner's Watercolor class every Tuesday night. It was just the medicine I was searching for! It added variety to my life, offered a time I could relax and in a way, meditate and be quiet from the routine of life; and I discovered a new talent! I had know idea I could paint and I was quite surprised by my results!

Come with me as we enjoy a stroll through my gallery of masterpieces.
(They are in order from first class to last class.)

My very first painting. My teacher instructed us to use both our left and right hands at the same time to both draw and paint this one. This is one of my favorites. I love how nicely the colors blend and how abstract it is.

In this painting I painted over a doily to create the lace on the table.

Some pretty flowers with soft blended colors

A still life vegetable painting

The great outdoors

The same picture, different seasons - Summer and Fall

On this painting I used part of a credit card to move the paint around to create texture in the rocks.

I think this is my best painting

Blue Jay and Sunflower (this one was really hard for me...need more practice with Sunflowers, I guess)

Another one of my favorites, Mr. Rooster

And...last of all, the painting I affectionately refer to as: Flower and Jar (I thought of that very "artsy" name all by myself.)

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  1. Wow Annie those are fantastic! I think your sunflower is perfect! You have to frame those and put them up in your house! Or our house;)

  2. Wonderful! You definitely have a talent. I think my favorite is the two tulips... or the sunflower and bird. Inspires me to take up water color again after almost 50 years. The last class I had was in high school!

  3. These are gorgeous, Anne! It is so refreshing to look at them, each one is so unique and so beautiful. My personal fav is the red flowers and doily one. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep posting new painting as you do them!

  4. I am very impressed! What fantastic work :) Can't wait to see more!

  5. that is amazing! i love that you did that. and i love the nyc post! so jealous.

    ps. i left you an invite on you email...finally!

  6. You did discover a talent! They are beautiful! I love how creative you got when you were going for look at texture. The doily worked perfectly (I really love that one), and the credit card did, too. I love the landscape paintings - they make me want to be there :)

    Hi, by the way :) Thank you for letting me know about your blog! It is so good to see what you are up to. You make life look so wonderful, and I'm excited to be able to stay in touch somehow. You're an inspiration, Anne!

  7. Anne, I continue to be impressed and motivated by you! You are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are all so beautiful. You have an amazing talent.