Monday, April 26, 2010

My Family

I started my blog last night about 10:30PM and I could not stop thinking of ideas to blog about! Not what I expected since I was so hesitant to start a blog - but I guess blogging is for me. I always loved journaling growing up. I've had a journal every year since age 10, but the since being married I haven't been very good about writing in my journal for some reason. So this blog thing is great!

I thought I would start out with posts all "About Me."

So with that, I want to introduce you to my family and my favorite things about each one of them!

Jon and Carol Tuttle aka Mom and Dad. Married April 21, 1980
Dad: He has a tender heart. He is a great listener. He's just a really nice guy! But at the same time, he is so adventurous! He hang glides, skydives, goes to Paris by himself, athletic and loves outdoor survival. He is willing to try anything new! I am always impressed by his quiet determination! And he is a very supportive husband and dad.
Mom: Geez...where do I begin? If you know my mom you know she is a DO-er! You name it - she has done it! Trained horses, swim team, ski team, gourmet cook, professional seamstress, teacher, therapist, author, speaker, fashion expert, parenting expert, spelling-bee champion...(okay not the last one, but you get the idea)! I am so thankful for a mom who has grabbed life by the horns and has learned so much along the way. She is a very wise woman and has improved the lives of many people. But most important to me she is my mom who gives me hugs, makes me yummy food, and teaches me to be who I am.

Jenny and Tony Allen. Married February 25, 2005
Tony: He is a very hard worker - he has been in Medical School for 5 years now (Ohio State and Morgantown, WV for residency). He loves his family and is a great father. He also is very spiritual and wise.
Jenny: She is the best sister in the world. She always makes me laugh! I love her sweet heart! As a sister, she has been there to guide me through all my "girl" journeys: dating, boys, marriage and soon-to-be kids. She is a great example to me and has a strong love for the Lord that shines brightly.

Chris and Sarah Tuttle. Married May 31, 2006
Chris: The best older brother. I always felt so good when he laughed at my jokes, because he is so funny. He is very business and money smart! He also has a very kind heart and has always been there to encourage me.
Sarah: Well, first of all she is beautiful! And she has the heart to match. She is very thoughtful - especially on birthdays - decorations, presents, cakes, all the works. Just to make the person feel special. She is a go-getter and very talented.
Jocco: A man's best friend! He is a very good dog and a great listener.

Mark and Jaleah Tuttle. Married Sept. 22, 2009
Mark: He is who he is and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. He has always been his own unique person. He has a strong desire to do what is right and has a very kind heart.
Jaleah: She is SPUNKY! Who doesn't love Jaleah?! She is so warm and inviting. I fell in-love with her even before Mark met her! She is so much fun and not afraid to be crazy!

My Nephews
I love these little boys and wish I could see them more.
Seth: 2 1/2 years old.
He is so smart - intellectual actually. I love the way he talks and the funny things he says.
Some of my favorites:
"Mom, your hair looks pretty today. Thanks for doing it not so crazy."
"Anne, you are noT a PIGGY!" Ever letter pronounced perfectly, of course.
I will tell the story behind this one: We were running errands one day in Ohio, Seth was in his car seat and I smashed my nose on the window and started oinking like a pig. Immediately he started kicking his legs and yelled the above. He takes things very literally. I said "Seth, I'm just teasing." He told me not to tease him, but it was so cute the way he said it, I couldn't resist.

Joseph: He is always smiling! Such a pleasant little guy.

And the best of all....
Christian Tanner Brown. Made me the happiest girl in the world: August 1, 2008
Sealed the deal: January 23, 2009
When I have to think of my favorite thing about Tanner, my brain kinda freezes up - there are just so many things that make him the love of my life! The first thing that won me over was his sense of humor! The second winner was his confidence - he had no problem making the first moves! That was always what I wanted - a man's man! He also is very very wise. I think he knows everything and is always right, he has very good logic and reason. He never holds back his love for me - telling me at least 30 times a day how much he loves me! I love him soooo much and feel so blessed that he is mine forever!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Ever Blog Post

I just created my first blog!

I have been thinking about creating a blog on and off for a while now, and finally just did it. My sister-in-law, Ali, just said, "You should have a blog." And I said, "Okay." And I did it.

Here are a couple reasons I was resistant to starting a blog:

- Don't know what to write
- Already on Facebook
- Not funny enough
- Not a good writer
- No kids yet (you will see a whole lot of just mine and Tanner's pretty faces for now!)
- Not enough time (even though I spend like 2 hours a day on Facebook...yikes)
- I don't want to write my personal journal online for all to see

Reasons I finally decided to start my blog:
- My sister will look at my blog more than my Facebook page and we can keep in touch more
- It's like a journal for all to see (it might take me awhile to warm up to the more personal stuff...see reasons not to start blog)
- Everyone can see what an amazing husband and life I have
- Reason to take more pictures
- Everyone is doing it!
- I feel guilty spending time on Facebook, but not on my blog
- My mom has a blog ( and she gets thousands of views...maybe I will too!

So in the end, obviously the latter reasons won out!

So here it goes...welcome to ATtheBrownsBlog!
(AT stands for Anne and Tanner...kinda clever, huh?! Pretty hard to create a clever name with the 4th most popular last name in the nation. So that will have to do!)

Enjoy! Whoever is watching.