Wednesday, May 26, 2010


At the beginning of the year I was praying to find something to add a little variety to my life. Sometimes I feel like my life gets so routine - work, family, TV, work, exercise, work and on and on day after day. So a few weeks later while going through the mail I found an advertisement for a series of classes offered by the local school district. I browsed through it and came across Beginner Watercolor. I knew that was the answer.

So for the past 2 months I have enjoyed Beginner's Watercolor class every Tuesday night. It was just the medicine I was searching for! It added variety to my life, offered a time I could relax and in a way, meditate and be quiet from the routine of life; and I discovered a new talent! I had know idea I could paint and I was quite surprised by my results!

Come with me as we enjoy a stroll through my gallery of masterpieces.
(They are in order from first class to last class.)

My very first painting. My teacher instructed us to use both our left and right hands at the same time to both draw and paint this one. This is one of my favorites. I love how nicely the colors blend and how abstract it is.

In this painting I painted over a doily to create the lace on the table.

Some pretty flowers with soft blended colors

A still life vegetable painting

The great outdoors

The same picture, different seasons - Summer and Fall

On this painting I used part of a credit card to move the paint around to create texture in the rocks.

I think this is my best painting

Blue Jay and Sunflower (this one was really hard for me...need more practice with Sunflowers, I guess)

Another one of my favorites, Mr. Rooster

And...last of all, the painting I affectionately refer to as: Flower and Jar (I thought of that very "artsy" name all by myself.)

Please feel free to comment!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York, New York

New York City, The City That Never Sleeps, The Big Apple! Tanner and I went to New York City for 1 week with my parents for work and for fun. I love NYC, I have been 4 times now and have loved every time. I love the hustle and bustle and all the diversity. I love that I could walk down the street in a tutu and clown wig and no one would wonder what I was doing. It just seems like anything goes there.

When I was younger I had a plan to live in NYC, but that never panned out, and looking at the kind of lifestyle I want now, I am glad it didn't. I love visiting busy cities, but that's the keyword "visiting." I don't know if I would enjoy living in all the commotion full-time. Since marrying Tanner, I have become more of a country-farm girl and look forward to having a big farm (well, at least lots of grass and some chickens) someday in a quiet, friendly neighborhood. But that said, it was a fun trip and we got a lot done!

And I would have to get better shoes if I ever decided to live there, yikes, my feet hurt so bad after all that walking. I was limping by the end of the trip, my $12 sandals weren't cuttin it anymore and I had to throw on my - oh no - American Tourist White Sneakers! Tanner said it didn't look too bad and most other people were wearing them too, but that's the point - all the other American Tourists...they probably had fanny-packs too! (Obviously, I have an opinion about how Americans dress as they travel - I could always spot them when I lived in France - hoodie, pony tail, worn jeans, and WHITE SNEAKERS). Well, they were comfy, so I gave in...

As you will recall from a previous post (My Job) we sell jewelry online, so we went to NY to stock up on our supply. We meet with our manufacturers twice a year in Orlando, Las Vegas or New York. It is a lot of fun. I get to go through hundreds and hundreds of different pieces of jewelry and decide if we want to buy it and sell it. I love my job. But don't be mistaken, it is hard work and very taxing. Since Tanner is in charge of our online store so he was the go-to-guy for the final decision. It was funny to see him trying on necklaces and other jewelry, saying "Oh yeah, this is a nice piece, the ladies will love it"! We also met with our makeup manufacturer. In between the work we found some time to play.

Here is a little of what we did:
New York Yankees Game!
Beautiful stadium, yummy baseball hot dogs and wonderful weather - not to mention a fun game.

Broadway plays - Mary Poppins and Wicked! They were both wonderful. I love Broadway - big voices, amazing costumes, dancing. It's all so out of this world. The set on Mary Poppins was really cool. Wicked was everything I heard it was going to be. (Although my all-time favorite will always be Les Miserables.) We even went to a David Letterman show.

Central Park - rented bikes and rode around Central Park, which is really beautiful. I would have loved to have spent more time there. And fun in Times Square.

Yummy Food -  Red Mango, Godiva shakes, Max Brenner's Chocolate restaurant, pizzerias. Yummy!

I also treated myself to a haircut at an all-exclusive Curly Hair Salon - Ouidad. I have always wanted to get my hair cut here, so I guess it was a dream come true. They did all the things I would want an all curly hair salon to do - use a comb when conditioning, scrunch and diffuse properly, thin it according to my curls, and just a lot of TLC. I was very happy! (See my Before and After shots below.)

My parents went home one day before Tanner and I, so we spent the last day together walking and riding bikes around the city. I love traveling just with Tanner. No offense to my family, I love to travel with my family too, but it's always a little more romantic and special when it's just the 2 of us! I love you, Tanner. I like you, New York. Overall it was a great trip!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where Does the TIme Fly? it already nearing the end of May?! I haven't blogged in a long time, well I've only ever blogged 3 times, but I was really getting into it! Then life got pretty busy and the blog went down the drain. But I'm back again and plan to post more regularly - for my own benefit and for yours...if you are reading.

So here goes...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Job

The second thing "About Me" I am choosing to talk about it is my job. I love my job, but it's not the easiest thing to describe. Sometimes when I meet people for the first time I just hope they don't ask me what I do for work...I think oh boy, here we go...Do you want the short version or the long version?

Short Version: I sell stuff on the internet.
(If I am filling in a survey I usually say "Fashion Consultant")

Long Version:

For some reason I have always been a little sensitive when it comes to talking about my job. I think it is because when I was younger and people asked me what my parents did I wasn't sure how to explain what my mom did. She was a pioneer in the Energy Healing World, working as a Master Reiki Therapist, Rapid Eye Therapist and self-help author. So it was kinda taboo to talk about it or hard to explain to the "unbelievers." Since my line of work today could too fall into "self help" or "alternative healing" I think those old feelings creep up. I don't want anyone to think I or my family is weird - but hey, we are! I have to remind myself that I am in the beauty industry and what I do is totally awesome and has the power to change people's lives! Okay, so here it is.

I work in my family business called Dressing Your Truth. My mom, Carol Tuttle, is the founder and creator of the program. My dad is the CFO (he quit his job about 5 years ago to join my mom full time). My brother Chris (CEO) and my husband, Tanner (President) are the main guys - meaning they pretty much run the company. Chris is over the online stuff and Tanner is over offline - working with shipping and products. My sister-in-law, Sarah, and I work primarily with the customers.
I also am the manager of our Center in Draper, UT and over what products we sell (which I really love). If you click here you will see my handy work! I choose all the products for our online store as well as take the pictures and pose for them (I never knew I would be a hand model). So, pretty much, it is family run and owned. We do have some other people that work for us - a web designer, publicist, and customer service. And I just got a personal assistant about 2 months ago, which I am totally grateful for!!

So let me explain what Dressing Your Truth is!

Basically it is a makeover system based on your Personal Beauty Profile or your true nature - the person you are.

So first you determine what Type you are. In this program there are 4 Types. These Types each have a unique movement that are expressed in our personality, behavior, facial features, body language, thought processes, the way we share our feelings, and even all the way down to our doodling! The Four Types are based on the 4 main elements which are Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon. These are the elements that create everything on this planet - even humans. Each individual element has a unique movement that will be expressed through us as people.
Let me explain a little bit about each Type.

Type 1 - Nitrogen/Air
Upward, light, bright, animated, fun, fresh, cute, playful, disconnected
Shapes are circles, stars, hearts, sunburst, curly cues.
Examples in nature are Humming Bird, Quaky Aspen Tree, and Gerber Daisies.
Type 1 celebrities are Rachel Ray, Drew Barrymore, Jim Carey and Paula Abdul.
Type 1 people are fun, optimistic, full of ideas, encouraging, can adapt to change easily, can get distracted easily, have a lightness about them.

Type 2 - Oxygen/Water
Fluid, flowing, blended, connected, soft, subtle, relaxed
Shapes are teardrops, s-curves, softened oval, softened rectangles.
Examples in nature are Dove, full-bloomed Rose, Weeping Willow.
Type 2 celebrities are Jennifer Aniston, Richard Grere, Julia Roberts and Jessica Alba.
Type 2 people are calm, detail-oriented, sensitive, can worry about the little things, plan ahead, like comfort in all things, have a peacefulness about them, they ponder and day dream planning into the future.

Type 3 - Hydrogen/Fire
Active, reactive, swift, substantial, sure, rich, dynamic, textured
Shapes are swift lines creating angles, triangles, trapezoids, squares
Examples in nature are Hawk, Maple Tree, Bird of Paradise.
Type 3 celebrities are Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, and Joan Rivers
Type 3 people are swift movers, they work quickly to get things done, result-oriented, confident to lead others, quick to see solutions, great multi-taskers, can sometimes appear pushy or bossy.

Type 4 - Carbon/Earth
Constant, still, bold, symmetrical, exact, clear, simple, reflective
Type 4 shapes are parallel lines, perfect ovals, perfect rectangles.
Examples in nature are Penguins, Noble Fir Tree, Cala Lily
Type 4 celebrities are Courtney Cox, Simon (on American Idol), Cher, and Anne Hathaway
Type 4 people have a gift of perfecting. They see how things can be improved. Structured, like to be their own authority, value loyalty, tradition, deep thinkers/reflective, one-track minds, like alone time.

So once you learn what Type you are (you also can see it in your facial features - more on that another time) you learn how to dress according to the same movement. All of our teaching happens online. We have a 2.5 hour online course for each Type, which teaches you what colors, design line, pattern, jewelry, hair colors, cut, and everything else that you put on your body looks best for you! We have monthly gatherings both live and online where we help to further your learning. We have our very own hair salon and store in Draper, as well as an online store.

Can you guess what Type I am? I am a Type 2 - I am detail-oriented, sensitive, and LOVE plans! I dress to match that in the Type 2 shapes and movement.

So there you have it, a very quick run down of the 4 Types and a very huge part of my life.

I love what I do! I love that I am helping women rediscover their true nature and then bring out their true beauty.

Here are some examples of our amazing transformations:

I believe every woman is truly beautiful, but the fashion world has not taught women how to bring that out, but we know how!! I love seeing a woman step into the clothes that are perfect for her Type for the first time, at the same time she is stepping into who she truly is! It is amazing to be involved in something that is so life changing.

I am grateful for the deeper knowledge of who I am - my gifts and talents that are unique to me.

I will probably refer a lot to the 4 Types throughout my blog so I wanted to make sure to clarify what each one represents! It is a lot of fun!

Here are some fun resources if you want to learn more:
And if you want more info,  just let me know!